Mercury, Saturn & Pluto Conjunct In Capricorn: Controlling Information

gervaisBy now, you’ve probably seen Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue at the Golden Globes. I don’t think there is anyone, unaware of the divide in this country; in the world, for that matter.  This is old, UN-fake news!  But if you’re still assuming that people on your side of the line, see what you see, when they turn on the internet, think again.

Case in point, I was talking to my friend and neighbor, yesterday.  We see eye-to-eye, or close enough, on most issues.  She asked me if I’d seen the Gervais’ monologue.

“Well, yeah. I saw it as soon as I woke up. It was the top of the news; I watched it at four in the morning…”

I asked her what she was hearing about it, in her circles which are slightly different than mine. She quickly relayed the prevailing opinion in her group.

It’s interesting because things like this are always framed, “Everyone is saying…”

Bottom line, what everyone is saying in her world is not what everyone is saying in my world.  Since we live in the same world (or did up to a month ago), it’s was… laughable?

That’s probably an inappropriate response but I did, laugh.  On her end, I think she was just surprised. She’s not even considered the perspective I was exposed to.

Many years ago (at least ten years ago), my husband predicted the United States would become factionalized.  I believed this has happened and it’s tied to MERCURY.  You know. Mercury, which is akin to a flyover planet for many!  Here’s the monologue:

Then yesterday, beloved, regular, “soup”, wrote about the country coming together in the Random Thoughts thread in the forum:

“…Don’t be scared.   

As divided as this country seems to be right now, go back on memory…when/if the shit hits the fan we are known for pulling together in a crisis…”

I was struck by this because it’s not at all fashionable to suggest such a thing.  Could she be right?

Last week, I sent a newsletter about families pulling together because someone in the clan is seriously ill.  They’re setting aside their differences, so they can avoid this:

Families Fall Apart After Matriarch Or Patriarch Dies

Back on topic, working with people from all over the world who have different beliefs, it’s necessary that I keep in mind, its not only possible, it’s likely my client don’t read the same spin, that I do.

This is okay, because I am an authentic person with an authentic desire to support my fellow men and women. It’s in my blood, you know.

These are my real (Capricorn) thoughts (Mercury)/

What do you say?


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  1. hmm I hadn’t watched it and now that I have, I’m not sure what is so controversial…haha, perhaps that shows where I stand? Wherever that may be… I thought it was hilarious. He’s right about Hollywood, that’s for sure.

  2. I was thinking about this yesterday! I read this opinion article in response to the recent spate of anti-semitic attacks and thought, how nice that people of different religions, ethnic makeups, and political bents can come together and support each other. (I realize this topic/article is v political; my intention is just to present it!)

  3. I have no idea where the problem is. I just watched some of his previous years – often they were even ‘worse’.
    The man is hilarious.

  4. Really, my point is that we’re living in smaller pockets all the time. You’ve really got to work to get outside your bubble and this is true for everyone.

    You can also tie this to Jupiter in Capricorn. If you’re not careful, you’ll be caught with a narrow perspective… a limited view of things.

  5. I thought the monologue was brilliant and honest – not just about the Hollywood elite but all of us. Own an iPhone, a computer, any high tech device basically, and someone else is paying a high price. And ultimately we all will pay that same high price. I have bought water in plastic bottles for years, used a handy-dandy plastic bag at the grocery store, drank from plastic straws and now mine and your oceans are chock full of the garbage and sea creatures are dying. Ricky Gervais humorously spoke a truth and the faces in the audience told the tale of how uncomfortable that is. Its so easy to just see your own little corner of the world but I try to remember when my day is done and I lay my head on my pillow to sleep, people, on the other side of the world are waking up and beginning their day of work.

    If only we could all work together.


    • This is beautiful WJ

      I did some research on things like Nike! The kind of life the people have to live that make the shoe convinced me that I will never buy another pair.

      No one knows exactly how a cell phone battery works. If they do some research they will quickly find that a 5 year old child is digging around in mud, starving …so we have battery life. We take too much for granted. We get busy. We don’t know where things come from and don’t care.

      We get too busy to care. In the end what happens to that little kid digging in the mud will have a direct affect on me, and my family. Maybe not today. But, it’s coming. It’s coming as quickly as our oceans are clogging up with plastic.

  6. Most of the world could not care less about the Golden Globes. That is one huge silo many people are in if it matters to them.

    I live in Europe, and no one at all has discussed them in my friendship circle.

      • No one ever discussed the GG in Europe, in my long life time, so I suppose that silo has always been there, it is not a new one.

        I am not being nasty, Elsa, I wouldn’t expect you as an American to discuss the BAFTAs, or the Goya Awards, or the Cesars.

        • I didn’t take it as nasty.
          Your post reminds people who ARE obsessed with this how most the world is oblivious to this.

          Also, interesting, no one the comments has mentioned the positions that dominate the circles my neighbor and I travel in. What kills me is that we used to be in the same circle but the cells keep dividing.

