Mercury Retrograde: May 10, 2022 – Backwards Plodding

Mercury retrograde in GeminiMercury will turn retrograde in Gemini in the morning on May 10th with the moon in Virgo. Brain glitch incoming!  It makes me think of a card trick or some type sleight of hand. A stutter,  a stammer, a misspoken word.  This is around 7:50 AM Eastern if you happen to be awake and paying attention.

Unfortunately, Mercury will head back into Taurus.  No disrespect to the bulls out there but Mercury likes Gemini and when the planets backs up into Taurus it picks up a square from Saturn.  Most would rather run their mouth and their mind unimpeded!

Mercury will station direct on June 3rd at 26 degrees, tightly square Saturn in Aquarius.  This should offer a last chance to tweak something you’re working on. It must be important because look at all the backwards plodding needed to come to this point!

Also note, Saturn will turn retrograde on June 4th. This means the energy of both planets will be intensified. It should be interesting to watch.

Check the house in your chart where Mercury will be stuck. It falls in my 5th house. That’s creative writing. Okay!

Where will Mercury retrograde fall in your chart?

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Mercury Retrograde: May 10, 2022 – Backwards Plodding — 17 Comments

  1. Mercury stations right on my 3rd house cusp. Hmm. More action in the neighborhood or with siblings. More mail and communications?

  2. Mercury retrograde goes back into my eighth house.

    When it turns direct, that’s on my birthday with my natal MC conjunct Chiron in the 9th house (I dunno if that’s a big impact or not) but I have been very vocal lately about the pain I’ve experienced at work.

  3. Mercury will fall in my 1st house (physical body) Taurus and Gemini and the RX will stay in there too.
    It’s all about my hip replacement (Jupiter), a bad knee (Saturn) and physical therapy and Dr (surgeon). I’ve done well with the hip, but the (bone on bone pain in my opposite knee, which started the trouble with the hip, has hindered me getting any further in my physical therapy recovery. Still walking with a cane. Dr wants to do knee replacement now, but I want to wait 1 year. I’ve read that having anesthesia too close together can give you dementia permanently. It happened to my brother in law. Terrible. I never want to be like that! So, I guess knee replacement is up for review. What I want is a band-aid for the pain in the knee. I had a gel injection before hip replacement, but it didn’t work. After researching online, I found out that the injection needs to be given directly in the joint using guided ultrasound, so they can inject where the problem resides. I will go back (Mercury RX) to the Dr (surgeon) and have a discussion.

    • I also have knee problems and trying to avoid knee replacement.
      Cortisone and Gel-injection did not work. I researched and found out about nerve ablation. I had it done at the hospital as an out patient
      It is done WITHOUT anesthesia just a local injection. I drove myself home. It severs the nerve which blocks the pain. I am now in P/T and doing well trying to slowly bend my knee. I don’t need to tale Advil for the pain anymore. The downside is that it can last at least a year then the nerves grow back. Check it out.

  4. 7th/8th House. We will be meeting with new landlord and giving her the keys as we got evicted after she bought our rental.

  5. The mercury retrograde stations near my sun/mercury/jupiter conjuction 1-2-3 gemini 9th house – I’m prepared for it to disrupt my birthday travel plans but I sure will try. Forewarned is forearmed 🙂

  6. Uh-oh : will fall in my 8th H, square my n Mercury in Virgo.
    Will not sign anything, buy no machinery or electronics and keep my mouth shut.
    The machinery & electronics shouldn’t be too difficult, the rest I dunno. Guess I’ll keep away from people too.

  7. At the cusp of my 4th/5th House, opposing my natal Neptune. Hopefully no deception here. Hopefully just lots of stories about my Father’s family farm, and getting to know my cousin, who grew up in that neighborhood. Currently starting the Probate process for the property due to our Uncle’s recent passing… lots of ancestral vibes happening.

  8. Oh the universe!! Timing, timing, timing.
    If the abortion ban is passed during the retro,
    then it will probably fall apart, especially during VOC.
    I’ve searched for any astrologers prediction, no one is biting.
    Elsa, would you be willing to tell us what you see the stars are telling you? if not, we understand. Thank you.

    • Well, its not a ban really, it is the Feds saying they have no jurisdiction and each state gets to decide. It will be states deciding to ban and block ( or NOT).
      What’s retro is Pluto! So my interpretation is this is a power play that will hold for awhile, but be reversed eventually, maybe when Pluto leaves Cap. ?

  9. 2nd house of earned income, conjoined with Uranus and Pluto. But I have natal Mercury Rx so it’s not likely to be surprising!

  10. I’m happy to see that you end the retro Mercury piece with a positive note regarding creative writing for yourself :). I have an interview May 11, I hope likewise I can be happy that Mercury falls in my 11th house of wishes received, as well that I am interviewing for a group that I have the utmost respect for. It is my deep hope that I get to join the group!

  11. I’m the bull mercury square saturn. Such a fun, light, fresh aspect. Hah.
    Stale air and old furniture. I do like to open the window.

    It will be stuck in 4th house- home, private thoughts as it should be- but not today. It’s still in the 5th house.

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