Mercury Retrograde Phone Call

BabyJaneWe all have cell phones here, even BabyJane, but most of Jane’s friends don’t have cell phones yet so they call her on the house phone. I never answer the house phone because 99 times out of 100 it’s either for Jane or it’s a telemarketer. Sometimes I am forced to answer the phone because sometimes Jane’s friends don’t just call and leave a message, they call ten times till someone answers. So this morning I picked up. “Is Austin there?” said a babyish voice. Thinking one of Jane’s friends had her number mixed with Austin’s (she has a friend named Austin) I said in what could be construed as a condescending mama voice, “No, this is JANE’s house.”

I don’t normally use the mama voice but I’m not coffeed up and was highly irritated. I didn’t want the highly irritated part to shine through so I thought it was the way to go. She said, “oh… okay.” Then I got off the phone and listened to the three messages. Clearly it was an adult woman who happened to have a young-sounding voice. Well now I feel like a dick since she probably thought I was being snarky. Criminy. Mercury retrograde snafus go both ways.

Are you having Mercury retrograde communication misfires?


Mercury Retrograde Phone Call — 7 Comments

  1. I’m getting bills and collection letters for other people. Happens every single Merc Rx! And of course the regular, minor stuff–emails mia, general confusion and whatnot. I’m just hoping my web server doesn’t go down, that’s what I hope every Merc Rx.

  2. Oh, that’s happened to me. I have a very young voice and I would get the “mama” voice when I called my son’s friends’ homes (trying to track him down because he hadn’t shown up for dinner or missed curfew, etc). Eventually the parents got to know me and my baby voice.

  3. Yes. I put a customer on hold, because she was taking a very long time to decide between A and B. We’re talking—4.5 minutes of “Uh…what did you said again? Uh…” (I have a timer on my phone; most calls take less than 30 seconds).
    10 lines and we were off the hook. So she hangs up, I call back and said “I came back to your line and you hung up.” and she says “I didn’t hang up on you. I had to go. You took too long and I am a very busy person.”

    “So am I,” I said.
    “You are not nice to me.”

    Well, fuck me. Can you imagine calling a taxi company at midnight on a Friday night, hemming and hawing for 5 minutes about wanting a taxi? Get real.

    Anyway–I was so flabbergasted I couldn’t say anything, my jaw was hanging open. Then she hung up on me again. LOL!!!

    On my way home it struck me that she could have a disability and I felt like a POS. What the hell are you going to do? Not a lot.

  4. Yes, I was trying to be funny via text message. Then the person who received the text was slightly confused. I apologised, then realised it was slang for something REALLY gross, I apologised again, he got confused again. So I just apologised and text some more nonsense…

    Moments like these I wish I could blame alcohol.

  5. Yeah, watching the bank screw up a money transfer and not get back to me with corrected info. Watching a young woman I mentor get her information interview re-scheduled for the 3rd!! time. She’s so disheartened now and I’m trying to pull her up so she presents well even though the interviewer is not following through very well. Trying to help her know it’s not her and “if nothing else” practice and learn and that’s a good thing for your next one.

    Lots of little bits out of alignment, hasn’t hit me directly but everyone around me I have to help is getting slung under. I guess I’m glad I still have *some* sanity left so I *can* help 😀

  6. Yes… transiting the 8th house… decided to cut relations with my bro, our should i say sibling, cause there was no brotherhood since we were born.
    lies, deception, manipulation, cruelty…
    March 31, i had my last talk, and said it all.

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