Mercury Retrograde Effects On The Supply Chain

mercuryYesterday I had a client tell me she counted seventy-three ships backed up at the port of Los Angeles. She also asked me about ordering an expensive piece of equipment for her home with all these planets retrograde.

Mercury will turn retrograde Sunday evening. I recommended she hang up the phone and order immediately because once ordered, there’s no telling how long the item may be delayed. The supply is utterly jacked and it’s entirely possible this “specialty” item may become unavailable for many months, never mind the cost going up.

On that note, the Nike CEO said that margins were hurt by a spike in ocean freight surcharges. I doubt the problems are resolved quickly with Mercury retrograde. Do the math.

We do have Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto turning direct in October, but by then, odds are there is going to be quite a snarl, everywhere on every level. It’s hard to say how long it might take to untangle, but I understand from clients and other people I know, prices that have risen are expected to rise more. Apparently there is a glass shortage. I noticed that Snapple bottles are now made of plastic. I’ve been told warehouses are focused on core items, so if you like or need something special, most definitely procure it as soon as you can. We know from astrology there will be serious trouble into November.

Five days ago I said I thought the Mercury square Pluto would be “Possibly Ugly”. Now I’d say “Probably Ugly”. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice day today. In fact, I would recommend you do just that! And remember, this won’t last forever. Bad (and good) times never do.

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What do you see happening out there?

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Mercury Retrograde Effects On The Supply Chain — 17 Comments

  1. My local FedEx hub is 3 weeks behind on deliveries. That means that people who buy frozen insulin, or anything frozen like food boxes, are throwing out their orders. Food is one thing, but thawed insulin is another. Their problem stems from lack of employees, even though FedEx gave them a $6/hour raise. One of our local news stations did an investigation.

    I have stopped ordering anything that comes via FedEx. UPS is still doing fine. We have really screwed ourselves by allowing small, local business to die.

    My local Kroger has miles and miles of empty shelves, not from panic buyers, but from supply chain interruptions. I buy as much as I can from the one lone independent grocery store left in my town, even though they don’t offer gas points and it costs more.

    China isn’t doing well financially in their housing sector, one of the large housing banks is bankrupt, and I’m sure that will affect everything else there, and eventually, here. I’m learning to live with less, and only buying necessities. Moving from manufacturing to service is biting us in the behind and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better, IMO.

    • Thank you! I understand that freight is being put on trains since there are not enough truck drivers. What used to take 4 days to transport can now take a month. Once the freight is put on a train, you can’t get it off until you can get it off!

    • I heard something about another housing meltdown as housing prices are going down and many rushed to buy overpriced houses this last year. At least maybe those who sold high without thinking about having to replace that house will maybe be able to do that now.

  2. One of the homesteaders I follow on social media ordered a wood cook stove (after seeing the FUBAR situation in Texas last winter) in FEBRUARY.

    It arrived THIS WEEK.

    That’s SEVEN MONTHS, y’all. She was warned by the seller when she bought it, that prices would jump on that item. Boy howdy, did they. By $900 in March. ? Can’t imagine how much more they cost now.

  3. I still have plenty of veggies. ?. My winter fuel arrived on time. Have not gotten bill yet on that. People who are working are working a lot of hours. Especially those in the health care sector. Grocery bills have been high for a very long time. So I really have to do a list and stick with it. The worker shortage has been going on for a few years. I guess my confusion about that is all the workers at the border we have been turning away. I don’t see them as illegals. I see them as people hungry to work and survive. I remember when the clamp down revved up and they showed all the food rotting in the fields. It’s all connected but we are too ignorant as a country to make it work and do decent immigration reform. I notice there are quite a few large man caves going up here locally. It suggests self employment to me. One person apartment hunting tells me there are more units available than a few months ago. Two different couples home construction was held up due to the lumber shortage. One has moved into their new home. Not sure on the others project. They don’t plan on moving there till next year anyway. The snowbirds are contemplating going back to FL for winter depending on status of ‘the thing that cannot be mentioned’. Yes it is quite the ‘thing.’ Quite the impact. And governance is too childish to deliver solutions. They are imploding. That’s my synopsis anyway. Personally I am doing good. Life goes on through thick and thin but then again I don’t need much. And in the midst of knowing people with illness suffering, real suffering, who am I to complain.

  4. I’ve been hiking on a single hiking pole that someone left behind at a hostel in southwest VA, so I went to Winchester to buy a pair of hiking poles yesterday. Poles used to be $50 before the pandemic; I got a pair slightly heavier than I wanted for $80. That pole someone didn’t want was a Black Diamond, the lightest and most expensive available to hikers. They now retail at over $200.00 a pair.

