Midara’s June 2021 Horoscopes for All Signs

June 2021 HoroscopesJune is here and summer is in full swing! People are shaking off their collective cobwebs and starting to move again. And this month, the sky assists us in that movement. In fact, it seems like everything is shifting in perfect time, like a beautifully choreographed waltz.

We start with Venus twirling into Cancer, where she will enjoy a trine to Jupiter, a sextile to Uranus, and a trine to Neptune before ending the month with an opposition to Pluto. Talk about a full dance card! Everyone wants a piece of her. And even though Pluto throws a wrench into her dance, she just moves on to Leo on the 26th and starts her own party.

The Sun is also having a great time, trining Saturn early in the month before moving into Cancer and forming a grand trine in water with Jupiter and the Moon. Talk about feeling the flow!

Mars, never the socialite, gets the shorter end of this stick, starting out in his least favorite sign and moving into an opposition with Pluto. But even he gets in the spirit of things, moving into Leo on the 10th and getting into the party mood!

Mercury shows up fashionably late after backtracking all the way through Gemini. He also gets a jolt from an eclipse on the 10th, leaving him totally lost in the fog. But when he turns direct on the 22nd, he’ll catch a wide trine from Saturn and find his way back to the festivities.

Finally, Neptune, who had been outside giving Mercury bad directions, turns retrograde on the 25th, retreating into the shadows before anyone catches on to his tricks.

All in all, this is a dynamic and beautiful month. It is a lovely ball with all the fun, hijinks, love, and excitement that entails. What dance will you be performing? Head to the horoscope page to find out!



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