Mercury Retrograde: January 14, 2022 – Quirky

aquarius glassesMercury turned retrograde at 10 degrees Aquarius this morning. It’s going to be quirky; Mercury is tightly squaring Uranus in Taurus.

Saturn and Uranus squared off less than a month ago at 11 degrees Taurus/Aquarius.  If you were impacted by that, this shift will be noticed for sure. It’s not inherently bad or good but it is unpredictable.

“Reversals” are pretty much a given but to narrow that down, I would look for the contact or communication, you least expect and I’ll give you an example.

Recently I had a client whose husband has gone a bit nuts. His behavior makes no sense. Forget all the classic shadow stuff with that. She’s already thought of it and so did I.  It’s under a sky like this, people can return to normal.

It’s not just this client. I have seen this many times and in fact have personal experience with it.  Do people go temporarily insane? Of course!  In times like these, if you think you’re perfectly sane, you’re probably crazy as hell!

It’s probably best to detach during this period. Give people space and the benefit of the doubt. Do you know what they’re thinking? Probably not!

The scene will shift during this retrograde period when Mercury backs out of Aquarius to revisit Capricorn, January 26th.  At that point, the planet will run smack into Pluto. This could be healing. I say this because the conjunction will be supported by Neptune and take no hard aspects at all.

Mercury will turn direct on February 3rd at 24 degrees Capricorn. It will cross Pluto again before reentering Aquarius on February 14th, aka Valentine’s Day.

Now is there a chance you get bad news. Yes. But that is just one option of many.  Mostly, I would really, really, really expect the unexpected. Because on February 24th, Mercury in direct motion, will square Uranus in Taurus again. More reversals and unexpected happenings.

One warning!  A man around here was backing out of a parking lot – he ran over a woman who was passing behind his car. She was badly hurt. Mercury rules vehicles.   Look and then look again.

Update – I have had a number of people surface who I’ve not heard from for years. I also decided to make videos again, which for me is a form of communication.

What do you expect as far as the unexpected goes?  What are you observing?



Mercury Retrograde: January 14, 2022 – Quirky — 8 Comments

  1. Blind spots, everybody’s got them
    Lack of good light , oh yeah, for me I’m gonna be trusting and stop locking my car as I feel like I’m gonna get locked out into the weather

  2. @raerae, I haven’t had a working key for my car for about 3 years. I can open the trunk with the key, but not the doors. So I just don’t keep anything worth taking in-view & my car is never locked. People are mostly good and you can trust that. Envision that if anyone has ill intent near your car, a bystander or cop will see them & stop them. I have Sun square Neptune so I can be delusional. But so far it’s worked out. 🙂

  3. Last month I found out both of my younger sisters has cancer. One has a very aggressive cancer, the other surgery might be the cure .The surgery is scheduled for the 18th. I will be caring for my brother and her foe a few weeks. I never saw me being a caregiver again. Saturn transit to my 3rd house.

  4. Right now we are facing a huge Omicron wave.

    I guess at some point the reversal will be that the powers-that-be will realise (or maybe they realise and don’t accept) that people – with or without Covid – will still require their REGULAR healthcare and putting some stuff off will have dire, irreparable consequences. In the meantime, at least for me, there will be multiple last-minute arrangements, possible cancellations, reshuffling, negotiating and renegotiating. People to reassure. People to placate. The work landscape changes week to week.

    Fortunately I have Merc in a rolling conjunction and square Uranus natally. Just gotta get on with it! 😁🤞

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