  5. I live near the port of Baltimore. We just ordered a bunch of stuff online for a new puppy we will be welcoming home; it arrived on time and in good condition. I think this makes a big difference: the fact that we live near a big port and don’t have to have our stuff trucked across the country. (Tho I know we pay for it in other ways in exposure to industrial pollution.) So far meat is still available but prices are – as everywhere – so much higher than before. Luckily I was a vegetarian for 10 years before I met my husband, and I know how to pivot to rice, beans, staples, supplemented w a little meat, spices, and veggies from the garden. We spent last year squirreling things away and I’m glad we did. We are adaptable in our diet and will need to do more adapting. I try to make time between trips to the store stretch; I buy half as much as last year and pay the same amount.

    We are lucky enough to be able to work from home for now, though my husband does get deployed a lot. A lot of stores around us have closed, including family owned restaurants. One did reopen though, the one where the firefighters and police officers like to go for breakfast. But the owner said she is willing to walk away and close for good if things get bad again. I think she speaks for a lot of folks.

    The neighborhood kids are staying pretty close to the pods they formed during quarantine. They canceled homecoming for the older kids in my town, and the kids are petitioning to have it reinstated. If they don’t have these opportunities to socialize, they’re gonna go stir crazy like they did last year. They started hitting mail boxes and egging cars – I’m not looking for a repeat of that. So far this fall it has been ok on that front, tho.

    I have also been going to a range to practice lately and things there don’t seem as crazed, though it is still busy and under-inventoried. We are thinking of putting in a fence but need time to talk to our neighbors and get things in order. Hopefully in the spring. I don’t think things will get better as we head into the U.S. Pluto return next year.

  6. I can’t find any info on lack of truckers out there. There is some info that reports ships being used are smaller because larger ships are not available to lease. LA and Long Beach docks are going to be open more hours so the trucks can get in to move the stuff. It reads like this is a result of earlier cancelled orders due businesses leery of being stuck with inventory when the thing happened and then the post thing buying spree. There was some mention of fallout from the US China trade war too. It is just gonna take some time to stabilize the supply chain again, just like everything else I guess. Kiddos might not get their xmas toys.

  7. I told someone today: If you want or need to buy something, buy it NOW. This is advice given to one of my late husband’s family members, but it’s smart. (He said that Christmas will not be coming in on the ships—meaning if you’re gearing up for Christmas shopping, you better get it out of the way soon.)

    She understood. In fact, she told me that Sam’s Club is putting a 1-per-shopper limit on some items. Costco is about to limit to 2.

  8. Good to know. I am in the process of buying myself what I was gonna ask of Xmas. Instead I will say gift cards when asked so I can pay for my presents. I have been collecting gifts for people all year. I think I will be okay.

  9. Phew! I wasn’t sure it was good to order so close to the Rx date, and hesitated about this, but I finally got all my orders out for my solar energy project this past week, and everything is on the way. I’ve got the batteries and the rest is already in France. I also got help to buy 16 water tanks. There’s still work to do to connect them to the gutters, but it’s all happening. And I’m self-sufficient in food I think, if I can manage without coffee and ice-cream. I read this morning that roughly 40% of food in Russia is produced in people’s backyards. We are so unprepared for climate change, not to mention all the rest. It’s time to go back to taking responsibility for our personal welfare I believe.

  10. I was unaware of the glass shortage. Since being made aware of this I found some stuff about the near impossibility of getting a broken windshield replaced and builders not being able to get windows. The glass is being dedicated to the health care industry which I guess makes sense since plastic interacts with the substance it contains.

    Jeanne B, I am so jealous of you getting a solar system. If I can get back to making some income that will be a priority for me.

  11. Nothing delayed it seems in central eastern Idaho, or north to Montana where we shop. Must be regional delays in other areas of the country.

  12. I do tarot readings. Sometimes for long term friends/clients, we will chew the fat, asking and answering random questions.

    One of them sent me a video about pestilence and farmers a couple of weeks ago, asking my opinion on it. My cards say absolutely yes we will be facing a food shortage. It’s not just the supply chain, though. Seems like the food farmers expect to harvest just won’t be enough. Add in inflation and some pockets of the US will be hurting.

    I released a quick video on it and have been telling friends and family to stock up now. I can’t reliably grow veggies in my small apartment, but will indeed save seeds for when I leave the city.

    Good luck everybody.

  13. Leaving Chile requires a health pass or extraordinary exemption. Soon arriving in the USA will require a health pass. I had planned a trip in October but was rejected for an exemption, causing a blocked artery to my heart. Not much hope that even that would be cause for an exemption. So I need to wait for rules to change, or be repatriated, cancelling 8 years of effort to get away from the cesspool the US has become.

  14. Very true. Most brands I work with, and they’re the high-end, have been short on supplies for months now. Everything from carbon fiber to rare earths. I suspect the latter is most significant. Google it and where it comes from and you should see where I’m going (coming from). Started in May I suspect. As the world slowly begun to return to pre-c work schedules. … Mercury rx in Gem & the eclipse season. Prices have gone up too, but for resellers it means double the amount of work for less profit as online competitors force prices down. Rampant inflation is coming up I predict…and I’m taurus. I know uranus is going to break Saturn’s back at some point and say f*ck it…

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