Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Opposing Uranus in Taurus – Oh My!

tug of warThe Mercury Uranus opposition will be exact around midnight tonight, at 9 degrees Taurus/Scorpio.  Disgusting information is being unearthed!

Note that both planets are retrograde. This would explain why the flow of information is being (stubbornly) thwarted.

Have you ever seen a Scorpio and a Taurus square off. I have! No one will an inch. Not even centimeter!

This opposition has been something else. Freakin’ interesting at least!

Matter of fact, I’ve been telling people that as far what’s going on in the world, this has been the most absorbing period in my entire lifetime.

People think they want to die. This is particularly true for my generation. Neptune in Scorpio tends to idealize death. But then you get to a time like this… I would hate to die and not find out how this ends up!

On that level, it really gets the heart pounding.

Here’s more:

Uranus Opposing Mercury in Scorpio – Disturbing Thoughts

How are you dealing with the Mercury Uranus tension?


Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Opposing Uranus in Taurus – Oh My! — 18 Comments

  1. That may explain the writer’s block I’ve been experiencing for about a week now. If the opposition is exact tonight, I hope my motivation for putting words on paper will return, or at least to finish the piece I’ve been working on … It’s been a real pain from the beginning a few weeks ago, now that I think about it … lol

  2. Elsa my natal Merc is Rx at 8Taurus…Mars 5…there’s so much happening in my chart I’ve not known where to start checking in here…good morning from Kingston JA having National Heroes Day wid Covid!!! 🙂

  3. I have Natal Saturn at Taurus 8 deg (12th house) and Moon exact opposition at Scorpio 8 deg (6th house). Do you want to beat me from Anxiety …

  4. Wow, Elsa! That was awesome! Thank you for explaining the Neptune in Scorpio thing. I have felt ever bit of what you wrote and yes, I wouldn’t miss these days for anything!

  5. My partner has been starting to come clean with truths about his behavior during a nasty addiction… hopefully all will be revealed tonight.

  6. I too want to see it all through. A lot of hidden info has randomly surfaced lately: family stuff, personal (hidden) stuff that I usually keep to myself I’ve instead shared, and dark/hidden stuff related to friends and cohorts has come my way.
    I have Taurus and Scorpio pals (let us toss in Libras, Cancers, Caps, Aquas, and Aries), which includes myself, really facing some shit these days.
    Your point regarding the importance of communication (Uranus & Mercury) being the prominent factors holds true.
    Communication is a MAJOR proponent of our existence (and it all started with THE WORD, no?), and I see people thinking their dirt or desires can remain hidden but that is no longer a winnable battle.

  7. As a Tauren experiencing the Uranus transit to sun sign I am discovering its meaning slowly. Today I was thinking, it’s about trust (Uranus in Taurus). Taureans are as controlling as Scorpions, maybe in a less obvious way (?) but with similar motivations. With Pluto, over time you learn about deep surrender. On the other side of that surrendering is a chance to learn to trust in a sort of benificance in the universe. Mercury in Scorpio direct/rx brings up patterns of psychic control in the context of memories, trauma,etc but each entanglement offers a point of exploration of this opening, very much connected with the energy of unconditional love. When struggling to let go the simple action of focusing on breathing can help dissolve the psychic pressure.

  8. Also, I see the Neptune in Scorpio generation as deeply gifted in their creativity. Their storytelling is so rich – thinking of JK Rowling and her use of death as the organising theme in Harry Potter.

  9. So many miscommunications in the past week or so. It’s just getting worse and worse. Miscommunications, technology fails… absolutely horrible. This is on my MC/IC axis, exact. I’m kind of scared upper management is going to take back their offers to me. (Raises/promotions) Most of these miscommunications are not my fault, but it may seem like they are. Trying not to throw anyone under the bus while appearing competent myself. I have to be really careful with this craziness. My direct supervisor was smart in taking off this week. Geez.

  10. I started listening to Henry Rollins Keep Talkin Pal to get some healthy Aquarian energy in my ears.. holy shit he’s so optimistic about activism and taking a stand and doesn’t have a problem with divisiveness.. I think he’s having his second Saturn return..
    My solar return has an Aquarius moon which is difficult for me to channel or manage.. it’s proven difficult.. I hate the aquarius moon pisces mars.. what a horrible combination.. I thought I was detached and unproductive.. had no idea..

    I don’t know.. half the time I wonder..

  11. Really, they want to die? How bizarre.

    Then again I do have a friend who said she needs to disconnect from the news feed or she thinks she will have a heart attack. But she doesn’t want to die.

    I am not very interested in how world events will turn out. It will be what it will be. It has just strengthened my will to live.

    My work situation was bad last week. I wanted to wring necks. A-holes. I found a way around them. I think I am harboring some anger over it or something, because today I found myself toying with them. Ah well, it is what it is.

    I do feel bad for the returned friend who is suffering from the same thing she did to me. I know it cuts deep. There is nothing I can do. She needs to get through it.

  12. My daughter (early to mid Scorpio rising and early Leo sun) scores her first (two) goals in soccer this past weekend after playing for 3 years!

  13. Thanks Elsa. This is conjunct my natal Neptune in Scorpio, and yesterday Neptune was square my moon. Boy – talk about being full on psychic weather I wanted to be or not. All I know is my animal self does NOT like the people living downstairs and this is feeling like a dangerous situation now. I am going to pull out Gavin DeBecker’s book and try to be invisible until I can get out. It is not a good situation. Thanks for you post and for your help the other day. Wishing you well.

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