Mercury Opposing Saturn – Pressure Building

Mercury in Aries is opposing Saturn in Libra now, the aspect is exact on Saturday under the Full Moon in Scorpio. The phrase “tongue depressor” comes to mind. I see information (Mercury) being controlled (Saturn) in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. This is true in my personal life as well as in the news.

For example, some news is suppressed or under-reported. Personally, I am barely writing at all anymore, either because time (Mercury) is limited (Saturn) or I simply don’t want to fight (Aries) or defend (Saturn) my ideas (Mercury). Consequently the ideas back up and pressure builds.

This is not really a good idea on my part. It’s much better to try to bleed (Mars) off some of the energy, like steam from a pressure cooker but it’s not the easiest thing to do.

Can you see the Mercury Saturn opposition playing in your life?

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Mercury Opposing Saturn – Pressure Building — 15 Comments

  1. Mercury is conjunct my Jupiter and that would normally make me go go go but I feel held back — I’m supposed to turn some writing in but it’s slow going and I’m feeling extra cautious. I can’t tell if the caution is warranted or if I am just beaten down by Saturn sitting on my Aries for so long. It’s a weird time.

  2. Yes but not necessarily in the houses that they are in. For example, Transiting Mercury in Aries is in my 5th house Libra 11th house. It feels like a “mental” tongue depressor, if that makes sense. I can’t focus and feel frustrated not being able to put my discipline into the thing I am trying to do. Not like me.

  3. Yes. My brain is in overdrive. Simultaneously, I am trying to watch what I say. I think shit is coming out sideways. I can go down to the river for you, if you like, and find some leeches for your Mars. 🙂 <3

  4. Mercury opposes Saturn in my natal chart, so to some extent I have lived with this energy all my life. My mom used to tell me just what you said, “Let off some steam!” She was right, and even now … it’s a practice.

  5. Yes. Relationship wise, but I think the gate is opening up. Things are happening. You can’t bullshit forever, right?

  6. I gots this pile-up in Aries, 12th house Jupiter/Sun is getting some bad-assed smack down from Uranus and Mercury…

    I related to Jennifer’s comment…

    “My brain is in overdrive. Simultaneously, I am trying to watch what I say. I think shit is coming out sideways.”

  7. I met with my mentor (Saturn figure) today and my mind was just sharp as hell! Mercury is in my 6th and it was all about doing the final bits on a project that we’ve been working on for YEARS.

  8. Hmmm… I can sympathize. I too no longer want to fight or defend my ideas. Especially not in my relationships. I used to have a tendency towards verbal fights but now…I find it so draining!

    I’m finding ways release my passion in more useful and creative ways.

    I am also writing a letter to someone that tells the truth about a situation (full moon in Scorpio.)

    This truth will likely be depressing for the person to hear but it’s at the core of why we were fighting to begin with.

    This full Moon energy is in full force on my end. I couldn’t stop if I tried.

  9. I’ve had Pluto conjunct my Merc for quite some time now (a year?) so it’s hard to separate that energy form any T-Merc transits. I have been very trenchant under this Pluto/Merc transit and I have felt driven to communicate my ideas.

    But that urge does fluctuate. Sometimes the fallout is just not worth the bother so I keep quiet. I’ve been doing quite a bit of that for the last couple of weeks as one can only summon so much energy in a day…

    I’m very very aware however of news and/or important information being surpressed or ignored by the media. I try to bring attention to that in certain areas, all the time, but I feel I’m talking into a fan

  10. I’m also having T-Pluto conjunct my mercury. I’ve never read so much in my life. I think i did feel this influence during the first part of the day- it was very stressful to meet the article deadline. I had to twist it and unfortunately, delete some provocative facts about big companies because i can’t afford an expensive lawyer, lol. So i had to push myself hard to present the article in a softer manner, which was very challenging! But when i made it, I thought- phew, what a relief! Now i can go on Elsa blog and don’t feel guilty for that:))

    BP- your links to the news sources about the environmental issues were highly appreciated, so don’t feel you’re talking into a fan :))

  11. My husband is a libra sun and we are just not talking. We are afraid to say anything to each other because we just dont understand each other and the other ends up snapping at the other all the time when somethomg is said. Is it because of my husbands libra sun? I am a Taurus sun. Today is my birthday and my husband is not talking to me. Don’t you think that is messed up?

  12. I’ve been helping my elderly neighbor with her computer.

    I’m also keeping my opinions to myself at work out of fear of rejection.

  13. Oof. This transit is sitting on top of my natal mercury Saturn conjunction. I’m so blocked right now, it’s hard to form complex thoughts at all, which is unfortunate considering I work with my brain.

  14. Thank you Elsa! I wish things were easier but I guess I need to learn to keep my mouth shut around my husband if I want to be happy. What a lesson!

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