Midara’s August 2020 Horoscopes for All Signs

wind-up-toysThis month is full of moving parts. So many aspects perfect, but so many of the aspects being squares and oppositions, the movement feels clunky and off kilter. It reminds me of clockwork figurines or wind-up toys, their herky-jerky motions in time with invisible machinations.

The month starts with a full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd, starting our play off with a bang! Creativity, individuality, art and pleasure are all highlighted in new and unexpected ways. It should be anything but boring.

Next we have Mars moving into square with the Capricorn conjunction. That will certainly bring the dynamic tension. We may not like it, but every good narrative requires conflict. Life just isn’t engaging without a problem to solve.

Venus will be moving into Cancer, bringing us all a little simply sweetness before moving into a standoff with the Capricorn conjunction herself. We may be up against incredible forces, but we’re still human, and we can choose to enjoy life no matter what we’re facing. Venus is here to remind us of that.

And finally, changeable Mercury will be showing off his versatility this month. He starts out opposing the Capricorn conjunction, pushing us all to face our monsters and understand them. Then he moves into Leo, joining the Sun and bringing the party. He’ll also square Uranus, bringing us the genius ideas that let us approach out problems in fresh new ways. And finally, he’ll end the month in Virgo, his home and favorite sign. Just like all of us after a crazy night out, even Mercury needs to come home to rest.

All in all, there is something for everyone this month. If you want to focus on strife, there is plenty out there to keep your interest. If you want to enjoy the simpler things, there’s room for that too. And if you want to cut loose and live a little, the party is in full swing. Choose your focus and go for it. Even when times are hard, life is what you make it.

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Midara’s August 2020 Horoscopes for All Signs — 2 Comments

  1. Im Virgo, Gemini moon, Virgo mercury, Leo venus, Leo mars, Aquarius jupiter, Scorpio saturn, Sagitarius uranus, Capricorn neptune, Scorpio pluto.
    He’s Leo, Virgo moon, Leo mercury, Cancer venus, Leo mars, Sagiterius jupiter, Gemini saturn, Libra uranus, Sagiterius neptune, Libra pluto. Are we a good match for each other.
    I feel some chemistry, but am I wrong?

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