          Next thing I know, we won’t even be able to reach each other. This is what I see happening all around me. Maybe 20% of people are bucking this trend.

  7. I hear you. Everybody is so dug in. What’s the answer?

    On an individual level, we could resolve to do something every day to try to get out of our bubbles, see things from a new perspective, but “I don’t wanna get out of my bubble! I’m comfy-cozy in here!”

    You have to have the will to do get out of your bubble. Better to make the effort! Because if you don’t the universe just might provide you with a crisis where you are thrown in with all those types you’re demonizing. IMO the universe is designed to get us to understand each other so…

    • The day will come when you’ll needs help. Not you, specifically. All of us. Best to keep this in mind.

      You won’t overlook a person’s fault or shortcoming now… what are you going to do when they’re the only one ’round to throw you a rope?

  8. Oh! I just saw the video does not show the audience reaction. Sorry about that… that’s a big deal here.

    If someone can find me a proper link, I’ll trade it out.

  9. You give me hope Elsa. To be honest , maybe naive … in most pressed situations I don’t think people would stop to evaluate what they thought of someone’s position, they would help no questions asked. We are so walled in that tangible efforts to aide others is something we rarely encounter, and I think in many cases it feels imposing. We might be different , but we are the same more. My uncle just died. We have been waiting for it, he found peace after long suffering. Saying the right thing is difficult, I’ve lost before , I should know. I’m trying to find a poem or something eloquent because I feel I want to give relief and only others words can give that. I want to say what I want to convey with others thoughts. Ai, not relevant for the post anymore maybe, but finding some agreement , adopting a consept and not adjusting might both speed up and create more diversion when it’s just a lazy go to.

  10. I find him hilarious. His monologues can be on the mean side yet I find many of his observations honest and funny.

    Before hitting ‘Post Comment’ I checked his astrology.

    He has mars conjunct uranus so he asserts himself in unpredictable ways, shocking others often and speaking some kind of ‘truth’. There is like a violent side to his expression too with mars uranus conjunction – his humour can be ‘cutting’ or ‘wounding’ (mars/knives.)

    With his moon in scorpio he’ll observe a lot lot lot more than people realise or would like him to observe or notice.

    Venus square mars and uranus…he is used to strife and tension and shock and change in his relationships. He relates in these ways too, right?

    My husband is Sagittarius Rising and I act more like the PC police at home (party-pooper, my Saturn squares his Venus) yet I do like Ricky Gervais’s humour. There is some truth in his humour and my strong Jupiter recognises it.

    I like in a country (England) where Brexit has shown the division that exists in the country so here we are experimenting lots of divide too in our own way.

  11. Does anyone remember the comedian Don Rickles? Ricky Gervais’ style reminds me of his. It’s meant to be entertaining. Like he said in the beginning – “remember their just jokes…”

    I feel like the pendulum has been swinging too far to either side and it’s struggling to get back in to a sane rhythm. It’ll come, there’s going to be growing pains, but it will come. Just my two cents.

    • Reckless, that’s who I thought of when I saw this clip! Noticed a lot of famous people squirming in their chairs! We’re not accustomed to this kind of humor these days…funny though and topical!

  12. Regarding the statement about different factions in a family coming together to support one who is ill or dying, that is true. But then after the death, families can and often do fall apart…

  13. That whole thing was just flash bang, award shows (especially the GG) have been hemorrhaging viewers for the past decade, the under 30s in particular could not care less. So the Foreign Press and Powers that Be splash the otherwise vaguely icky Gervais and all over as a massive distraction.

  14. Giant red pill for millions of heretofore clueless viewers. He also does lots of good work for animal welfare. Yay, Ricky!

  15. Comedy/tragedy at its finest! It would be hard to get caught in negativity for too long with this monologue. So clear, so articulate, so penetrating, so true combined with laughter could be magic happening. Not being able to talk in this dispassionate way is what brings on guilt and shame. That is never helpful for change. The audience was sharing the light he brought and it was good hearted

  16. I didn’t watch it. I heard about it and saw people happy to make fun of celebrities and treat him as speaking for them. From what I can see (since I didn’t watch it), I’m aware of some of the stuff he said, but I’m still not interested in watching him. It’s been a few years since I’ve been “red pilled” and I tend to view most things as theater. My hope is that what he said might plant some seeds. Maybe get us closer together as a population so we can take back our society. Here’s hoping anyway!

  17. What he did was a standard Roast. Nothing special about it. The ones thinking it’s so great or the ones that are so upset have apparently never seen a Friars club or Comedy Central Roast.

  18. It’s okay. Some of it clever. But overall, on my enjoyment meter, too in-my-face.

    Everything is so emotional now, lacking rationality. And isn’t it great fun for the media-ites to emotionally control everyone. 😛 Boring. Took me a long time to get to bored with it. I was sucked in too. Darn Cancer Moon.

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