Mercury Square Neptune: Virgo and Gemini Depleted, Flu Shots And Flooding

With Neptune squaring Mercury, Gemini and Virgo feel washed out. Many feel their minds are blurred.  The water on the east coast is making Mercury-ruled short trips impossible for many and some Mercury-ruled neighborhoods are completely washed out.

Mercury will turn retrograde Tuesday evening. Neptune will turn direct on Saturday. At that point the square will intensify as the aspect will be applying.

If you’re wondering when this is going to clear out, things should improve by the third week of November. Between now and then, people are likely to feel fatigue.

If this is you, do try to get as much rest as possible. Some may find this nearly impossible, but you should still try because when you’re in a weakened state, it’s easier for illness to take hold, which is the last thing anyone wants.

On that note, if you don’t usually get a flu shot, this might be a year to make an exception.  Neptune erodes boundaries and Mercury is concerned with health.

Are you feeling depleted?

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Mercury Square Neptune: Virgo and Gemini Depleted, Flu Shots And Flooding — 30 Comments

  1. I have Sun in Virgo, so indeed I do feel depleted, and I don’t feel as energetic as usual, gah! Let’s hope getting a new GPS adapter will solve my GPS navigation problems because I found out the tip of the adapter was missing. I do use Google Maps and take cell phone pictures of a computer screen for directions as a backup plan though.

    Mercury is in the 9th house for me right now, but as it goes retrograde it’ll be going through the 9th and 8th houses. I already know that I’m thinking a lot about transportation matters (from taking good care of my car to realizing that taking public transportation during rush hour may be feasible in a particular area).

    My guess is that Mercury retrograding through the 8th house is going to intensify the Saturn in Scorpio transit.

  2. I’m actually feeling kind of charged right now. Unbelievable, I know, but true. There are actually a few things happening in my life that indicate that perhaps, there is some forward movement. I do have to say, after the last year or so of having Neptune opp my sun, all the while having tSaturn on top of my natal Neptune, I can finally see that perhaps there is light at the end of this foggy foggy tunnel. Once Neptune turns direct, it will finally move away from it’s dance with my sun, and now that Saturn is in Scorpio, he no longer limits my natal Neptune.

    AAAHHHHH–that is my huge sigh of relief!

  3. I’m having amazing dreams and healing breakthroughs in my religious faith.

    I’m not drained now, I was terribly drained when Neptune was moving forward though, so I hope that isn’t the case again later this week.

  4. I fainted yesterday for the first time in a few years (I’m always on the verge but rarely totally black out).
    I feel like a TV channel that is all snowy. (Analogy only works for older people I think nowadays LOL.)

  5. My mind does feel blurred, although I do not have any planets in Virgo. Lately, for the past two weeks or so, I feel kind of… dumb? dull? uncurious?

    Ha, I just looked at my transits, and the Mercury retrograde is happening on my natal Neptune. Maybe that’s something.

  6. Busiest time of the Year for me & it’s like working thigh deep water. Plus, I caught a cold. WTF! I agree it’s full on- everyone is sloooow & lethargic. No amount of pushing is helping speed things up =/


    Hang in there y’all.

  7. Flu shots contain ingredients that are highly toxic and cause muscle atrophy and narcolepsy. And let’s just say I was told by someone with connections not to ever get a flu shot.

  8. I often forget that stress, anxiety and sorrow have physical effects as much as mental or emotional ones. Woke up today feeling like I’d been rode hard and put away wet. Laid down in the late afternoon and started to have brain zaps, like I was going lose consciousness, or like something was detaching. Hard to describe.

  9. Yeah, I’m feeling drained, too. Mercury/Neptune can be hard on us Mercury in Virgo people. Virgo does not like being blurry on the details! It’s exhausting to deal with.

  10. Oh God yes. My merc’s in gemini. But my mind does not feel sharp. And I have a ton of work and a busy schedule ahead of me.
    At one point today (during a leisurely Sunday road trip) I couldn’t remember last names of people who came up in conversation, and it freaked me out. Drawing blanks.

    In some ways, I’m grateful for the pile of to-do’s in front of me, because at least it’s concrete. Do one thing, check it off. Do another thing, check it off. Lately without sticky notes and pocket calendars, I’m lost. So unlike my usual m.o.

  11. I worry about my boss. She is Virgo to the nth power and is so under it, personally and professionally. She’ll overcome, of course, but I just don’t like to see her come under such undeserved fire.

  12. I’m feeling really tired too… Saturn in Virgo and Sun and Mars in Gemini as well as a never-ending opp between tran. Pluto and natal Uranus

  13. Here’s a follow-up of my situation: the good news is that buying a new GPS adapter solved my GPS navigation issues. And to make things even better, the adapter has a little blue light indicating it is working! 🙂 So I’m glad I solved this little problem just before Mercury formally turned retrograde.

  14. The past two weeks have been extremely draining. My daughter, (who turns 15 today) has been going non-stop with cheerleading and cheer competition. I try to be there for her and have to really push myself. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and my rheumatologist is on me about me getting a flu shot because I have a compromised immune system. I don’t want one this year. Last year, after getting one, I was sick all dam winter. My mother got one a few weeks ago and is just now getting over some crap she had. My significant others mother is a retired RN. She’s always had a fear of guillain-barre syndrome…I think I’m going to pass. My 15-year old doesn’t want one, either.

  15. I have Virgo Sun, My sister is Gemini. Mom is terribly sick. Don’t know what will be the treatment, how far she will be able to tolerate those sickness at the age of 70.

    My married life is 100% blury … don’t have any choice, have to take care of my mom. Only relying on God for everything and taking action whatever I think the best.

  16. What degrees was this aspect at? I woke up with a sore throat on the 4th and wanted to stay in bed all day….which with a Virgo Moon, I nearly NEVER do!! But I had to go to a brunch for my mother’s birthday. How long is this supposed to last? I feel much better today.

  17. Gah! No wonder! Moon in Virgo at 0 degrees here. I was basically a physical, emotional wreck but had to pull myself up by the bootstraps : (

  18. Moon and Mercury in Gemini in the 11th house.

    Crazy energy right now. Scrambling around with the job hunt. I just heard from a woman I have not talked to in 30 years (she was my suite-mate in college when I was 18 years old). Last time I saw her I was 22. She was more than a bit of a Neptunian at the time. With the retrograde and the square – it must be super charging this….not sure how I feel about this.

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