Mercury’s Ingress Into Virgo: August 7, 2015 – Jupiter in Virgo 2015-16

Virgo stained glass vintageMercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo @ 29 degrees, right before he enters his home sign, Virgo. This sounds like a BIG idea to me…followed by an industrious period. In fact, there are a number of indications, we’re to shift gears this week.  Quick thinking, start doing.

I expect Virgos to have a good year (Good News for Virgo 2015-16) with Jupiter in their sign. But anyone who works and serves and helps out will fare well with Jupiter in Virgo.

My guess is a lot of people have stopped helping others. This happens when people are afraid and feel resources are scarce. But your connections to others are a resource!

As a concrete example, I’ve developed a great relationship with my neighbors. If you drive your new mower halfway over a cliff, you want someone with the means to pull your mower up to level ground, right?

My neighbors did that for me. They helped me. I help them by paying them to do certain things. I also bake and otherwise process or preserve various things they give me from my garden.

These simple things are Virgoan. And when your mower is hanging over a cliff, it becomes very clear just how important help is!

As we head into this Virgo season, think about how you might pitch in. Everyone seems to deplore people who feel entitled. If you’re constantly helped but never helping, you might want to think about ways you can pitch in.  This is where the good feelings will come from over the next year or so.

When is the last time you offered to pitch in and help someone? Are you overdue? 



Mercury’s Ingress Into Virgo: August 7, 2015 – Jupiter in Virgo 2015-16 — 19 Comments

  1. I was feeling overdue, but then I met a new friend last week and found out she is getting a divorce. She just moved out of their home and into an apartment. I have duplicates of lots of items around the house, and some things that don’t work with my decor anymore. I rounded everything up for her and she just came over and took all of it! It was all stuff she needed and they work with the colors in her apartment. That felt better than just hauling everything to Goodwill. Now I’m looking for other ways to be helpful, like maybe doing some volunteer work.

  2. I have Virgo in 12th house/Pisces in 6th, Gemini in 9th, Leo-Mercury on the 10th. Endlessly self-sacrifice and serve the public, sometimes I try to educate the public at the same time about living life through giving. I love volunteer work and community service. It is sometimes my ultimate self undoing if I don’t draw boundaries. When times get tough, help comes to me by magic and mysterious ways.

  3. I haven’t volunteered since I was sixteen when I was a candy striper at the hospital. I do want to serve in some capacity this year. I plan to contact the local homeless and women’s shelters as well as the nearest women’s prison. I want to share my passion for books and creativity. I’m also compiling healthy recipes for my ex-husband. We share joint custody of our son but my son lives with his dad. I have been consumed with academia but I’m due to graduate next spring. I want to play a much more active role in my son’s life.

  4. I feel icky if I’m not helping. This past year as I recovered from my divorce and learned to take care of my three kids on my own, I was helped all over the place, some from people I knew and some anonymously. While I may not be in a position to pay it forward financially yet, I can’t imagine not putting myself or my kids in a position to help wherever we can. It’s good for the soul!

  5. Hahah I am a Virgo stellium so EVERY FIVE MINUTES SINCE BIRTH except for hmmm, when I was in the shower this morning.

    In all seriousness, it is nice to be of help, asked to help – I literally did help four friends w different things this morning just randomly – so this is a breeze. I agree that many people are less than nice now, but I also see a little upturn in those who think helping and kindness is good.

    • Hahaha! Hello fellow Virgo stelliium. Don’t it make your skin crawl when you are not helping someone in some way? I am more stand offish and prefer someone to ask me to help them, but just the same, when someone is clearly needing help and I don’t jump in and help, I feel worthless.

