Mercury Retrograde Retread: The Astrology of Lying

lipsThis was originally posted back when Saturn was in Libra and Neptune was at zero Pisces…
It’s my opinion that given the right situation and provocation a person of any sign can lie. That doesn’t mean they will. I’m not entirely convinced that because one has told a lie that they are now a capital L liar. Suppose that you were in a situation where telling the truth would cause someone’s death and telling a lie would spare them. This takes the morality of a lie into an entirely different sphere than the simplistic.

Gemini and Pisces are most often pegged as the signs most likely to lie, Capricorn and Virgo the least. But insert the quantity of free will and anything is possible. Libra might lie to avoid ugliness. Taurus might lie to protect the status quo. In the case of Gemini, they often have so much information that some of it conflicts and the truth becomes relative. Pisces might find telling a lie less painful than telling the truth. Capricorn might lie because it advances their career. Give any sign a hefty toot of cocaine and see how truthful they are. Any sign can be a sociopath and they’re not known for their overwhelming honesty.

I have a Saturn in Libra tip that can minimize the amount of lying you encounter. Respect other people’s boundaries. Take no for answer without pushing. If you allow people to make their own choices without pushing or exerting control, they are more likely to make more respectful choices about how they communicate with you. If you’re encroaching on someone else’s boundaries they are more likely to prevaricate to push you back. Most people don’t lie for entertainment; I find that most people lie as a defense mechanism. Don’t trigger that defensive stance and you’re less likely to encounter lying.

Do you lie? If you said, “no,” are you lying?


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  1. I find this particularly relevant with Mercury retrograde and Venus conjunct Saturn (a Libra Saturn signature) square Neptune. Thanks to winnie for digging it up!

  2. I find that reprehensible. One is responsible for one’s own behavior. I’m not going to change my (above board) behavior so I’m not lied to, and I should have to. Integrity is rare these days, but is rather not have someone in my life than suppress my own truths so no one lies to me.

    I may be a Pisces, but I got a whole lot of Leo and too much pride to allow that crap to stand.

  3. i’ll remember that for next time when i need to make life decisions. it’s enough to know you’re in danger, that’s all you need: advice from friends.

  4. I don’t know why Scorpios aren’t on this list. I find them the biggest liars, primarily by omission. Of course with Pluto in my 7th, I’ve had my share of them and boy have they been some whoppers.

    • I don’t know why people throw entire zodiac signs in buckets claiming to “know” that sign. As a Scorpio, let me advise you that it takes a whole lot more than a sign to make you a liar. I am an extremely honest person — actually told I am honest to a fault. I am Scorpio with Sagittarius rising. Maybe your people with Scorpio suns are liars, but you need to look at their whole chart — see where their Mercury and Neptune is — see where their Pluto is and their need to have or lack of self control. Your Pluto in the 7th might make you attract power-hungry people who want to control you and/or you experience a lot of power struggles in YOUR relationships. My Pluto is in a beautiful (Powerful) conjunction with Jupiter in the 9th house and trine my natal Sagittarius moon (Sweet). You would be hard-pressed to get a lie out of me. I was watching TV yesterday and someone said all Scorpios are mean. Seriously, if you are going to claim to know signs, study your astrology. Now that’s a PROVOKED Scorpio response! p.s. The likelihood of having NO ONE in your life who would EVER lie to you is extremely remote. There are over 7 Billion people on this planet which makes for over 7 Billion personalities.

  5. I’ve lied on occasion in my life. Some of those lies I carry with me because they were not found out, others were discovered and I had to accept the responsibility and whatever judgement was placed on me for them. I’ve also been lied to, been hurt by the lie and later forgiven the liar once I understood what was behind the lie.

    Saying all of that, I am not a habitual liar. I am not a liar with a capital ‘L’.

    That’s as honest as I know how to be on the subject.

  6. Gee I loved this post – and it tickled my fancy on a few things. I work hard not to lie, but agree to fabricate truth on very few occasions if I “need” space. Having said that I love your line here about not pushing people etc. you know that is a great truth in itself – because it covers respect, understanding, & much more.

    I’m a bit wobbly in this Merc retro, decision making is slow, but I’m enjoying a freshness coming back into my mind, be it slow though.

  7. I lie to protect people I care about/like. However, even if I don’t like you, I’m not going to tell your dirty laundry either, that’s snarky and hypocritical.

  8. I knew a compulsive liar. I have to say I found it entertaining. lol. I knew I was being lied to but I would actually play with it, by asking questions, just to see where they would take it 😉 Some of it was hilarious. When cornered, they would come up with an even bigger lie to explain away the previous one. I don’t see it as a insult unless they lie about something that is serious. I’d prefer to be hurt by the truth in that case.

