Mercury Square Saturn: January 25, 2014 – Thought Police

thinking about death  Frida KahloHeads up to Virgos, Geminis, Aquarians and other free thinkers! Mercury in Aquarius squares Saturn on January 25th. Some will be ready to bring the hammer down to make you stay within the limits of their mind.

To avoid censure, you can be careful what you say. Some will do exactly that. But others will work harder to communicate or say things that have substance.

In whatever case, this is not the time to speak with authority if you’ve not paid your dues.

Saturn in Scorpio is not a sweet little thing!

How will you handle Mercury square Saturn?

pictured – Frida Kahlo: Self-Portrait, Thinking about death (1943)

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Mercury Square Saturn: January 25, 2014 – Thought Police — 27 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for the warning. The last Mercury square Saturn experience I had was not fun, and it never was (especially since in my individual chart, Mercury would square both my Sagittarius Saturn and Uranus simultaneously whenever it’s in late degrees Pisces or Virgo). In my personal transits, whenever Mercury hits both Saturn and Uranus, I talk too much (something I can already do with a Sagittarius stellium (including the Moon), Jupiter in Gemini in the 3rd house, and a Moon-Ascendant-Jupiter t-square that makes me talkative and emotional about my thoughts and beliefs), and get censured. At least when Mercury is in Aquarius, it’ll only make a square to Saturn for the collective, so there is the pressure to be cautious in speech, but without the pressure to be suddenly verbally impulsive. Imagine if Mercury were making a square to both Saturn and Uranus for the collective…
    I’ll definitely make an effort to be quiet, or say the minimum during the next few days.

  2. It’ll be square my natal mercury as well. I’m just going to shut the fuck up as much as possible 🙂 I have work that day so shutting up may be easier said than done, but I will try!

  3. In my personal chart though, Aquarius planets make favorable aspects for the most part, so I won’t dread this as much. If Mercury is in late degree Aquarius on Jan. 25, it could make a trine to my natal 21 degree Mercury in Libra. And then, later on, it could make a sextile to my Sagittarius MC, my Sagittarius Saturn and my Sagittarius Uranus.

    One of my best friends has Mercury square Saturn natally. When she communicates, she really knows what to say to me. So I see how the long-term effects of Mercury square Saturn can be in a person’s life.

    I think I’ll use this transit to work hard on my studies (I’ve started my semester, and the courseload is pretty challenging), work hard on my internship, work hard on my learning processes (after all, my 2013-2014 solar return demands an upgrade of my Mercury processes), and have impeccable driving skills. That’ll keep me busy and prevent me from talking too much.

  4. We’re going to go through this again actually. Not to long after mercury enters Pisces, it’s going to retrograde back into aquarius and form another square with saturn February 19th-ish. When it goes direct it’s going to be hit again on march 11th-ish. With a Gemini sun and Virgo moon, I’m not looking forward to this…

  5. Well, satori has warned against giggling. So it must be serious. But I just can’t help but laugh sometimes because it is so serious. But the thing is serious people can get really serious and fuck me up bad. And then I get serious. It’s a balance I need to find. I am thinking either I have to be a closet laugher or go find me some lost boys to hang out with. I know where they are. Never a shortage of those.

    And this saturn in scorpio really did try to be a sweet little thing but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for me. I couldn’t even get away with iron butterflying it.

    Read an author-ity line I’m mulling. The author does what s/he does because there is nothing else to do.

  6. Virgo Sun and Mercury here. And, okay, what if you have paid your dues? I have an important fact-sharing meeting at work on the 25th and am expected to speak on some hot issues. Maybe i will get some duct tape too.

  7. I read your post very early this morning, when it was first posted still blurry from sleep, but eager to reply it just wasn’t time. Now, hours later, I’m back to consider the Mercury-Saturn square. The square is natally in my chart but with Mercury in Scorpio, and Saturn in Leo. All my life has been one long lesson plan for learning what and how to saw what I think. Not an easy lesson. Serious, yes, I have been called ‘serious’ and ‘dramatic’ with a triple conjunction in Leo.

    This transit of Mercury in Aquarius squaring Saturn in Scorpio will involve my 11th house Scorpio (associations-friendships-mentorships; future plans) and 2nd House Aquarius (what do I value; how do I make my way). This is a very interesting time considering I begin an apprenticeship process around that time: I will begin to apprentice a young(er) Scorpio in an elder-in-training process. She is the first apprentice I have sought in ten years. I didn’t see this square coming, but am very glad you call it to my attention.

    Elsa, you wrote “In whatever case, this is not the time to speak with authority if you’ve not paid your dues.” I think many of my dues have been paid, and know there are things to pass along, and this young Scorpio is asking for more than the sweet things. In Hawaiian, we know each of us is born to embrace “Kuleana” … responsibility. Not the easy spouting of Ideas, Kuleana is about living an integrated perspective of connectivity. This square may be just the time for “Kuleana” .

