Mercury & Thinking Irrationally

desperate manI have this pet stock now.  Seriously, I’ve gone as far as giving it a baby-name. Something idiotic like “Baby Pufficans”.

I bought the stock after a client mentioned during a consultation. It was pretty random.

It did not take long for the stock to drop roughly 70%. I held my shares and bought more.  I also told a few friends about this stock, which is something I have never done before in my life.

One of my friends took my advice. She’s made roughly 70% in the last month or, as the stock turned around. Personally, I’m in the green now, post this vomit-ride. I intend to hold my shares for several years, anyway.

I watch this baby of mine, closely, for this reason: I love this stock! It’s dramatic moves are part of my life entertainment. What is my little baby doing today?

Today, the stock is down dramatically, which is something I’ve seen many times. Yet again, we’re in IRRATIONAL MODE.

“Irrational mode” exists in life. I see this all the time in relationships; something else I am profoundly interested in.  A person goes off on someone or spins off on some theory that was flawed from the start.  We’ve all done it!

Today, I’m thinking of the high value of realizing that you (or others) are in IRRATIONAL MODE.  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could tell you, hey!  You’re losin’ it here.

This seems to good time to consider this, with Mercury retrograde, part of a stellium in Pisces.

Are you aware that you have an IRRATIONAL MODE? Do you have someone who can tell you, hey!  Stop!


Mercury & Thinking Irrationally — 19 Comments

  1. Yes and yes. My Virgo husband is very good at telling me to stop. In fact I think he lives for it ? I do too because I need that clarity. I’m prone to going off the deep end. His grounded-ness is a source of comfort and security and honestly I don’t know what I’d do without him.

    Good luck with Baby Pufficans!

  2. lol. Today at work I ran into a gang of delusional men all talking irrationally, via email of course. I thought to myself “how more Mercury Rx in Pisces can you get”. Im definitely not telling this mob they are in IR mode. I’m staying schtum!

    Now wait until tomorrow when Mercury gets Cazimi(ed)! Also, for a few moments later that day (or next day depending where you are in the world) there will be a T-Square with Moon-Mars-Nodes …. potentially more emotional triggers sending more people into IR mode …. where can I hide!

  3. Always irrational. I guess. My mercury opposes retrograde Neptune. I suffer from the inability to be concise. Heh. I can’t be concise. There.

  4. Been having the same experience with my stocks – never dull these days! I haven’t yet noticed my own irrationality (though I’ll be looking closely now!) but have given up on expecting the larger world (including Washington’s governance) to make sense. Right now, it just doesn’t.

  5. G morning Elsa
    Yes, my Aries hubbin’ tells me to get down out of the tree or sometimes talks me down, and has even been known to climb up there and wait with me until I’m ready to come down. 🙂

  6. Yes, definitely can go into an irrational mode, and it’s so funny to see after the fact (geez, what was I thinking). The truth of the matter is, I let my emotions cloud my judgement, at times. I’ve gotta watch out for my moon-Pluto. I tend to develop (harmless but costly) obsessions with certain things, eg. I’ll fall in love with a certain beauty product and then I just “have” to buy the whole range ?.

  7. Oh not so funny but happy to know others have it. I have learned the hard way, no decisions in the Pisces season. They always have a vicious bite . A mercury retrograde and Pisces are lethal.

  8. I’m well aware that I’m swimming in the depths of the Underworld right now, Pisces Moon, and I’m quite enjoying it this time around instead of fighting against the currents as I am wont to do during Retrograde. “Make art, not decisions, ride the wave” has been my motto and so far it seems to be working out well!

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