  9. Also, an interesting note…kids born with a mild form of autism, called Aspergers, develop normally in all other ways except their ability to read the reactions of other people. They can’t read social cues. One of the signs that a child is developing normal social skills is their ability to lie (and obviously when not to lie). It happens around the age of 4 🙂

  10. I can’t help myself but I like to people watch and sometimes nice I’m out for a few drinks with friends at a crowded place I’ll just lower my voice and say outrageous things about somebody fairly nondescript the bar like see that balding guy over there with the short sleeves dress shirt? I know him. Well he wouldn’t know who I was I bet cuz I haven’t seen him since junior high. He was the shop class teacher and he’s really had a very high voice in this one time my little brother walked in on here at the urinal and has two wieners.” That kind of gross immature I wonder what’ll happen if kind of behavior I just can’t help myself because there’s always somebody in our little group who’s seeing other things in life or heard of them that were far more stranger than fiction or Medical anomalies when if you used deductive reasoning you would probably think he would use a faculty bathroom and certainly not stand it urinal but I digress…. And then I’ll ask somebody just nonchalant Hey is this appetizer sampler worth sharing? Or like bring up something real that’s happened recently like hey Maria had her baby or whatever and maybe even wait like unless somebody else continues the conversation I’ll even wait 10 or 15 minutes and then I’ll have to say something like tell the truth it’s too much truth in the details it seems out of the blue still I will say when I was in 7th grade I took French class I don’t actually remember the shop class teacher at my school but he was an old man who was my study hall monitor and he looked like one of the characters from Barney Miller I never even took shop class I don’t know why I said that about that chubby guy at the bar I’ve never seen him before in my life. But if someone was going to be the Siamese sausage shop teacher I mean probably the most believable candidate in this bar. And then they say what the hell is the matter with you? But I can almost always get my friend Christina to believe some of those things just because the first time I met her the band member of mine was dating her brought her to barbecue that I was at 2 and a guy this is not a lie with a really big yellow gold necklace of an anchor and chain leaned over with salad tongs to get something from the buffet table and his glass eye fill out landed in the spinach dip so I think Christina will forever associate me with weird gross Medical anomalies or weird things happening when I’m around her in the universe. And I think that she might accidentally P drawing that kind of energy around because we have seen some weird things that were not lies such as the old man on crutches at the Cleveland Rock Hall of Fame whose partial lower prosthetic limb became detached from the stump poking out of his rolled up dress pants and demanded police officers horse tried to pick it up with its mouth. No that’s not a lie it was before cell phones were very popular and those that were around or flip phones with no cameras or I would have insensitively videotaped that one on my phone I mean now is like I saw that when I thought something was lying to me I think it’s the 5th house Gemini I just can’t help it. But I don’t gossip and I’m a Scorpio Sun who has experienced it more than once to be accused of secrecy once a guy I might be flirting with finds out I’m Scorpio. We’ve all been burned by one side or another capricorn men betrayed by Scorpio women become astrologically racist for the rest of us who just lie about medical anomalies maybe seeing someone from 80 sitcom at CVS. That was kind of that one came around in bit me in the ass because I said it was Arnold from Diff’rent Strokes buying lipstick in fake eyelashes and then we found out he been dead for a year in real life so maybe I should just drink with my friends indoors my house which was the house that Bradley Cooper grow up and I think that one kid from Goonies … nevermind nevermind but the mounted policemen thing is true.

  11. I’m really grateful for the last paragraph. I have a very good friend, and the one thing that defines our relationship is our honesty with each other. We often say that this friendship is the only relationship in either of our lives in which is are totally honest, and it’s because we’re ABLE to be. There is almost nothing that she can tell me that I would judge her for, and vice versa. Put us under enough pressure, and we will both absolutely lie, either to avoid a difficult or exhausting conversation, to preserve someone else’s image of us (usually for their comfort), or to avoid judgement. I take responsibility for that behavior and I don’t excuse it. That said, it’s nice to see acknowledged how difficult people can make it to be honest with them.

  12. And thinking more about this, I think it has elements of control. I want to give my friend complete freedom to be who she is, so I make room for her to be honest. Others may want the truth, but sometimes what they really want is for the truth to be what they want it to be. So my honesty may be used as a jumping off point for an attempt to control me, which I am not okay with. And yes, it is very easy to say that I should simply take responsibility for that truth and accept the consequences, I would argue that the attempt to control is a bigger violation of social etiquette. If, to give a hypothetical example, my teetotaler mother asks me how often I drink and I tell her once a week, we are going to have a long, drawn out and painful discussion in which she attempts to foist her way of living upon me. Why should I endure that (or the even worse conversation that would endure if I told her that it was none of her business), rather than simply telling her I don’t drink?

    In fact, why do I owe everyone the truth? Why does anyone get to be privy to information about me that I don’t trust them with?

  13. ‘I’m fine’. That could be a lie. But I will be so eventually again even if not feeling so when asked. And I don’t always know the truth when asked a question from someone else’s perspective. More and more I opt for ‘I don’t know’ or silence when asked what I cannot comprehend. An old Leo friend always said, ‘I really don’t think about that.’ That works too. Now the worst will say ‘Don’t you think that . . . ‘ and then run around spreading rumors that I think this or that or said this or that when I do not or did not.

    The problem with habitual fibbers is that I’ve seen them get caught up in their own web of lies. Painful to experience. And it’s been rough for some at the end of life to reconcile between the two. Beaten by their own game. Sad.

    If it works for someone, they will lie. Some get away with it, some do not.

  14. Ah, it must lie in the motive for the lie. What is the intention of the lie? Either way it can backfire. But then, so can the truth backfire.

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