    Thanks for the timing heads-up!

    • Thanks, Mokihana. You made me think. 🙂
      I had an interesting day. Someone wanted advice today, from my husband, primarily. I feel his advice is worth getting – it’s always valuable, but in this case, I’d have a lot more to say on the topic.

      This relates to this aspect. You want to ask the right person, the right things, but I also have to stay out of situations I’ve not been asked to get involved in, which is exactly what I will do.

      I am enjoying this harsh situation, because I’m learning a lot. It’s not felt punishing at all or restrictive. Of course it’s still coming in. But I have had so many versions of Mercury Saturn over these last years (Saturn through the 6th, Saturn in Virgo, Saturn transit Mercury…), I feel I’ve learned via all those trials and can ride this out, okay.

      • “This relates to this aspect. You want to ask the right person, the right things, but I also have to stay out of situations I’ve not been asked to get involved in, which is exactly what I will do.” There’s the gold!

  8. same way i always do… try to take over the world!

    er, i’ll be hopefully giving the final feedback on some historical research done by a couple undergraduates. hopefully they’ll have improved to the point i won’t be embarrassed to have my name listed as a contributor…

  9. Glad you posted this article Elsa, thank you. Just realised that this will be strong for me as my natal mercury is at 21 degrees Aquarius. I haven’t seen my grandson for two years as they live overseas, but he will be staying with me then- His natal sun is 21 degrees Aquarius, conjunct my mercury. He is 11 yrs old soon! We Skype a lot and communicate well and joke a lot. I’m thinking that with Saturn transiting a square to his Sun he might need some Grandma wisdom.

    • Lucky grand boy, Rosamund. I knew one of my grandparents, but never very well, the other grand parents have helped intuitively and through the dream world, and I have benefited from their wisdom that way. Just think what you could dish up for this Aquarius in the flesh. Have fun!

  10. This will create a little pressure cooker with my natal Mercury in Taurus. I think I’ll stand back and try to be an observer of my thoughts and words and those of others. It’s probably a good time to keep my mouth closed and my eyes and ears open. Especially with Mercury going retrograde in February.

  11. Sorry to disagree. Would have thought mercury/pluto to be literally thought police (in traditional/contemporary western astrology).

    Me thinks its a lot of worry – maybe torn minds would be better. Or delusional thinking.

  12. I had Saturn transit my natal Mercury a few years ago and learned a lot during that time. That transit sure didn’t go to waste. Especially as a Gemini, I learned I do NOT have to talk about everything I am thinking, even if I want to. Sometimes silence really is golden.

  13. All I can think off is…

    Rocky: SHUT UP

    Bugs Bunny: Shut up? Why certainly! You don’t think I’m the type that would keep on blabbin’? Some people never know when to stop. When I’m told to shut up, I shut up…

    Rocky: [sticks gun in Bugs’s face] Shut UP shuttin’ up!

  14. Yesterday, on an afternoon shopping and touring event, a third friend came along all a sudden. I was the third wheel out. I could have gotten assertive, but the other woman said everything I would have said. She simply put forth questions to our younger compatriot, and provided a vent for the friend who was stressed. I would have liked an interesting exchange of ideas,or acting silly but (yay) kept the clapper closed. (Mercury, Pluto, Sun in Leo. Moon in Scorpio . . . oh yeah, In the background I was secretly brooding that things didn’t go my way.

  15. OMGosh, 1000 thanks for this posting. My lil’ brother is just about to find out that our mother put one of 3 cabins on an island in Canada in Joint Tenancy & not shares-in-common. Mom recently passed & this one bro is trying to strong-arm me and my older bro into dividing the cabins, rather than sharing them as Mom wanted – with the cabins passing on to the grandkids and so on, and so forth. The lil’ bro is threatening to ‘Force Sale’ after probate is settled unless we go along with it – it would mean a huge minus from my cash pile as the cabin earmarked for me (the one I am now already 1/2 owner of) is much more expensive than the other 2 cabins. I’m a single Mom of 2 young ones and need all the liquidity I can get. I got a copy of the title just recently and my jaw dropped, but then I remembered Mom was livid at lil’ bro for kicking she/my ill father out of their home over conflict with his wife way back 17 years ago. So, Mom bought a gorgeous waterfront home and left lil’ bro off the title (did some back-bite) in a Joint Tenancy which is a watertight title – Mom’s share passes on to me and my other brother in spite of what a will might say. Lil’ bro will be looking for blood – probably this weekend as he will have to vent/threaten someone. I think I will just be in the garden all day so my mouth stays shut. Thank you again for the fair warning, Elsa!

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