Mercury Retrograde Whiplash

Mercury Confiding the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs 1734 Francis BoucherI was in the airport waiting to board the plane. Iย got a text message, informing me the deal on the house was off. You’ve got to be kidding me!

Taking a week off, house & dog sitting, flight, rental car, airport shuttle, hotel – this adds up! Could I possibly have gone through all this for nothing?

Possibly, yes!

I sat on the tarmac, texting the seller down from the cliff. The plane took off before I could be sure my effort paid off. ย Three hours later, the plane landed. I still had no firm news.

This morning I woke up early to continue the process as-if the sale is on, because I think it is. If all goesย well, we’ll have a signed contract accepted by lender by the end of the day. ย If not, it’s full steam ahead anyway We plan to move on schedule, rent a house and wait until something comes on the market.

These transits are something else. March can’t get here soon enough!



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  1. It sounded like the vibe of the locale you are moving to is right for you at this time. A house is a house. I do love my house and yarden and it is why I stay where I am. But locale issues have been a nightmare I have had to work through. Environment matters.

  2. ouch, sorry to hear that elsa. i was watching this saga with a bit of trepidation because of mercury retch. but regardless of the outcome of this particular house, it sounds like you found your “home” so that’s awesome. but i do hope you get the house too!

  3. Ouch..I would have sat there and cried the whole plane ride home. so sorry about this. I was thinking this last merc retro was awful with the whole charlie Hebdo thing and the Brian Williams thing..all over communication.Words can hurt and can have some horrible results.

  4. This is the situation: We’re a motivated buyer working with a motivated seller…neither had an agent. It’s gone very smoothly, until the inspection came back, with language overblown. Apparently a computer program inserts this text for problems found. It’s very inflammatory.

    This made the seller think they were calling his house some kind of shack…which it is not! The only true discovery is that we need a new electric box…what they have now is overloaded. It was probably fine, until we got all these big screen tvs and gaming systems…plus some appliances are old and may be draining juice…but we have to fix it. Because there is also a pump for the pool, and the AC in the summer…

  5. Paying for the inspection and all, we’ve got 3K invested in buying this house. The seller has tried to sell it since 2011. I think we’ll get it together! That’s why I was so shocked when I got the text.

    I still don’t know if this is a miscommunication or what. But I do know he was upset by the inspection (so was I). We have another hurdle – getting my husband’s signatures on 11 documents, when he’s on the road. It just has to unfold.

  6. Omg, Elsa…looks like you’re taking deep breaths through this and moving forward. I feel hopeful because all sides are dedicated to making this happen.

    I know zero about electrical stuff but it seems that, yes the electric box needs to be updated but that’s something people do all the time. So in reality it’s not that bad, right?

  7. (((HUGS))) Buying and selling a house can be a pain. Replacing the box isn’t that big of a deal. Unless the whole house needed rewiring, I can’t see how the box alone would stop the sale. As long as both parties agree on how to handle it, it should work out. Of course, then there’s the whole signing papers thing. But that can be worked out too. I had a friend who went through the same process last year. It’s just a little bit of a pain. Best wishes Elsa!

  8. Elsa, wow!

    On a much smaller scale, I was called out today because of an e-mail my Husband sent to daycare about one of the caregivers who tends to shout a lot. We both agree she doesn’t mean to scare children with her voice level, but she does. She is around the smallest children, 1-3 year olds. My Husband has a Mercury/Jupiter in Aries, and yes, his communication style is very direct. But I saw e-mails, and my Husband stated several times this was about the communication style, which obviously stresses the little ones. But apparently, she took it very personally.

  9. As a full-time realtor for 18 years, and in 2 states since ’09, I see red flags.
    Do your due-diligence- have your title company pull every recorded document on that house, and make sure that either you or the seller buy you a title insurance policy on the chain of title.

    You have no representation. As a buyer, you don’t pay for it anyway so why not be represented? It’s the buyer that gets screwed in a transaction without representation. The seller knows what he has, the buyer just wants it but the buyer doesn’t really know.

    Mercury was retro when you signed papers, I am a assuming. You know better than that. (The deal may close but you don’t get what you expected).

    The house has been solicited for sale since 2011? Why hasn’t it sold? Everything else has. Did you give your earnest money to the title company vs the seller?

    Have you at least Googled the address, the owner of record, gone to the local county recorders office to pull the file and see what’s attached to that parcel?

    Sorry to dump my realtor-ness on you but this scenario comes up often and doesn’t end well for the buyer.

