Mercury Square Pluto In Capricorn: Death, QAnon, Jon-un, Shadow

pluto persephoneMercury is currently squaring Pluto in Capricorn. It’s been really intense! As reported in my newsletter, I got the news that my father had died. It doesn’t get more “textbook” than that!

There are numerous conspiracy theories out there at this time and disturbing information of all kinds. It’s incredible really.

  • Shadow (Pluto) government (Capricorn).
  • Q or QAnon, information (Mercury), manipulation (Pluto).
  • Dismantling or transforming the government / world government?
  • News that many heads of companies are stepping down.
  • Blocked from moving around (Mercury)/
  • Is Kim Jon-un dead?

Outside of my father’s death, I have been deleting a lot of old content on the site. It’s necessary to do this, periodically, but this session it by far the most drastic in the last twenty years.

How has the Mercury square Pluto aspect manifested in your life?


Mercury Square Pluto In Capricorn: Death, QAnon, Jon-un, Shadow — 17 Comments

  1. I’ve been wondering if I should be concerned that Pluto is currently conjunct both my sons Moon! They were born 2 and a half years apart but have the same moon sign and rising sign at the same degree,almost to the exact minute.

  2. My condolences on your fathers passing. A piece of us dies with them.

    Well… Tr Mercury is conjunct my NN 2H, squaring Natal Mercury and Tr Pluto 12H. Yesterday I decided that if and when life returns to “normal”, I will not return to work in the same situation I did prior to Covid-19. I will no longer allow myself to tolerate the lies, manipulations, gas lighting, and bullsh*t that existed before being furloughed. In fact, if my position no longer exists after this, I am A-OK with that. Feels good.

  3. I have the square natally, so this energy is pretty familiar to me. But what’s funny is I’m watching so many people act out this aspect and I’m not contributing. I’ve effectively shut my mouth. I have a sharp tongue when pushed too far, and I’ve thought of things I want to say but everyone’s already saying them, and worse! Best part is, I can see very clearly how I appear when I express this aspect negatively and I do not like it. I mean, what’s the point of verbally taking someone out? It was done to me constantly as a child and it is not fun.

    That all said, this aspect lends power to words, but also to the mind in general. And I’m playing detective as I love to do, trying to figure things out when I can. Naturally suspicious, I’m very good at it. And then luckily I can share what I’ve learned with people I trust.

  4. Yeah I am definitely feeling this alignment but not in a good way!

    I’ve lost both my job and long term relationship this month (Saturn- tough love much?) It’s painful but I guess it’s to make way for the new? Plus I can see that both weren’t doing me much good anyway.

    I hope everyone else is coping well with the changes and transformations.

    Much love xx

    Hailing from London with a sun in sagittarius, ascendant scorpio and moon pisces.

  5. My deepest sympathies to you, Elsa, on the passing of your father. This is certainly an intensely transformational time we are all experiencing.

  6. Mercury is really doing a trip on us. We wanted to go look at new areas to buy a house so I could retire. Now we can’t do that and are stuck in an overly crowded neighborhood, while families shelter in place and walk in groups all day up and down our once fairly quiet street. We are also flanked by two young families with screaming kids. I feel for them but man! Feeling a bit trapped right now.

  7. My condolences to you and your family Elsa. <3

    I feel ( might not be mercury) but that my thoughts are not getting stuck in a bad way, but certain ways of seeing and thinking are morphing into a stable foundation. This situation has really made me realize my ideals and values are clear and now a bit more categorized and the files are more reachable in my head …ish.

    I can't go into all convos, people are nuts. I am a curious person so walking the dog and meeting a stranger and having random conversations about the oddest thing has been standard for me , but right now I have to be more cautious.
    Boundaries in a way, I don't really like what people are saying lately ,* I though I was paranoid.I am not handling knowing all these things people think well lately. Also can't say much either , I am very conscious about what I say now, who am I a pessimist towards , who am I pep-talking ?

    SO in other less words: Communication with others : BAD. Thoughts and reflections within myself: Clear and peaceful.

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