Mercury (Retrograde) In Gemini – Ten Weeks In 2015

Gemini twin dollsMercury will be in Gemini for the next ten weeks. Mercury generally stays in a sign for four weeks, so this is notable.

The stay is due to a retrograde period, starting May 19th through June 12th. Typically, when Mercury turns retrograde, it will span two signs. In this case the planet ingresses into Gemini on May first, and then stays and stays and stays until the second week of July.

This should be mostly positive, since planets function well in their home sign. However, minds and mouths will move swiftly. Some will figure it’s more important that conversation be interesting, then it be true. Whit-lie city, baby-cakes! And gossip central.

Personally, I don’t like to gossip. But I don’t mind those who do, all that much.  I’ve had several double Gemini friends over the years. They were very good as disseminating information.

It’s very simple. If you want something to get around, stick it in a chatty person and let them go. If you don’t want something to get around, they don’t put it there to get around!

You’ll want to check the house in your chart where Mercury falls.  That area of your life will be super-stimulated in a favorable way, most likely.

Where does Gemini fall in your chart?  Can you feel this influence?


Mercury (Retrograde) In Gemini – Ten Weeks In 2015 — 31 Comments

  1. Oooo neat. I’m pretty good about to whom I give out information but it never hurts to keep mum. When in doubt, shut yer mouth.

    Gemini is my 10th house. My north node is there too.

  2. I can feel that Gemini just went into Mercury. I KNEW something was up… this is it. Thanks for the help! My mind is going BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I drank coffee this morning and mixed with a fresh new Gem Merc my mind is about 10x more accelerated than normal.

    The retrograde period will fall in my 11th house… chiron is there.

  3. For me: 5th House for the long Mercury stay. The play house,creative projects and babies. Elizabeth Rose Campbell in her book Intuitive Astrology says of the 5th House “Be it and, therefore, birth it.”

    This advice you give: “This should be mostly positive, since planets function well in their home sign. However, minds and mouths will move swiftly. Some will figure it’s more important that conversation be interesting, then it be true.” is so helpful as I am scheduled to hold the Open House and first classes in our developing school on Friday, July 10th.

    You’ve given me a good focus, a way to see bend and not break (the longer picture) during this approach to tension-ridden Scorpio Full moon going on now! Muchas gracias!!

    • I love this —-> Elizabeth Rose Campbell in her book Intuitive Astrology says of the 5th House “Be it and, therefore, birth it.”

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful thought, Mokihana.

  4. Mercury is in Virgo in my first house…yes, my self-image has been suddenly a focus the last few days after three years of neglect and focussing on everyone else. It suddenly started being a focus about 6 days ago, out of the blue. I’ve felt a downtrodden shambles, like a brown little blob scurrying to work and serve…. and suddenly — I look and see I’ve dropped the 10 lbs I wanted to lose, I look ok, and I found myself in the thick of updating my wardrobe and colors (thought of you Elsa with your new Southern colors), etc — no preplanning, I am suddenly veering to the stores doing this.

    My MC is in Gemini at 13; Gemini has half my 9th and half my 10th houses in equal portions. Career and what I want to do next in a big way are the issue, and my beliefs about a lot of things, spiritual and otherwise, are on my mind. The idea of moving is in my dreams. Also a friend overseas re a project and I friend I simply miss handing out with — they’re in focus now,

  5. I suppose that I am that silver-tongued one, asc 17 degrees gemini.. conversations *should* always be interesting, truth *is* usually relative, & can’t it both be interesting, true, and positive? Or in the words of Keats, “beauty is truth, truth beauty.” I’m personally looking forward to this merc retro period through gemini and especially when merc is in a sign I can work with. It’s an important planet for me (also have a virgo moon). Something usually reveals itself during a retro period and I always personally feel a little better, maybe I’m the only one. I was born during a retro period and always enjoy the slow-down or am bemused by the fact that now everyone else is walking through the fog when I’m always in a fog, or maybe because the truth just becomes all a little more relative. This particular gemini period seems significant personally as my solar return this year (sun 22 aquarius) had returned to nearly the position of my natal asc.. feeling a little personal power about how I create/recreate my seen self. I was having a conversation with someone the other day and they caught me in a (subconscious) Eminem reference, though my subconscious mind had edited it to reclaim control, seems fitting here, “I am whatever I say I am because if I wasn’t, why would I say I am.”

    • Ha ha the pressure to be entertaining and interesting. I surrender. It’s too much work. I’ll leave the mental aberrations to the air signs. That’s their job. Mercury is progressing to scorpio. I’m okay with that. But oh dear venus is progressing to libra. No break. Aaargh!!!

  6. My entire 5th house is Gemini, an old long lost love resides there, but I won’t hold my breath! Merc Rx is already getting to me — have been unable to post any replies on the Forum for days, get a blue box saying “saving your post” when hit submit, just hangs there in limbo no matter what I try. Anyone else having this issue?

  7. Cache and cookies did it! Thank you Elsa — I had to look up how to do that, learned a new trick today! Sometimes I feel like I skipped a class or two in the school of life!

  8. Good heads up. Time to lighten up. On this last temp assignment I came into close working contact with probably about a dozen people. For every rumor I heard, I heard another one that contradicted it. Bizarre. Alot of it is just talk. The worst are those volleying for position or money. They have an agenda to take the other down. It should come as no surprise as I live in a small town and am quite familiar with how the grapevine is used by some to further their purpose. And I’ve been on the not so pleasant end of that so I know what that’s like. I stay away from those people. They destroy lives. So like the oldsters always said, everything with a grain of salt. I don’t have to buy into it. And if I do, well then, that’s my bad. Let the games begin.

  9. I could use some input on my Mercury. It is 14:38 Scorpio sitting right on 11/12 cusp, which is 14:35. It really feels like a 12th house Mercury, but it often acts like an 11th house Mercury. Transiting Mercury will be entering my 7th house at 7 degrees Gemini and turn retrograde opposite my 1st house Venus at 14:17 Sag. Sooo, will I be pressured with regard to relationships, specifically secret relationships and open/hidden enemies? Also, already know how acidic my words can be, here’s praying that I can keep what I have to say to myself until the time is right.

  10. Thank You Elsa.
    This next Merc. retro will land exactly on my natal Asc.
    The last few years have had me spinning. Numerous lunations and eclipses, etc. on major points.
    My entire life has been jarred, yet I’m very Aries so I seem to roll with it. My difficulty these days is a lack of physical energy. My natal Aries Mercury falls in my 11th house, so perhaps it’s time to ask my friends for help. xo

  11. Merc chart ruler transiting first…I am in the process of dissolving a partnership which was started in a retro Virgo Merc…

  12. mercury in the 8th house in Aries and its retrograde. Sits alongside my sun, moon and Chiron. I will be in the end stage of divorcing my husband during this period. Should be interesting.

  13. ninth and tenth. and, uhm, looking to go back to an old employer. who originally hired me during a retrograde. funny, no?

    (have an interview today…)
    *crosses fingers*

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