Mercury-Uranus: Planning For The Future Under Venus-Saturn

bookMercury in Scorpio makes its final, exact opposition to Uranus in Taurus early Tuesday morning. Thursday morning, Venus squares Saturn. We’ve got some uncomfortable truths to face in order to move forward and the gains are slow.

Yeah, that’s not what any of us want to hear. But it’s what’s there. There are better ways, more comforting ways to spin that. Think of it this way: that was worst cast scenario. So that means with some work we can do better.

Venus-Saturn pays out in time and with perseverance. Doing the right thing. Keeping a fine face on while moving toward the goal. Integrity, solid self worth under challenge. Stark beauty. Venus and Saturn in cardinal signs are about control and getting things started.

Mercury-Uranus balances our own plans, observations, and whims against those of the greater world. But it also holds the keys to doing that. They’re both in yin signs, taking in. Take it all in. Then experiment, incubate, and bring it down to the individual level. It’s a recipe for renewal.

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