Mercury Retrograde – You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

mercury oldI expected this Mercury retrograde period to be intense. I’ve not been disappointed. I’ve been in a car accident and my husband wiped out his hard drive trying to load software for his new job. Our phones are out, the site crashed and was down all morning.  We have a (new) tv on the blink and no one wants to mess with it!

It’s a sea of distractions, then I read about the congressman stealing the pope’s water glass – you gotta be kidding me.

We also drove 60 miles round trip to look at um…oak bookshelves that turned out to be pressboard. I called the gal and asked…yet she was upset we wasted her time?

Someone just sent me a nice tip. My lack of response does not prove my lack of gratitude. It’s that your mail is bouncing!

I also realized today, I am going to have to go through some silly hoops to get my dogs blessed this year. It’s not something I think I should blow off. We went to get my husband some prescription safety goggles today..without a prescription, since he left the doc without a copy and it’s Saturday.

I’d kind of like to get out of here…escape. However, someone we know hit a deer recently, and frankly, I’m not in the mood for another mishap!

Did I mention the communication between my site and paypal is jacked?

What’s happening in your world?


Mercury Retrograde – You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me! — 44 Comments

  1. Sorry about the site and the crash, it’s been a crazy week. Yeah, my car got totaled yesterday. Now, one of my friends have to drive me places.

  2. This new pope seems to be very popular. He’s the most popular since Pope John Paul II. I wonder if the person who stole the pope’s water glass thought that they would acquire divine powers, or something. LOL.

  3. Over last two days, cable TV service went down just after the opening line of a movie I had been waiting weeks to see. Audio on my husband’s cell phone went out at the vet’s office as he repeatedly tried to reach me to consult about prescription products for one of our dogs. Never had reception issues at the vet’s office before. I tried to call health insurance office twice yesterday to discuss plan benefits and both times their system shut down. Yesterday called my doctor’s office to try and get a little wiggle room on arrival time for an appointment next week and they had no record of my appointment in their computer. I was also told that my doctor had decided to leave the practice and that a notification letter had been mailed ten days ago that I, naturally, never received. Sigh.

    • Also, on his way back from the vet’s office, my husband was stuck at a railroad crossing for over half an hour. Crossing arms lowered, red lights flashing and no train. Traffic backed up for several miles. Finally, they all got organized and slowly untangled themselves.

  4. Well I’m on an overseas vacation, and nothing truly disastrous has happened, but there have definitely been some mishaps…getting lost, crappy Internet connections, general awkwardness and leaving behind a few flabbergasted and pissed off people in my wake. Case in point: trying to get my giant luggage case through a little pedestrian gate at the London train station, causing the gates to fail to close properly (and my fingers to smash) and an attendant had to come and help out. Because I didn’t see that there was also a luggage gate. He seemed PISSED but I bolted out of there quickly. I said thank you when he handed me my case and I actually heard him shout “don’t say thank you!” as I was leaving. An explosive little Mercury retrograde moment.

  5. This sounds like what is happening in our lives too. Our 22 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee is offline and has got an electrical issue not sure where or why but it will not start. This all started with a heater hose that sprang a leak. He is a telecommunications engineer and Thursday the platform he works on started having issues and it escalated from there he worked till 2:00am and worked from home on Friday and there are still issues with it. I would have to say this Mercury Rx is not helping the situation at all.

    In the mean time our 22 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee is offline it will not start. The 19th of September I was Chauffeuring my 32 year old daughter(Cancer Child) around who is trying to get back out on her own when the Jeep blew a heater hose. Now it will not start period the fault is being quite illusive. Most the time the Mercury Retrogrades are something I generally just wait out because they are not all that long lasting but this time it is just sucking rocks and broken glass.

  6. This morning I was supposed to Skype with a friend in a different time zone. He emailed, apologizing for missing the date and keeping me waiting around. He’s been expecting to get home earlier but traffic was much worse than expected.

    I wouldn’t have minded anyway, but it didn’t actually matter because I’d calculated the time difference wrongly and wasn’t expecting him to call for another 2 hours.

    So far (fingers x’d) car stuff has been better this retrograde than last time. Last time it was a $4,000 engine repair bill. This time only part of the doorhandle has fallen off.

    • Ow, I had that for years, but not now we have central heating that works. Hot water bottles out! Feels like worst of times, best of times right now, and the change in the seasons is compounding that Mercury volatility.

