Mercury Opposite Jupiter – Your Moment Is Here

clock englandMercury in Libra will oppose Jupiter in Aries, three times in September and October this year.  It’s quirky because both planets will turn retrograde during this time frame.  Consequently, it’s a narrow range of degrees that are most impacted.

  • September 2nd – 6 degrees
  • September 18th – 4 degrees
  • October 12th – 1 degree

If you have planets in the early degrees of a Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), you’ll be in the middle of this. But even if you don’t, this is a significant and positive aspect.

You’ll want to check the houses in your natal chart where these planets will be hanging round.  The affairs of those houses will be energized and activated and as you can see, the energy will be sustained in a narrow band.  You’re bound to learn something with this. I mean, it will be hard not to!

I saw a random video this week; I wished I’d have saved it.  It was a young, African man, talking about how some people don’t want to wake up. He was taking about a person, asleep in their bed, under the covers and such. He describes shaking the person trying to get them to wake up. They fight you. “Nah, man. I don’t want to get up…”

You’ve probably had this experience, from one side or the other. You’re the wake-r or the wake-ee or maybe you’ve been both.  But then he says it…

Okay, so you don’t want to wake up.  But the person is trying to wake you for a reason. They’re trying to tell you something or show you something. It’s your moment, he explains.  And if you won’t wake up, you’re going to miss your moment.  You are not going to have your moment!

If you saw this video, please link it in the comments.  He says this better than I do. And it’s not threatening; it’s the truth.

At the times of these oppositions, there’s no doubt that beneficial information or ideas will be available. But you’re the only one who can think (Mercury) and look around (Jupiter) for the little idea or their piece of  knowledge that will change your perspective and open doors that are currently closed to you.

As for how to best get a good result from this, I covered it in my “Astro Week Ahead” in less than one minute.  Here’s the cut:

Who’s up for thinking big thoughts and weighing other perspectives?


Mercury Opposite Jupiter – Your Moment Is Here — 14 Comments

  1. Such a great post…you are very talented! This is happening in my 6th and 12th houses. I have started to watch what I eat.

    • Checked it out…it’s not him.
      I am going to try to find this guy because he was compelled.
      I have to do a better job of saving sources. I don’t save them because I see them on various timelines… and if you link something on a timeline, people assume you are sanctioning the entire timeline. I will figure this out, going forward.

  2. These are hitting my ic mc and dc…Pivotal times!

    Are you referring to Ralph Smart/Infinite Waters possibly? Sounds like Ralph.

    Thanks Elsa💝

  3. Elsa I am going to take advantage of the timing here, to relaunch my year-long embodied astrology program. Your support . wisdom . advice . in private consultation was amazing. I will NOT let that thief whom we talked about rob me of making my offering available to the world. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Diane

  4. These are in my 3rd and 9th houses. Interesting, I have a natal Mercury/Jupiter opposition with Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo; does that mean a mutual reception? anyway, I haven’t been able to figure that one out. The October date corresponds with the two sitting right on my 3rd and 9th house cusps, and it just so happens I have a Venus square Venus AND a Mars square Mars, AND transit Saturn conjuncts my Sun. Too many things, too many things.

  5. I am going to travel back home overseas this weekend after being blocked from doing so for the past 2 years. My SO has been unexpectedly coldly cruel with me, inattentive at best, and I am wondering if doors will open a little wider for me once I get there. Set for a possible life changing physical therapy, whereas I have gotten no relief nor direction here towards that end. He is just making it easier for me to swing to another branch, if one presents itself. My birthday is Oct. 11.

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