Mercury Retrograde: July 7, 2019 – Interesting & Multilayered

leo lion roarMercury in Leo will retrograde on July 7th. The planet is tightly conjunct Mars; this is going to be tense. If you’re the type who’s inclined to tell people to piss off, you’re going to be busy. You may be mean, but your antics may also be entertaining.

While the risk of violence exists with this combination, Leo rules creativity and the loves attention. You may witness ego-driven road rage but it’s just as likely to see a person motivated to create some fresh drama, fun and bawdy.

Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo will be most affected, but this conjunction will impact everyone.

I am talking about the period when Mercury and Mars are conjunct in LEO, roughly, July 3rd – 12th. Mercury’s station retrograde on the 7th, followed by it’s exact conjunction with Mars on the 8th, will mark the peak of energy. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Mid-July, the conjunction will break up. Mercury will retrograde back into Cancer on July 20th, where it will remain for three weeks.

Mercury in Cancer will be opposed by Pluto in Capricorn. Talk about a change of pace.

All the standard Mercury retrograde advice is valid.  Don’t sign things if you can avoid it. Expect delays and blah blah.  But beyond that, this particular Mercury retrograde period is going to be multilayered and particularly interesting.  My curiosity is piqued!

Here’s more on the Mercury Mars conjunction.  It’s highly important, so click over if you want to better understand this combination.

Mercury Conjunct Mars – Vicious! Ambitious!

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Mercury Retrograde: July 7, 2019 – Interesting & Multilayered — 15 Comments

  1. In 10th H and it has already started. Oh boy! Out of nowhere I just roared and scratched at a colleague because he was trying to tell me what to do. Doesn’t he know? that I am Queen of the Jungle and I purr only for my King; not he, but the Lion King. It must have been comical to an observer. lol

  2. This is in my 9th house and I have been studying many Spiritual subjects. I need to get more traction on implementing some of the basics but life has been so much dramatic upheaval, it’s been difficult. I won’t give up though!

  3. Okay that came out funny!…lol I meant there has been so much dramatic upheaval in life it’s been difficult. I don’t have Mercury in Retrograde natally but I seem to always need to go back and correct something I missed or that was misspelt. Annoying! Sorry folks!

  4. Lol @ “If you’re the type that’s inclined to tell people to piss off, you’re going to be busy”. ?

    It has felt busier and more chaotic than usual, particularly on the roads in my area. I’ve been feeling pissed at all the incompetence around me lately; like why can’t people just do their job properly, why don’t they listen to what you request rather than daydream and then get it wrong. I expect there will be more screw ups when Mercury goes retro. I’m going to have to continue to bite my tongue but I’m sure people will see steam coming out of my ears 🙂 .

  5. Mercury’s retrograde already, as far as I’m concerned. This morning, I went to a drive-thru on the way to work. Homemade signs all over the building and drive-thru saying they’re closed for renovations, but the drive-thru was still taking orders. Then I paid for my food and started to drive off without it! So I had to go through again to pick it up. Ugh. This Mercury retro’s for the birds.

  6. Work drama, but I really try to stay out of it. Drama begets drama. Who can argue or escalate if you keep most of your replies on a 2 word only answer basis?

  7. We are “under contract” to sell our home. Buyers won’t allow us any days after closing for possession and we are elderly and have way too much stuff. Also this is a farm and moving is in the middle of harvest. We had to agree or let the deal go. Pushy pushy pushy! Plus there are a multitude of reasons why this might not close! Trying to stay balanced and peaceful.

  8. I was born during a mercury retrograde. Shadow always gives me a taste of what’s to come and try to ride the wave. Every plan Ive made gets changed. Tried to take my dog to dog beach. Get to the city and the police have every exit closed. So home we go. Made plans with a friend to join us at the farm. They stayed up too late and couldn’t make it now. I have potential plans to meet a guy friend on the weekend to hangout. Haven’t picked a place. Then I think, maybe some other guy will end up taking me out on a real date. Who knows if I will go out with my friend, who also has a big crush on me for years, he is finally acting on it now, sorta. Life gets crazy for me during this time. I need motivational words to get me through this retrograde. Calgon take me away!

    • I was wondering about this too.

      Then I read that Europe’s biggest swingers sex festival Swingfields, started a day ago. How more Mars-Uranian can you get?! and when you add Mercury, I bet the internet will have something to say.

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