  7. So many bad, unpredictable things happened this week. I don’t even know where to start. I started feeling uneasy around mid-week. I just feel danger lurking. I can’t describe it.

    • omg, same here. unpredictable crazy things that unhinged me. i really did NOT like it. I got messages/mixed messages received from the dentist’s office this week and last week. It was just horrible. teeth and communication?? that’s mercury ruled and saturn (capricorn)

  8. Seems like everyone’s timing is off… From walking out into a street from between two parked cars without looking, to driving with cell phones stuck to ears (with erratic movements not making any sense)

  9. Gaslighted by my sister and her dumbass husband, last night. So, I started speaking about how there’s all this religious hubbub going on in the totality of September only to have the dumbass husband change the subject, without batting an eye, to some high school football team having the same uniforms for 5 years. I, now, consider this fool nothing more than a pompous-ass sofist. This cocoon is making me itchy.

    End of Virgoan rant.

  10. Have had flat tire for a couple weeks & haven’t felt well enough to go out and fill it & see if I can drive it to get repaired. Will try Monday. Exhausted.
    Other car’s clutch broke a week ago, on way back from pharmacy. Our mechanic can’t help because he is fixing the a/c & heat in his house.
    Got a recall notice for that car for something else (catching on fire!)
    Vacuum cleaner died.
    Coffee maker died but came back to life.
    Was looking forward to MetOpera live Internet stream today but they’ve moved it to Oct.
    Dog has the trots.
    Neighbor’s nutty.
    I have big bruises on my hands and forearms from blowing out IVs. I look like a drug addict.
    The only way I can read and make sense what I am reading, is to actually read it out loud to myself.
    I have natal Merc RX & usually Merc RX doesn’t affect me! This is a bad one.

  11. Since this Merc Retro, I have made a visit back home to California, finishing up some unfinished business with my family (make peace) and then headed to court to obtain a divorce decree and discovered that it still hasn’t been signed. My ex and I filed for this thing call the summary dissolution, it is supposed to be somewhat automatic at the end of 6 months… Oh well. Have to check again in a week or so.

    Other then that, I find this retrograde for me mostly going back to finish up unfinished projects. And also revisiting old pals to reconnect with who I am as I’m in a major transition.

    Besides that, the one thing I really notice is that I am just completely EXHAUSTED. Like can’t get out of bed exhausted. just want to sleep in all day and eat.

  12. Not surprised to read the above. Except for Jilly’s post. Made me want to make you a cup of tea, Jilly, and find you some good opera to watch in the meantime! I guess that took the cake. Looking forward to it like that, then, POOF! Made me think of a daily affirmation I’m supposed to be doing 2x/day this week: I will find the good in every situation. Yeah, but first, I’m letting myself be honest about every situation. I would have been badly disappointed about the opera thing. Really.

    If I feel strongly about something, it seems to help not to lie about it. Admitting is not the same as complaining, after all. It’s a nuanced kind of thing, and I’m slowly learning to turn the complaint into a statement of fact, which I then either let go, move on, or do something about. That helps!

    The dog has fleas. Again. Bath. Again. Diatomaceous earth. Bath. (Action)
    Coffeepot (old percolator) missing metal filter cover. Live with addf’l grounds. (Acceptance)
    Lost my work credit card; needed it to do courier job. (Cycled through stages of grief over this one.)
    All very mercury retro stuff. Traffic jams, technology breaking down or stalling, car also in for recall fixes (4 of them at once), lost credit card, unforeseen expenses, plans gone awry.
    For some reason, I’m feeling like the delays and problems are keeping me out of the way of greater harm at the moment. It’s an odd feeling/perception, but I’m going with it. And, speaking of Pope Francis, this bit really touched me:

  13. My stepdaughter went to the hospital last Tuesday with preterm labor. They gave her the magnesium drip, which stopped the labor, then mother and baby developed irregular heartbeats. She was sent home Wednesday midday, the labor having been successfully stopped. By dinnertime Wednesday she was back at the hospital and gave birth to a 26-week preemie early Thursday morning. Wow! We were all in shock, including the parents. The baby was breathing on his own at birth, though, and is doing well in the NICU. LOL, just about the ultimate Merc retro do-over. Oh, and the gascap on hubby’s car is sending I’m-not-happy messages to the instrument panel. 😀

      • Thanks, Elsa! The mom’s natal Merc is retro amid a 10th house stellium in Pisces, and making aspects to her natal Venus, Saturn, MC and AC … she has a toddler, and her “profession” is SAHM… seems so appropriate for the events of the past week! My own natal Merc is retrograde in Libra/5th… I am working on a particular craft project right now and have to keep ripping out stitches and doing them over… making dumb mistakes. LOL.

