Mercury Stationing Retrograde – Expect Delay!

mercuryJust a heads up, I plan on moving myself and my dogs tomorrow. We won’t have internet at the new house right away.  I do have access at the rental house. I’ll be going back and forth for the next several days.

If you contact me for something, please be aware I am going to be sloooow to respond.

That’s it. Byeeeee!



Mercury Stationing Retrograde – Expect Delay! — 6 Comments

    • I wish I could move tonight!

      The dogs love the yard and the woods. They run around the house, but are unsure of it. They don’t see their bed…or mine for that matter.

      I think that they think it’s Grandma’s house or something. 🙂

  1. Also, my phone doesn’t work out there…yet. I will be calling over wifi (and have a land line). So I’m not kidding. I will be out of pocket.

  2. Yes, that retrograde Mercury got busy on the 8th. I had to go to a cardiologist and the computers went down and they were scrambling around to do paperwork and I was running around the hospital trying to get blood work done and a X-
    Ray. Not to mention the EKG had to be done twice because with the first one, the electrodes kept falling off and the wires would not attach properly. It was crazy!

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