Mercury Retrograde: July 25, 2018 – Showtime!

Mercury will turn retrograde around midnight on July 25th at 23 degrees Leo. It’s interesting because the planet in unsuspected unless you open up the orbs. I tend think it’s got the stage to itself!

If you have planets at 23 degrees, you’ll probably notice this. Because, hey! Leo is a star and stars can be seen.

As for how this might manifest, it depends on the planet in your chart being aspected. Let’s say you have Jupiter in Sagittarius at 23 degrees?  I’d not be surprised to see you up on a platform, preaching away in an entertaining way. I can’t wait to see such a spectacle.

Or lets say, you have Mars in Scorpio aspecting Mercury in Leo.  This would be a Zorro-version wordsmith.

You know those smart-ass people that show up on blogs and forums from time to time? It’s cool if they can be entertaining. Skill, baby!  Show us what you got!

It’s true, Mercury retrograde will add to the frustration of the summer retrogrades – Six Planets & Chiron Retrograde – 2018.  I’ll let other astrologers analyze that. I’ve been covering this since May.  Everyone reading here is fully prepared!  So let’s just enjoy Mercury in Leo, okay?

This blog is becoming a place to be seen, again. I love this. Three-ring circus all the way!

Is anyone else looking forward to Mercury retrograde. ::ducks::


Mercury Retrograde: July 25, 2018 – Showtime! — 29 Comments

  1. Thank you Elsa for writing this: I am prepared. In my chart the Moon is on 23 Cancer, house 11; Neptune 23 Libra, house 2; and Cheiron is 23 Capricorn, house 4; Pluto is 24 in Leo, in house 12.

    • Hi Dorien! We have similar placements. My Pluto is 24 in Leo in the 12th house, Neptune is also 23 Libra. My Moon is in Scorpio on 21st degree, which is worse in this case.
      How on earth to prepare?

      • Hi Marina, I am doing well, but around me there is so much going on. With people I know my whole life (I am 63 years old) and with close friends. There are people around me dying at young age, others are so very sick.
        I expect messages maybe, unexpected visitors, requests for help maybe. I expext the unexpected.
        I tried to look at the past, to look at similar situations . It seems that what I experienced in my younger days, all that severe crisis, happens to my friends now. It baffles me.
        I don’t know your situation Marina. And I don’t know enough about astrology to give any advise. I would make mistakes maybe.
        AND: this is Elsa’s blog, her room, I respect that very much.
        Maybe we can write here later on what happend to us, when the aspect is over.

        • I have a tight stellium in house 11, Jupiter, Moon and Uranus.
          Aquarius is on house 6, and my Virgo sun is on house 12. That is why I expect messages or/and request for help (on the background)…that is what happens often to me, but I can be totally wrong!Gemini is on midheaven, I have a half-brother, he is 12 years older than I am, (he was a father figure for me when I was a child) and I did not see him or hear from him in 20 years…maybe I get a message about him. It is all speculate. I am restless for some time. That is all I can tell.

          • Dorien, have you considered that maybe you went through a whole lot of stuff when you were young, so that you could now help your friends from a place of experience and understanding?
            If your half-brother is 12 years older than you are, maybe you have Jupiter’s sign in common, or your Chinese signs may be the same.

  2. Lol I have natal Jupiter in Sag @24 (5th house) and natal ven conj Uranus @22Leo in first house…I hope I don’t make a spectacle of myself somehow :))

    • I have just about same — Jupiter at 24 Sag (though in 6th), and Uranus/Venus conjunction In Leo (20 and 23 deg).
      Anyway, I tend to avoid limelight — try to be the producer and director behind the curtain — but we’ll see.

  3. Mercury rx will sextile my Moon exactly and it will square my Neptune by 5*, plus oppose my 19* AC. The words are gonna fly and I’m going to have to be careful.

  4. I have mercury retrograde in Leo natally, 25 degrees, so it stations pretty close! I’m happy it doesn’t factor into my mercury return though to be honest; I’m a Virgo sun, mars and rising and I just don’t have time for that, haha.

