Mercury Retrograde May 29, 2021: Fog Event

Mercury niceMercury will turn retrograde in it’s home sign, Gemini, on May 29th. This period should be remarkable. Mercury will be tightly conjunct Venus when the planet reverses course. This will cause the conjunction for a longer period that usual.

I can’t see this being a bad thing. However, Neptune in Pisces will square Venus and Mercury during this period.  A person can be tricked or deceived.

A person can also deceive themselves; commonly known as “self-undoing” when Neptune is involved. The saving grace is that Neptune, like Mercury in Gemini, is in it’s home sign.

I’m sorry this is convoluted but it’s on purpose to an extent.  It illustrates the nature of this scenario. Things are going to be open to interpretation and misunderstandings will occur.

I could see money (Venus) or messages (Mercury) disappearing as well.  They may reappear a few days later.

It’s a bit like losing your keys. You spin around looking for them, with no idea how long it might take to find them.  The next thing you know, they’re in your hand.

Not every story will end well, but most will. Faith is big here as is love.

This patch of fog will be sustained for about a week, centered around the Mercury retrograde event.  Crisp, clear communication will be hard to come by unless you’ve got God talkin’, which can also happen.

Mercury will retrograde back to 16 degrees Gemini before turning direct on June 23rd. I don’t think we’ll be bored!


Mercury Retrograde May 29, 2021: Fog Event — 7 Comments

  1. Wow, I was seeing a Gemini , operative verb” was”,
    And Boom the wave of change ,just need to keep this little foggy
    Picture till 29th to remind, no need to slip back towards all the messy
    Emotions of April, time does amazing
    Things , helps analyze ones truths
    Thanks for nights coming star
    Warning, for me , a warning

  2. You wrote, “However, Neptune in Pisces will square Venus and NEPTUNE
    during this period”.
    Did you mean “MERCURY”? then you wrote, “A person can be TRICKED or deceived”. Or were you TRICKING us;)?
    Loved your news letter today!!! 5.14.21

  3. Elsa!!

    In the pre-show of Mercury Rx, I had a situation where I suddenly had to rescue one of my kitties who got stuck on a rung of the open dishwasher I was loading. I stopped everything to grab her and free her. Minutes later I started to leave for an errand. However I did not have a door key. I didn’t have the entire ring of important keys that are on a belt clip.

    I searched for 2 maddening hours before making arrangements to have all my locks changed and to make new keys. I could not remember how I had lost them.l and felt deeply confused. How did I let myself in but no longer have keys? While the keys were about to be made I thought I would clean to keep my mind off things. So I began cleaning and the last item I got to was the dishes in the sink. I loaded the remaining into the dishwasher and then I was ready to run the garbage disposal. I put my hand down the garbage disposal. I do that so that I do not grind a spoon or other utensil by accident. Guess what I found?! The keys!

    They were hidden in the watery garbage disposal.

    • We went to an event last night; to see our friends play a concert. Unfortunately, there was no one there because the even was the night prior!

  4. I am still in fog-land! It’s much like being in an unfamiliar, dark room, not knowing how you got there, where the light switch is or how the heck you get out of there. Never known a merc rx like it!

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