Mercury In Virgo Trine Uranus – Ideas That Set You Free

Mercury de MorganMercury is high functioning in Virgo. Mental abilities are enhanced. You can expect to think efficiently and enjoy the ability to discern. It’s also quite good for puzzle-solving.

Mercury is in Virgo now, just in time to help you think through the insane knots most are being presented with in this time in their life. Better yet, Mercury is currently closing a trine with Uranus in Taurus.

Mercury mashed with Uranus is associated with brilliance, and sometimes crazy ideas? Crazy brilliant ideas in some cases. This is the whole point. You should be able to discern!  Ideas strike fast, like lighting.  The prompt for your brainstorm is likely to come from an unusual source.  These brain-flash ideas don’t necessarily stick with you. Be ready to jot down a note.

Back to the problems many are having, to to take advantage of this aspect over the next week or so, please detach!  It’s possible you’re stuck because you’re holding on to some misguided idea or hope or wish or dream. This may be what’s causing the problem.  The idea is to allow yourself an open field, where things you never thought before can come to you. Invite the lightning to strike!

There’s no reason to resist this. If you’re stuck, it only means you’ve not found your way out yet. The odds of breaking out of brain-freeze this week are high. Stand clear and allow your thinking to update!


Mercury In Virgo Trine Uranus – Ideas That Set You Free — 9 Comments

  1. I just love this! I often feel stuck in ‘the situation’, thinking it is the situation that’s got me trapped. But in an instant an idea can set you free! Just remembering that is liberating!

  2. Virgo mercury at 13* yes, I take notes all the time and make lists. Pros and con lists are a favorite. Thank goodness, neptune is past the opposite point, because there was a long time during the opposition that mt mind was like a sieve and I couldn’t focus one thought.

    • Ugh! Mistakes! Virgo in action, hating my mistakes. Mars sitting on my mercury make me too impatient to proof read slowly. Astrology in action.

  3. This energy feels natural to me, like this is how I’m supposed to be. I have a Uranus square to my virgo ascendant in my natal chart. Is that possibly why I vibe to this so well?

  4. I’ve delayed an important project just for this. Mercury on Virgo Moon will trine Uranus barely into my first, sextile 3rd house Mercury, Sun to calm and focus the 3rd house Gemini Mercury rule.

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