      Friday, the family was working on building a room and my sister in law and myself volunteered to get wood and we did not realize it was way longer than the truck bed. Well, the Lowe’s guys tried to secure it but that did not help. So, after a few speed bumps the wood nearly came out of the truck and we had to get out and figure the best way to get that stuff home without losing it. I was trying to move the wood into place but no good. Finally, she shoved the roofing paper on the end and that made it go down. I grabbed the rope and wrapped the wood tightly and she grabbed another piece and tied the bottom and we got it home. We are the gophers [go fors] and we all had fun while we worked. We had an adventure and once we got home we laughed about it. Our room is coming along nicely too.

      I love helping others.

  6. I really appreciate Virgo. My mom and dad are both Virgo and they’re always helping others. My dad is retired but he has a fairly large garden he tends and he’s always giving away what he harvests. My mom is constantly busy working, helping, being of service. She and I have our issues, but God, I appreciate her. She is keeping my son right now so I can clean this house we just moved to. She told me what cleaning supplies to use and why and bought all of it for me. She offered to help clean, but this was my dad’s house and theyre divorced so…

    Also, Virgos give the best advice, imo. Yes, they can be critical and finicky but they’re also the most helpful souls in the zodiac. They deserve more appreciation. The world needs Virgos!

    • I agree! Virgos need appreciation. If it weren’t for Virgo, the planet would cease to function. Everything would go to worms.
      True about the advice they give, too. They’re smart, analytical, and the ones with Pluto in Virgo too have a deep, incise intelligence.

      • As a Virgo and with Pluto on my Sun. I say thank you for that. 🙂 We are able to see a flaw from 5 miles away and we just itch to correct it. Hahaha!

  7. I read this article just last night ( ) it certainly, to me, qualifies as “BIG news” –especially since Virgo rules the stomach and “an industrious shift” since it could signal a conscious evolution in our healthcare system.

    And with it opening in November, I think of the Mars-Venus-Jupiter-Node in Virgo stellium all geared up and ready to carry out these ambitious goals. ?

  8. Virgo 7th house and I have just joined a grassroots effort to elect Bernie Sanders. Who is a Virgo! I hope many people will get out and vote in this next election.Money in politics has decimated our democracy and something has to change. I hope people will at least listen to his platform and see what he is about. The chips are stacked against him but the powers that be are due for some Pluto in Capricorn kind of transformation and maybe lucky Virgo Bernie can bring down the oligarchy!!! Peace and love to you awesome astrology loving people! I’m going to spend the next year working to get this Virgo into the white house! Best of luck on all of your service projects too!

  9. Thank you for helping me put some of this in perspective. Starting last Friday my boss, her assistant, and her boss quit! Walked out in mid-shift. All week has been chaos at work. They walked out because they were going to be fired. Tuesday I was asked to be interim lead until the dust settles. Today the pink slips went out. Our work force has been cut by 50%. Not really sure how all this will play out for me or in the end for the company. Saturn trines my ASC, perhaps they see me as a hard worker. I also have Pluto at 28 Leo, Jupiter at 1 Virgo, all these conj will trine my MC, my Mercury in the 10th plus it will be my Jupiter return. There is a lot of energy for in this for me. Hope it’s for good!!!

  10. Woo I’m moving 7-8th and I’m a Virgo rising. Things are going to rocket for me starting then! New life on the horizon 🙂

  11. hi can someone help
    me here i have pisces asc and leo/virgo in 6th house .now that jupiter will entrr virgo how different will the results be vis a vis 6th house leo transit specially jobwise(i
    am jobless u c so hoping at least that transit procures a job for
    me) i have saggi mc with
    moon and sat in currently in 9th transit, pl help

  12. I have natal Mercury in Virgo conjunct my
    midheaven and square Mars in the 1st house (which is conj Scorp rising).
    My experience has been that I *want* to help people, but whenever I do it goes very wrong. It goes so wrong to the point where I’ve been physically threatened. I was raised Catholic and to offer help where I can, but I confess I’ve stopped offering help altogether. I don’t give unsolicited advice or try to control others… What I attempt seems to me to be average, friendly attempts to help someone
    Anyone else have this?

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