Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Pluto – Computer Death

mercury conjunct plutoI’ve been battling my hobbled computer for a few weeks now. I chose the nuclear option yesterday and reinstalled windows.

I’m grateful that I’ve suffered no data loss but I’m having considerable trouble getting the utilities I use daily, up and running.

There are only four programs. How hard can it be?
Harder than I thought!

I’m two down and two to go. Maybe you can help.

I’ve been using ifranview for 20 years!  It’s a lightweight photo utility. I downloaded the new version which shows the option to “save for web” to be discontinued. This is what I use to compress pictures and remove personal data before posting them on the site. I’ve asked in the forum but meantime, if anyone knows of a good, free utility that will resize, crop, compress and strip and image, please direct me to it. I found an old version and I’m good to go!

One problem left… plus I have no bookmarks. PURGE.



Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Pluto – Computer Death — 8 Comments

  1. No idea if this would be of any help (mercury is rx, I don’t play with software tools & I’m someone who compresses gifs with ezgif lol) but after searching about similar programs, it gave me these results: XnView, FreeCommander, PhotoInsight, FastStone, ImageGlass, Picturereflect Photo Viewer.

    • Thank you! I got this handled.

      I just realized I lost all my sticky note data. I have it but can’t restore it. Oh well.

      Waiting on Matrix Software now. Might have to wait for Monday,

  2. The cable for my internet thingy died on 10/1/22. It took 2. almost 3 weeks, for me to receive a replacement from my internet service provider. This, for a non-tech person, took one whole sweaty night of replacing cable and getting the wireless on my TV to work again. Thankfully I have since rejoined the 22nd century!

    And yea, it happened suddenly, and involved Uranian stuff, befitting the quincunx to my 10th house planets.

  3. Someone I know told me just yesterday their laptop battery was dying and they keep it plugged in most of the time and usually have a good 35 hours on it! I notice my iPhone battery draining more quickly. It went from recently a good full day to maybe more on a charge to draining every four hours and it’s not that old, maybe two years!
    Glad you got your compression issue worked out Elsa!

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