Midara’s February 2021 Horoscopes for All Signs

Feb 21 horoscopesFebruary is here, and the normal winter doldrums have been replaced with a kind of buzzing cosmic excitement as the planets bunch up in Aquarius, squaring off with Mars and Uranus. What’s amazing is that nearly every planet is involved in this. It reminds me of a professional conference, with everyone milling about, attending meetings and running into old colleagues. It’s really amazing how much the planets are going to interact!

For example:

  • Mercury will conjunct the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, and will square Mars and Uranus.
  • Venus will conjunct the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn, and will square Mars and Uranus.
  • Mars will square the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, will sextile Neptune, and will trine Pluto.

Getting the picture? This month is b u s y. Everything is connected to everything else, all bustling to and fro, working together to create the new reality we’re entering. Every planet has a role to play, and so does every person.

So where do you fit into this? Will you be giving the star presentation or hanging back and ordering room service? Head over to the horoscope page to find out!



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