Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius – January 30, 2021 – It’s A Sin To Bore People!

my motherMercury will turn retrograde at 26 degrees Aquarius on Saturday, January 30th. It will rollback to 11 degrees before turning direct on February 20th.

Mercury is happy in Aquarius. It’s light, unconventional and able to think freely in the sign.

This is really good for Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo.  These signs loathe sluggish anything.  Let’s keep it snappy, shall we?

You can avoid signing if you wish. But Aquarius rebels. Mercury in Aquarius always make me think of my double Aquarius mother who used to tell me that it’s a sin to bore people. I tend to agree with her. The apple and tree and all that. I bet my Gemini daughter agrees as well!

That’s my mother, pictured. She’s waiting for the bus in her town with a population of about 500 people. I bet she couldn’t wait to get to school and mess stuff up!


Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius – January 30, 2021 – It’s A Sin To Bore People! — 11 Comments

  1. So would Mercury Rx in Aquarius maybe be a good time to….

    …ignore the conventional Mercury retrograde rules? (“Do this, don’t do that…”)

  2. Mercury RX @ 26 degrees is in my third house next to Chiron @ 27 degrees. I like NotMyCircus “maybe a good time to …ignore the conventional Mercury RX rules?”

  3. It’s turning retrograde on my moon then ending retrograde on my husbands moon exactly. He seems fine and his chart looks beautiful for the next month. Mine looks like I’m about to glitch out from all the squares to my Taurus stellium. Still I’m optimistic and excited for the changes coming. I think I’ll let him be in charge while I rest as much as I can and just take it all in. Thankfully we are enjoying living in Mexico for the time being. If I’m gonna glitch at least I’m doing it in paradise.

  4. It will go over my 3rd House Chiron too on its retrograde on back to 11 degrees. Chiron in Aquarius, 3rd house-3rd house rules Gemini, which rules the hands. It’s healing for me to play an instrument. Unfortunately, when thinking I was going to have to move for my fourth time in five years, I gave my electric keyboard away and acoustic guitar away so kids at Christmas could have something fun and educational that couldn’t afford it.. Maybe it’s time to get another one. : ) I enjoy doing jig saw puzzles too.

  5. Hmmm I was born with Mercury retro in Aquarius, and its on an angle to boot. And I couldn’t care less if I bore people! In fact, I’m sure I bore loads of people, but it’s cuz I’m too uninterested to engage and I care so little about what they think of me. ??‍♂️

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