Mercury Retrograde: March 5, 2019 – Confusion Brain Flu

mercury retrograde in PiscesMercury will turn retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces on March 5th. 0 degrees Aries starts a new cycle. Talk about retreating at the brink of a new beginning. I’m not too thrilled about this!

I don’t usually mention the other planets when I write these things but in this case, as you can see in the graphic, there will be a stellium in Pisces at this time, and a new moon in the sign on the next day.

I’m just going to say it, Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo is likely to be thrown for a loop with this.  It’s not just because their ruling planet is turning retrograde.  The stellium in Pisces hits these signs, hard.  You know you feel when you’re lost? Ugh.

If you don’t have Gemini or Virgo in your chart, you’ll still be affected because guess what?  You’re going to be dealing with people who do.

We rely on the Mercury-ruled signs to handle information. If they get some kind of Neptune brain flu, what the hell?

Mercury will turn direct on March 28th. The planet won’t reach 29 degrees Pisces and ingress into Aries until April 18th. Compassion is called for.



Mercury Retrograde: March 5, 2019 – Confusion Brain Flu — 20 Comments

  1. As a gemini, I guess Im targeted by this merc rx..
    I have a question though:
    Im a 12th house gemini and is more neptune ruled (according to Will this make it easier for me to cope with?

  2. I’m a Pisces born during a Mercury Retrograde, and this MR starts the day before my birthday, can you give a little insight about being born during MR and the effects when MR happens

  3. Thanks for this update. I have a lot work I need to submit by that time so I’ll have to buckle down and do my best to finish before then. I also had a tendency to underestimate transits to my Mercury in the past, so I’m paying more attention. So thanks again, really good post.

  4. Two weeks after the start of this Mercury R, I’ll be traveling to Italy for the first time. There’s no way of changing the date, so I hope there won’t be too much delays and confusion.

  5. Virgo sun and ascendant and I feel this already lol. More scattered than usual (and that in itself is pretty bad cause I’m a scattered person already) and I keep forgetting stuff just to remember them later and go “aaah”! Feeling an immediate sense of clarity; and then moments later, once again this sense of “there’s something else I’ve forgotten”… and round and round I go! I feel like for the past week or so I’ve constantly been walking around just a little bit puzzled at something, or everything.

    My moon is in Pisces though, and my Virgo sun is in the 12th, so I’m fairly familiar with the dissolving energies. I’m good at just going with them, generally. The only issue is my Virgo mars on the ascendant – she likes to get things done in her particular way, and she wants it done, now! And I’m in a very productive mode at work and the thought of things going haywire at this point because, of me or others, is not something I enjoy considering. But yes, compassion! To myself and others. I’m good at that too 🙂

    • I wrote this comment yesterday, not knowing that I’d be living the perfect example of this influence today! I majorly fucked up at work today, confusing the time and dates of an incredibly important meeting that’s been on my mind for WEEKS. How I managed to confuse things – and how other people who usually would catch mistakes like these didn’t – is just absolutely beyond me!!

      I managed to re-schedule, and I think it still has the possibility to turn out great, but good lord ? It really smacked me in my face HARD, and it tried my ability to feel compassion towards myself let me tell you.. I’m dreading the actual retrograde, if things are already this bad!

  6. Well I have the gemini ascendant and I also have the pisces stellium and mercury is among them – meaning I will bring both my umbrella and sunglasses to this event, together with my presence.

  7. The Moon, Sun, and Tr Neptune are in the Pisces portion of my 1H and Tr Mercury will be in my 2H portion of Pisces. Yes, I won’t know what action to take during this foggy retrograde period.

  8. I went for a job interview today and was hired on the spot.

    I will be starting March 6, right in the middle of all these influences.

    Well, damn it, forewarned is forearmed! I’m gonna be ready for anything, and I will do my best to take it all in stride, and not let anything derail me!

    Thanks for the heads up, Elsa!

  9. You mention the “..neptune brain flu.. others relying on them for the info. What will.happen etc…” Hmm.. I’m a bit worried about my kids & husband during this.. I’m in the process of having investigation scans etc for MS or strokes etc. I’m very mercurial (after venus) given Gem Asc & Virgo 3rd house. It all seems quite fitting. Mercury is currently squaring my gem Asc precisely . Am I worrying about nothing???

    • It’s very possible you are worrying for nothing. You’ve just got to check it out; try not to worry until there is something real happening! 🙂

  10. I’m a day late on paying two bills, so I just took care of it. Almost forgot about rent, too! Oh man. I wonder if this month is going to feel like being high on weed. Ha. (I don’t know what that’s like, so maybe I’ll just revisit That 70’s Show and watch how the kids act when they’re in “the circle”, covered in smoke.

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