Mercury Is Retrograde – Should I Sign?

Patricia Martin asks:

“I have two contracts to sign. One has been in negotiations for months. They are urging me. If I sign it before Feb. 19 will I make a mess?”

Patricia – thanks and I doubt it. While I have avoided signing a contract with Mercury retrograde for at least 15 years, I have people in my inner circle a signing things left and right at this time and I think sometimes life just trumps these old adages.

For example, someone tried to sell me a garage door with mercury Rx and I opted for the fix rather than the new door because I had a CHOICE. If you have circumstances where there is no choice for whatever reason, I would definitely sign my name before I lost an opportunity or broke a law or whatever the things was and if I did, I would not lose sleep over it.

I guess I’d say that faith trumps Mercury retrograde. I have faith the universe acts in my best interest so if these type circumstances come up, then they come up. I really don’t like astrology for the purpose of terrifying yourself.

Anyone else?

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Mercury Is Retrograde – Should I Sign? — 14 Comments

  1. Yes, I made a sudden decision to buy a car at the very start of Mercury Rx in June last year. At the time, I forgot entirely that the retrograde was happening, but later figured out that Mercury was:

    Conjunct my Cancer Uranus (sudden decision re: transportation/comfort issues (my high-mileage/cramped/no AC old car was just not cutting it on long commutes), trine my Scorpio Mars (action!), and square Saturn in Libra/Jupiter in Aries (feeling confined/impatient for change). (It was also opposite Chiron in Capricorn, so maybe a bit of practical self-healing was involved?)

    Two days later, I bought an immaculate Honda Civic with less than 10,000 miles at well below BB. I haven’t regretted it a bit — the car is very reliable.

    I understand that Mercury Rx can be an opportunity to research/redress unfinished business. Anyway, it worked for me.

  2. I told one of my circles of friends essentially the same thing the first day of this Mercury Rx. I told them to stop panicking and that I felt like this was the worst possible use of astrology.

    I imagine they continued their little freak out fest out of my hearing but at least I didn’t have to listen to it anymore. 🙂

  3. one thing I have heard about retrograde mercury, is that when mercury is direct, we go from concept (gemini, merc ruled) to details (virgo, merc ruled), when retrograde, work from virgo/details till the gemini/idea becomes clear.

  4. Lupa: One of my friends gets into such a tizzy about this every time. He’s a writer and is shopping some work around, and this editor is interested, but he’s afraid to take his calls because he’s too paranoid to start anything right now! And I’m like, DUDE! Pick up the damn phone!

    So I told him: I forgot where I read this, but Yoko Ono used to sign contracts during retro Mercury on purpose so they would be open to renegotiation later. And my panicky friend just worships the ground she walks on, so I think that might have placated him for a while. I just hope he’s not still letting everything go to voicemail!

  5. here’s another perspective, this year my progressed chart has a retro merc, and i’ve been wheeling and dealing like crazy, and most successfully, during retro periods — another is that my daughter has retro merc in her birth chart and time and time again things have worked out for her perfectly during these times. like so many astro conditions one size does NOT fit all.

  6. I sell real estate in my other life. I can’t afford to take 3 weeks off four times a year, so I’m involved in contract signing all the time. About 30% of contracts signed when Mercury is Rx end up with big problems and continual renegotiation and confusion. But 70% don’t!

  7. yup. also, retrograde isn’t a great time for _starting_ things, but something’s that’s been in the works for years is a perfect candidate for a retrograde signing. just don’t expect life to go off without a hitch, is all. flexibility goes far.

  8. merc rx isn’t a time to hide under the bed. i have lots of communications and work i do, and i cannot simply ignore it during rx periods.

    even with a heavy merc-ruled chart, i’ve had good luck with transactions during that time if i keep the right approach. i focus on finishing unfinished stuff, reviewing previous work, and in general, everything is retrospective. i clean up my plate from before instead of filling a new plate.

    there ain’t any one size fits every situation advice. go with your gut.

  9. Don’t forget that Mercury retrograde is often good for going over old material, reassessing options, etc. You are just not advised to sign up to “new” things.

    Since one of your contracts has been in negotiations for months, something could have surfaced during this rx to unstick the block, if that makes sense.

    There’s a full moon in Virgo (work!) on Feb. 20 also, suggesting maybe the process is being “wrapped up”.

    Good luck.

  10. I never really believed in Merc Rx till now. I’d say I’m about 75% Gemini/3rd house and a stickler for planning my trips well, but I just got back from a trip to Europe that was rife with one Mercury-Rx annoyance after another. We coped with *several* cancelled flights or missed connections, a train strike, lost luggage, lost belongings due to haste, cabbies overcharging, overstressed airline personnel and passengers, ridiculously bad yet expensive seats at concerts (as in, seats in a room adjacent to the concert hall), and lots of other plans falling through. Definitely temporary-insanity-inducing.

    On the other hand, there was the honest cabbie in Budapest who told me I accidentally overpaid him 10X over, and the gracious hotel staff who politely put up with our various boarish behaviors and excessive requests (I think we were their MercRx experience). 🙂

    I don’t know what my travel partners’ karma was in being on this trip, but for me (the main “tour guide” and planner) I see I could learn to flow more, control less.

  11. I am an Aquarius and my sun is in the 8th house. It will conjuct Mercury in Aqurius and presently it’s Mercury retrograde! I am renegotiating my lease agreement and reassesing my options. I signed my lease agreement during Mercury direct and my commercial landlord signed it during retrograde. I encountered problems in the unit and now my landlord is reassessing the issues and trying to renegotiate my lease because I refuse to sign the commencement date until he fix the unit. I had to get a lawyer involved (Interestingly enough, Jupiter shifts to Aquarius this year 2009) Good time to work with lawyers. I need to know if it’s okay to sign the commencement date during retrograde? I have no choice and send it in within 10 days?

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