    • Your points are all well taken – I understand all this. We know exactly why the house isn’t selling.

      We do plan to buy title insurance…I have ever record since the house was built…in 1992. There have been two owners.

      This guy is losing his ass on his house. He has no choice. The area is depressed but this is the bottom line – the house is white elephant. No one wants or needs a house this big. The average income in the area is 25K a year. So they can’t afford it, never mind, pay to keep it up.
      There are no large families anymore…

      My husband and I are not buying this as an investment. We’re buying it to live in until we die….and if our heirs can’t sell it, they can donate to the church, and nuns can live there, it is that large.

      The house is priced at $51 a square foot…with hard wood floors on one level and all tile on the bottom. It is a replica of this house (prepare for your jaw to drop)

      There is also a 3 car garage, an in-ground pool and 6 stall barn with a chicken coop – on 7 acres!

      So we had the inspection…we know what is wrong. The roof is a year old. He had it sold before, but it needed a roof. It’s a big roof, they could not come to an agreement so the sale went south.

      He also can’t sell it because he has not worked with an agent….up until when I found it. Someone put it on the multilist for him, for 3%.

      But the local (small community) won’t show the house…it had to be someone like us who found it on their own.

      He bought it the same way (in 2004). He was traveling through the state…picked up a real estate magazine and this house was on the cover.

      He bought it auction (couple in a bad divorce) and then told his wife they were moving (from another state).

      The family has been very happy there. I (or my family members have been in the house fives times, plus the inspection) They are a candid family..just unbelievably so.

      Last, I am not exactly working alone. The agent selling my house is a friend, and looking at an easy sale (this house will see in a week in a bidding war). So she is going over this with me. INspection, everything. She also thought it was too good to be true, but it is not…it’s just the market in the area.

      Last, there were just six sales all of last year of homes between 150-200K, which is the range of this one. So you see why he can’t sell it…

      For the record, there are other nice, custom homes around there, but they are not changing hands. So a buyer for a property like this is rare.

      Again, it is not being bought as an investment, but frankly, it has been so poorly marketed, we probably could resell it. That house in Louisiana is famous.

      • I should have made this clear – there is no work in the area. The buyer has to be in circumstances like my husband and I are in, to make this work. We have jobs that travel. The owner is a contractor…that’s how he got away with it.

        Your house is worth only what someone will give you for it. This guy has come to a point where he’s just got to sell the thing. Kids are grown now.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Yeah, we’re going to have a lot to do. But we know it. And this is *exactly* where we want to live.

          And my son’s future will be pretty much set by this move. I abundant indications of this too!

      • Holy cow! It’s a lot like the house I went to in my dream. With the pool and lots of land and everything. Holy moly. If you have flying boats, im coming over!

  10. This has been an amazing story unfolding Elsa! You set a deadline with some very important goals in mind that are best for your family. Mercury Rx be damned, we all know life doesn’t go on hold for it and your being prepared and having alternate plans as backups shows how hard you’re working. This ain’t your first rodeo, I know that! ๐Ÿ™‚ You go, girl!

  11. I had the same jerk back of something yesterday…but on a real small scale and I don’t know if it will go through either. Hoping for the best for you. Things just felt hectic yesterday. Maybe everyone is not thinking clearly.

  12. Elsa, when can I move there and be your caretaker?! LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ The place sounds and IS awesome!!! Perfect for you and your family.

    • Yes! People see this house and want to come to it. That’s exactly what I want.

      I made two friend while in town for a week…they are coming over and help us unload. We’re having parties, this is planned.

      The owner has three kids…and a HUGE lawn…acres on the approach to the house. His kids had go karts and wanted a track…so he cut a track into the lawn. They would ride around at night, with headlights. He said he has as much fun watching them (from the top ), as they had riding them.

      The neighbors told him, he must really love his kids to cut into his lawn like that. But it all grew back…you can see where it was those..he banked the turns for them!

    • We’re starting with dogs, but this guy has had goats, horses, pigs, chicken, and cows.

      He said all animals who died on the property are the tree line, at the back of the property.

      He’s so candid. We asked what the rectangle shaped hole, 2 ft deep was. Large>

      He had marijuana green house back there, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Our first thing is to decide on a paint color.
    This house was PINK when he bought it. It is now yellow with white shutters. He said the shutters have clips so you can take them down to paint.

  14. Oh yeah, the paint job in that link’s awesome. Goes with the Architecture. I was thinking dark green shutters (or dark blue) with white. But that’s not really suitable for the architecture.

