Mercury Retrograde: November 16, 2018 – Obfuscate

fog machineMercury will turn retrograde in Sagittarius on November 16th. I expect considerable confusion with this because Mercury will be tightly squaring Neptune in Pisces.

Don’t be surprised when people change direction, walk back their statements and perhaps even lie: “I never said that…”

The thing about that kind of lie is that it may not be a lie if the person doesn’t not remember making a certain statement.

That last sentence is a good example of how this energy can express.  Is it a lie or is it not a lie? If it’s not a lie, then why use the word, lie?

Oh man, communications may be flat-out ridiculous this week.  Luckily (Sagittarius), the entire retrograde period won’t be this way.  But I would watch any tendency you have to over-promise.

As for details, Mercury will retrograde back into Scorpio on December 1st and turn direct in the sign on December 6th.

The woman in the picture looks like a happy Sagittarius with fog.  Sometimes I kill myself with stuff.  Ha Ha Ha.



Mercury Retrograde: November 16, 2018 – Obfuscate — 10 Comments

  1. Mercury retrograde next week conjuncts my natal Neptune, and with what you’ve just shared (transiting Neptune will be squaring transition Mercury) I am going to take a chill pill next week as I’ve got important things going on and need to keep my faith amidst any confusion around me, in me or in others.

    Que sera, sera…

  2. This aspect certainly applies to the confusing (Neptune) voting (Sagittarius – truth) results (Mercury) in Florida and Arizona. Lawsuits are pending (Mercury retrograde) in both states.

  3. Guess Mercury will revisit my 8th house’s Jupiter/Pluto conjunction (1 deg. Sag-29 deg. Scorpio) (with Pluto sextile 10th’s Uranus in Cap) again; it was rather uneventful the first time it passed through. I would not expect anything good though; have always felt that way, but it feels worse as I have a long overdue turning point coming to me (university graduation).
    Also will have Venus return to my natal Venus in Scorpio (which happens to conjunct North Node, opposite my natal Moon, and trine Saturn in Pisces) soon…

  4. You crack me up and help me see things with humor. Much needed right now. My husband has Neptune on his MH and Mercury at 13 Sag. My house is showing the energy quite well.

    Hilarious, Elsa. Thanks!

  5. OMG not Neptune on his Midheaven. and his Mercury is in Libra. I’m feeling it too I guess. Midheaven 13 Libra and 13 Sag ascendant. With Neptune in there Libra somewhere. I don’t remember. hahaha

  6. Did I read that right, Mercury Retrograde is only 6 days long this go round? Sounds better than two weeks but triple sag will have it in her solar return.

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