    My mercury is conjunct my Venus and Jupiter too; 27 and 26 degrees Leo respectively. Not quite sure what to expect when mercury stations right on top of everything? Drama, maybe! But that’s not really a foreign concept to me as I’m sure you can imagine, so I don’t know…

    Trying to figure out what it means when it stations so close to your natal like that. Does anybody have any insight?

  5. Saturn @ 26 Leo, cusp of 9th house.

    I don’t ever look forward to Mercury Retrograde, especially in Leo.

  6. yep. Jupiter 23 degrees leo in 2nd house.Probably lose money in a big way. Money has been slipping through my fingers like water all summer.

  7. Actually I am looking forward to merc rx. I’m going theough a period of major readjustment and realignment (transiting Saturn conjunct sun square jupiter / uranus / SN – NN, transiting Mars conjunct MC and transiting Pluto (final pass)conjunct merc square moon / saturn. All these retrograde planets are doing me a really BIG favour, things are going so nicely-paced that I’m able to analyse, consider, mull over, reject, finalize all the details of my present situation. At this pace I’m better able to not slip-up, overreact (I have an aries moon) and correctly choose the path for the coming years, while putting the foundation stages in place. It’s a non-eventful time from the outside but there’s so much layer-building going on under the surface and behind the scenes that only a retrograde snail pace could allow me such stablility, patience and acceptance. I never thought I’d see myself saying this about retrogrades – ever.

  8. Asc at 22 Libra
    Uranus at 23 Leo in the 10th H
    Merc at 21 Libra in the 12th H
    Jupiter at 25 Sag in the 3rd H

    So Merc Retro is transiting right on my natal Uranus.

    Not sure how to interpret this but I’ve been suffering from moderate to severe agoraphobia for 2 years come September so I’m willing to make a spectacle of myself anywhere it breaks me out of this house and my safe places.

    Funny, I can talk to complete strangers like dear friends when I’m out.

  9. Mercury in Leo will sextile my Gem Sun in the 4th and square Jupiter/Moon in the 9th, Hmmm. A slow down (computer) or confusion at work that gives me more home time? Will my messages go world wide/attract interest on the internet? I have no plan to travel or go to school.

  10. This Mercury affects my natal Sun (24 Taurus) and Mercury (26 Taurus) both fifth house; Saturn 20 Virgo (9h); Uranus 23 Scorpio (12h); and Neptune 22 Sagittarius (1h). I’m curious as to what may unfold…

    Also, True Node at 24 Leo (9h). I’m always unsure how true node works. Off to the forum boards I go to investigate.

  11. My asc in 12th house Leo and Venus in my 2nd house Libra are 24 dgrees.What could happen to me during the retrograde.Will i get alot of money(venus in the 2nd house)or love or the opposite?What about asc in leo @ 24 the 12th house? Can someone help me please?

  12. Hi Elsa, this will be squaring my 12 hiuse Sun in Scorpio…does that make it a Zorro type Sleuth energy?…lol I am feeling good with the Virgo Moon and look forward the the mystical rectangle you mention in the heads up newsletter. I do not look forward to the Mercury in retrograde. I work in IT and it’s always a mess in my department when Mercury retrogrades! : (

  13. So far I’ve lost a set of keys, my clients have been having issues (phones, plumbing), and the IRS keeps sending me letters saying that I owe them more and more money.

    Okay, tell me again how I am supposed to enjoy Mercury Retrograde….?‍♀️

  14. I’ve had a seriously hard time with Mercury’s retrogrades for a few years, so I was chuffed when I realized that this one doesn’t really touch my chart – or so I thought. Then I looked at my ephemeris for July/August and I noticed that Mercury entered its shadow period right when it hit my Sun. This (perhaps) explains why I’ve been wired since then, feeling as if I’ll jump out of my skin any minute now (though I’ve had a few good ideas since then too). And Mercury will hit the same spot when it goes direct again. Oh dear. I SO long for a Quiet Life…

  15. An interesting fact about this retrograde, is that the Moon goes all the way around the zodiac while it’s going on – from Capricorn to Sag. Thought: does this even MATTER on any level at all??

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