Mercury Retrograde In Virgo 2023: Urged & Confused

Mixed bagMercury will be conjunct Mars in Virgo, opposing Neptune when it turns retrograde on August 23rd.  This sound like, ‘You better do something, but what!?”

You’re probably trying to resolve something at this time. You’re probably delayed, with Saturn in Pisces. This is not going to help. But knowing this happening can help.

When phone calls are dropped or you or someone around you, makes a mistake, I’d try to let it go. It’s like walking on banana peels.  Slipping does not mark you as an idiot; it’s expected.

As for the dates and degrees, Mercury will turn retrograde at 21 degrees Virgo. The planet will turn direct at 8 degrees on September 15th, clearing it’s shadow on September 29th.

This is not terrific for Virgo birthdays, but on the upside, Mercury will enjoy a break from Neptune in the later degrees.  This will offset the downside, significantly, especially if you can keep your mind relaxed.

Also note, Mercury will high tail it out of there, before it’s trapped by Saturn in Pisces. I consider this a mixed bag.

pictured: Mixed Bag by Braldt Bralds.


Mercury Retrograde In Virgo 2023: Urged & Confused — 2 Comments

  1. Good to get the heads up on this. I certainly have been experiencing delays with Saturn in my first (pisces).
    My gosh, I love that mixed bag image 😻

  2. Yeesh. Natal Virgo moon at 26 degrees opposing Pisces Sun/Venus. Neptune transit has been a beast. A foggy beast. Currently midway through my Neptune square. Transit Saturn on my natal Mercury in Pisces, as well. Transiting Jupiter on my natal Chiron. Plus Venus retrograde exactly on my descendent today. Renewing vows during Venus cazimi on Sunday after 2 years of separation from my husband. Our 2 younger daughters will be presiding. Then moving back to the family home. Our composite 7th house cusp is at 13 degrees virgo, as is my vertex. This has been something we’ve talked about multiple times over the last 2 years. We have both underwent ketamine therapy and that seems to have helped us tremendously, particularly in our ability to communicate. He is Gemini moon and Scorpio Mercury. South node currently on his natal Venus in libra. Lots of interesting aspects. Interested to see how Mercury retrograde influences. Mercury retrograde in Pisces in 2020 was insanely difficult for me. Hoping I fair better with it in virgo!

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