    • Right now it is light yellow with white shutters. It looks good, but it will need paint and there is a drive to put your own stamp on a house.

      Also, I see that white is traditional. I like it but am afraid of how it will show dirt…show everything.

      I will get a pressure washer for sure. So I might wash the house and then figure it out.

      My husband, on the other hand, wants to change the fountain in front of the house. I hadn’t thought about it, but you see it’s the same thing. we don’t want to live in their house, we want to live in ours!

  15. Hahaha you need to put a roller coaster alert on this one!
    Oh my goodness — I just read this thread (after following the story the last week) and I went from “oh NO!!!!!” to fingers crossed to YAY in a five minutes rapidly reading through all these comments.

    I guess the retrograde was determined to show its monkey-a$$-ness to you even while Destiny was saying, “Excuse me, but this is Elsa’s house! Step off, Miss Mercury Thing!” So glad it is working out.

  16. I set a swamp cooler and my bbq in front of the house for free. Both gone in 20 minutes, plus the guy took my old storm door and an old bed frame.

    I’ve also canceled my cable tv, my po box is already gone. We will be out of here forever in about 5 weeks..less. It’s hard to believe! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yay Elsa! It’s always a beautiful thing to see when our heart’s desires are in alignment with what The Universe wants for us.

  17. U sure are a graceful Libra your sharing nature wit your readers and your elegant grace you bring to life and its road blocks..glad its progressing well..congrats

  18. PS The universe was kind enough to sit me next to an electrical engineer on the plane. He told me all about the electric situation. He also has six kids in college. Told me all about how to access various things decor my son. You won’t believe this…his son, on the plane with him, graduated #1 in his university . Out of 29,000 students!

    The six kids were home schooled by the way.

  19. I was able to come home and tell my son what is possible. Several of his kids are being paid to go to school.

    It’s another sign. Plus the seller is a Ranger, as is my husband and my brother in law. They have a code about lying.

    Also, his son is going to the same college my son will. Plays the same games and stuff.

    There is a chimney for a wood stove in the garage. They have never locked the doors there, in ten years. This is because people around there know if you break into someone’s house, you will defintley be shot. Exactly the way I like it (though I will lock the doors).

    I a sick of lawless bullshit. I can’t count how many times someone has tried to steal my car.

  20. Congratulations Elsa! Amazing story leading to a perfectly happy ending. Blessings on your smooth transition from the old home to your fabulous new one.
    love always>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  21. Its all relative. Here’s my mercury crap.

    First off, I told you a week earlier that I had to get out of this lease. Now they are charging me a thousand dollars when I should be getting a security deposit! So I had to call and tell them its unfair , I did this and that, etc etc. I am not paying that’s ridiculous. Then, I am negative in the bank, so I had to get a quick payday loan before it gets out of hand because I don’t want another overdraft fee and I can cover it the next time. Then, I found out that another payday loan lender is charging me $315 which is totally a scam because I showed them proof in an email of the amount paid in full and they needed to update that or else I’ll contact a consumer agency watchdog and it was the same loan number. Those fucking thieves! They did it behind my back. That’s why there’s news that the government is slamming hard on them. I just needed this quick fix this time around. Its a $55 interest for the next month for payback. Oh well, I have to do it. I am having more trouble then that in my head too! I have been having really bizarre other worldly happenings, experiences, taboos, and wackos thoughts I am wondering if I should have ever been born.

  22. Look on the bright side, the Sun is almost conjunct fixed star Deneb Algedi. And that star brings fantastic news. So, I’d be expecting that to be the case. You spread such good energy every single day. It’s also an 8 numerological year. That’s financial payback for all the good things you’ve done. See what unfolds, but I’d be optimistic for the next two or three days.

  23. It was meant to be!! I love plantation houses. You can wear a big old dress and sashay down the stairs to greet people. Lol!!

    I think it is an amazing opportunity, which you can take advantage of because of your job flexibility. See how that works? You’re not stuck with the limitations of the local economy. That’s the future, people!

  24. Elsa, I am so very happy for you and your good fortune.God is smiling upon you and your joy is his joy.The scales are balancing all of your recent trials. I know you knew they would.You deserve the joy!

  25. Best wishes for you Elsa. I hope this thing goes through and works out for you and your husband. These transits can be a pain in the rear. This Saturn in Sag transit is wreaking havoc on journalists. From Brian Williams to two others whom got killed in car crashes in two days time. And still others around the country have been shot or robbed. Brr! We need better transits all around. ๐Ÿ™‚

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