  14. I have several planets in Mercury- Sun, Moon and Venus. Nothing has happened..?? Not one single thing. Just feel extra tired this week. Strange.

  15. Wow, reading all these terrible events that you guys had, makes me feel like I got off easy. I usually have problems with Mercury Rx almost as soon as it retrogrades. This time, about one day after Mercury went Rx, my computer started acting weird. Images disappeared on various websites and even on emails, and I couldn’t figure out why. Researching it was bringing me no information. I finally gave up and decided to reformat the hard drive, which with Windows 8.1 means that you return your computer to its factory settings. That’s what I decided to do. It takes hours because, essentially, you are wiping your computer clean (and then, afterwards, you have to re-install everything). After I got my computer returned to the factory settings, I accidentally downloaded a spyware program … duh … and I have over 20 years computer experience, so for me, this was a dumb dumb move that I wouldn’t normally do. Sooooo, back to the drawing boards. I had to do the “return to factory settings” all over again. Hours and hours of waiting. And, then, P.S. the images that weren’t working on those websites and emails? They STILL weren’t working. All the reformatting didn’t help. After I re-installed all my software, I had to do a lot of research about why the images weren’t appearing. I still couldn’t get the proper information so I guessed at this-or-that and got some of it fixed. Mercury Direct cannot come soon enough.

  16. Had two girls fight right after my first period yesterday, over words. Another one of my students going into hospital for suicide attempt. My daughter trapped after her show because the mom I thought was going to take her home had something come up and left early and I still had another act for the show I was working and couldn’t leave to go get her. But I have been successful in not sending my ex cutting text messages and I have actually deleted over 5000 emails that have been cluttering up my life for quite some time.

  17. Handed in 2 forms with evidence to claim my money back only to be told I’ve handed them in too early. So when is the best time, was my response only to be told nothing.

    I need my money back. My course is making dead broke.

  18. This week sucks but I have been lucky. I left my phone at Starbucks. The way I found out it was at Starbucks is nothing short of divine intervention. Somehow I called the right people and the wrong people didn’t answer their phone (I was calling people from google. Who knew it would save my butt). I don’t want to go into details but this could have gone terribly wrong and instead orchestrated itself perfectly. I have never left my phone anywhere. Lately I’ve been locking myself out of places which is untypical. That, I am hating.

    My coworker is being an ass and we have had some jarring exchanges this week. And it is draining. Can’t wait for this to be done!

  19. I have not had one thing go wrong although I have been braced for an onslaught. So sorry to hear all Elsa’s woes. I did see this lady who doesn’t like me in the store but that has nothing to do with Merc retrograde at all, just a chance happening. Hope everything works out. : )

  20. Discovered I am still being billed twice a month (double) for site hosting…

    Sending two of my husband’s rosaries back to the nuns for (re)repair.

    Hoping to get his eye doc to fax Rx to glasses store.

    Having the site rebuilt from scratch to be certain any and all hacks are gone.

  21. ST is returning the new Bluetooth keyboard he just bought. It’s been nothing but a pain since he bought it!

    I bought new pants for work, and I hate the way they fit. One pair already has a huge hole in the side of one pocket. Thanks Walmart ! >:p

  22. I’ve been dealing with a spouse with dementia, a granddaughter whose mom has brain cancer and her uncle is a psycho control freak that’s living off of his sisters SSDisability, he doesn’t work because he stays home to take care of his hospice sister who’s in vegetative state (brain dead) the ventilator makes her appear to be alive, he also drives his 77 years old mom to work, he allows supervised meeting for me to see my granddaughter omg! This is a book to make it short someone call the police to their house yesterday so I will be blamed, I seem to get in trouble even when I’m out back raking leaves and enjoying my plants and the animals,thanks for allowing me to vent a little, I must go write this story, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg, Scorpio 11-21-49

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