Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: June 18th – July 12th, 2020 – Fight

mercury frans halsmuseumMercury will turn retrograde at 14 degrees Cancer on June 18th.  This retrograde period should be really interesting, not necessarily in a good way.  I’m sorry to say that but I’ll explain.

When Mercury turns retrograde it will avoid or rather, it will postpone the time when it opposes Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn is still in Aquarius at this point, so this will be a sort retreat while this other scene sets up.

It’s not only that! Mercury retrograde at the mid-degrees of Cancer will not be significantly aspected, initially.  There will be no challenge or significant support.

You may be lulled into some sort of complacency but Mars will ingress into Aries at the tail end of June.  It will begin to aggravate Mercury in Cancer as soon as we flip to July.  The square between the planets will be maintained clear into August.

It’s not too cool!  Think of family fights, custody fights and just upset tummies in general.

I’m sorry to write this but I think it’s worth keeping in mind. We’re not backing into a cushion, okay?

For another, more optimistic view of all the upcoming retrogrades, check this: I’m Backing Up.



Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: June 18th – July 12th, 2020 – Fight — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Elsa.

    Already feeling it…’Think of family fights’


    I had the eclipse on 15 degrees Sagittarius right opposite my natal Moon. My mother is moon-ruled as she is a Cancerian (18 degrees) and let’s say that what’s explained in this post has already started for me with my mother’s anger this week and how she is (not) managing it…

    This post is gold. I’m thinking…how can I keep a low profile with her, protect myself from her and still be there for her. My husband’s not going to be surprised at all (eyes roll.) What a summer!

  2. Wow just on the pose, wawee doesn’t God build the beautiful
    Finding my scrumcious bed to weed
    Perfect peace
    Happy Monday
    Thanx for such a generous eye
    Much approved

  3. I had a falling out with my half sister a couple of months ago. Like serious… Very highly charged and there seemed to be a mutual decision to end the relationship.

    A big part of the problem for me was I seemed to be in an ongoing codependent pattern with them (It is probably not a normal thing!) And would give presents for birthday and Christmas while not receiving any and would have efforts to make contact snubbed in various ways.

    She is around that degree and will be having her birthday soon. We are on better terms now with some internet communication; and, quite unhelpfully, the main goal she has worked for extremely hard for, a single goal for basically her whole life is looking potentially dashed. (She is still in school). Her A Levels are due and the UK government has just decided to close the schools, apparently permanently. There is news today that schools may stay shut until after September.

    WTF is going on? Under our contact as it previously stood I would not reach out, but I can’t imagine she is faring well around this. It is all a sticky mess.

  4. Love this picture! What a beautiful and sexy Mercury!!!
    My two best guys, Mercury and Mars, fighting . . . again.
    My money is on Mars, don’t think Mercury will talk his way out of this one – either backward or forward. A long, hot 🌞☀️🔥 summer for sure.
    Aries Rising

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