Mercury In Capricorn; Saturn Aspecting Mercury

Mercury in Capricorn is in mutual reception to Saturn in Virgo at this time. This encourages people to take a hard look at how the communicate, what they think about, what they are interested in and so forth.

Today I had to critique someone’s letter applying to business school. I also did several consultations, taking care to offer something valuable in the time allowed.Textbook!

A few days ago we had the Sagittarius who has to learn to let her partner talk. I continue to defend / support my status (or lack of it) behind the scenes.

I’m really grateful for the prompt to do this. It’s a fortune to have something new to think about. Like how and why the soldier routinely avoids “emotional damage“. I have no luck with that at all.

I’ve also considered how I really feel about being a lowly astrologer and I’ll tell you what’s emerged.

I am not interested in “common knowledge”. I am not interested in TV. I am not interested in ‘what everybody knows”.

I am interested uncommon knowledge. I am interesting in free, independent thinking. Matter of fact, I will do anything to garner just a nugget. Dress up like a gay man and go undercover for example.

I am also pretty sure how I got this way.  This would be the foundation (Saturn / Capricorn) of my mind (Mercury/Virgo). As difficult as this process as been, it’s nice to find yourself standing on solid ground, even if the ground is unconventional.

How much mind do you pay your mind?


Mercury In Capricorn; Saturn Aspecting Mercury — 5 Comments

  1. I have Mercury in Cancer – I either connect with someone on some soul-level, or there just is no connection. I have never been a bullshitter, and cannot really deal with being around one. Salespeople literally make me cringe – they see it in my face and give up pretty quickly.

  2. Mer in the first house in Gemini. My brain goes to places that are a little far out,lol. I love books of all kinds and eat them up like food.

  3. mercury in scorpio conjunct scorpio pluto/sun/midheaven .. i go over things again and again in my mind to understand it, i’m interested in motivations, the “why” behind everything ( growing up in church i would press my pastor with lots of questions quite annoyingly lol ) .. the crux of the matter,.. and having moon & mars in aries kind of makes me very insistent in getting to the point.. i love writers who pick themselves apart, honest yet visceral

  4. Mercury/Mars conjunct. Mars seems to speed up my mental processes. So much so, I think faster than I can type, so the race is on!!

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