Mercury In Leo Communicates With Flair

cancer crab in shellMercury has been in Cancer for more than two months due to a retrograde period. The planet will ingress into Leo tomorrow, inviting you to come out from your shell.

This will directly impact Gemini and Virgo, but any creative person will probably welcome the shift. It’s less about hunkering down, more about living life, being seen, expressing your creative self, and your ideas in particular.

It’s a sign of progress in the middle of all the frustration described by the retrograde stellium in Capricorn and various other sundries. Hey! I’ll take it.

The change will be more apparent in a few days as Mercury moves further into Leo, away from the opposing planets in Capricorn. If you want to watch for this, you’re looking for people who communicate creatively.

Satori is a good example. It’s not just her writing. It’s the original pictures she uses in her posts. The gal who has been doing my hair since the pandemic began is another example. The original, distinctive look of her shop communicates. One-of-a-kind words flow from her mouth.

So this is what I’m talking about. Step away from what’s safe. Think and create, not copy and paste.

How do you feel about Mercury in Leo?



Mercury In Leo Communicates With Flair — 11 Comments

  1. Yay, for the post and yay to Satori’s creative flair!
    I’m feeling the Leo fire sparking all through my body … natally Merc is in Scorp square a bunch of planets in Leo. I like the incentive of jumper cabling the energy that feels primed to live it up.

    • I’m back to say that Mercury in Leo energy took me into a chocolate shop yesterday. I haven’t been out and about for months! That local sweet shop is THE first shop I’ve been in. The abbreviated version of my sweet shop caper Leo-fied your post. We’re all learning to renegotiate serving and being served. The process is tentative (the hermit coming out of her shell is spot-on!) To communicate with flair AND respect is a partnership that will, in the end, and has always been THE way, count. I experienced a disappointing re-entry. Maybe the guy was having a bad day. Could be. What I did was to communicate to the owner, my end of the experience. I wrote my story and sent it off with flair AND respect. I’m old school. And hopeful going forward will mean collaborating, meaningfully.
      Just say’n.

  2. Ok, I’ll go hide. Mom has leo mercury and generally speaks loudly. Now it will only get amplified. 😀 But also she is bubbly, sparkly and a bit more of a confident cancer, she’ll make you laugh and it won’t be at your expense. I associate leo mercury with warm words.

  3. “Think and create, not copy and paste.”

    This hit the mark today! Even though I did copy and paste it… (grinning)

  4. “Step away from what’s safe.”

    Hard to do, but absolutely – yes!

    8/10 Mercury (Leo) square Uranus (Taurus) at 10 degrees.

  5. I always liked August. Hot and muggy, not so much. But those cool night time breezes that feel so luxurious. Now with the present coolness, I still feel luxurious. I think it may be the leo sun. I feel queenly amongst the prairie plants and grasses. And wealthy in my vegetable garden.

  6. Happy that Mercury in the sky, in the collective, will soon be put of orb of squaring my natal Mercury. Because of the retro shadow phenomenon, it has to advance beyond when it first turned retrograde. Maybe already! Have to check.

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