Mercury In A Natal Chart Reveals More Than You Think

mercury old godOn the little things mean a lot front, I want to give you an idea how wide the range of information you can get from a chart. I’ll use Mercury as an example because while it’s critical (Virgo joke), it’s importance is discounted in astrology as a matter of routine. It’s un-sexy I suppose.

Having Mercury in Libra, I could argue that. Some say sex is all in the mind.

Mercury rules the mind, communication, siblings, transportation, short trips, neighbors, the hands and some other parts of the body that come in pairs, lungs for example.

This means if you look Mercury in someone’s chart you can tell how they get along (or not) with their siblings and neighbors. You can tell how they drive, how they think, what their hands look like without even seeing them.

You can tell how fast they are going to move, how fast they process information and what they do with the information for that matter.

Do they broadcast information the way I do with Mercury conjunct Mars in the big mouth 9th house? Or do they covet their information and share very little?

If they do share very little is it because they are private (Pluto influence) or might they be scared their ideas will be rejected (Saturn influence)?

Some people notice hands… they surely notice mine. Think I have girly hands with Mars conjunct Mercury?  I don’t. My hands have been banged up, burned and in one case my left hand bled for more than 3 years due my wedding ring cutting into it.

The information that you can glean from each planet in a chart is endless. If you don’t think that understanding how a person thinks is important, you’ve probably got Neptune involved with Mercury.

Where is your Mercury? Tell us something about how it manifests.

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Mercury In A Natal Chart Reveals More Than You Think — 83 Comments

  1. I have Mercury 27 Aquarius Rx in the first house. It opposes Uranus – 23 Leo in the 7th. My Sun is 8 Pisces, also in an intercepted first house. I suppose it could be considered a conjunction. They say the Mercury Rx can indicate slow learners or thinkers. I’m actually quite intelligent. I find that when Mercury goes Rx by transit, I tend to communicate more. Or do things that most people avoid during Mercury Rx. I bought a new computer in 08 and a new car this year. I’ve learned what not to do, though, too!

  2. How they drive, what they drive…

    For example, someone like me would never have a dense lumbering car. Scooter type, or quick little car weaving in and out of traffic.

    Or a TRUCK. Masculine, see? Vrooooooooom


    • My mercury is in Libra too but in the first house. I have girly hands, tend to be diplomatic with people (with the occasional blunt diatribe thanks to my Venus in Scorpio) and drive an older mini Cooper. No stripes tho….I’m a

      • oh my goodness!! I am the same as you – sun in Virgo (black 8 year old Audi A3); Venus in Scorpio (definitely let it rip when I need to, bluntly and directly); Mercury in Libra (small and pretty hands but they work and are getting well used over the many years), diplomatic and weigh both sides before making a decision. When is your birthday? I am Sept. 9!

        • Proud to say Sept 17. Feast Day of St Hildegard.
          Ordered the solar chart return from Elsa. Can’t wait to read it!
          Excited to see others who are lucky to have this combo

  3. Mercury in Pisces in 11th opposing Jupiter in Virgo in 5th… Mutual reception baby 😉

    I get along VERY WELL with my two younger brothers – perhaps in a deeply emotional almost unseen level. While most people close to me often fight or are not very close to their siblings, my brothers and I have a very very strong bond.

    I did drive for a while, but I prefer riding my bicycle. If I drive, I prefer something used (Wow, Piscean, isn’t it?) and very utilitarian – gets me from Point A to Point B. I really don’t care 😉

    With my bicycle – I own a Trek hybrid 24 speed bike that scales hills like nobody’s business. And it’s BLUE… very beautiful electric blue with pixelated flowers 🙂

    I think emotionally, intuitively AND on the fly. I work best when creativity is allowed to “flow” and not required to be “planned”, which is my big struggle as a design professional at times. As a makeup artist, however, my way of communicating and working works WONDERFULLY!

    Hands… small, long fingers. Girly.

  4. Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct uranus, moon, and sun in the 6th house. Mars in aries trine mercury

    No idea what that means.

    I have ugly jammed fingers from years of playing basketball and smaller hands than most people I know. I like really long trips where I can daydream. I don’t like drivers that cut me off or that think they can drive better than me.

    I like comfortable cars. Spacious, almost like a hangout.

    I have a half brother who I never see so I wouldn’t know how I am around him. I’m very demanding in my house.

  5. hah. I drive like a taurus (careful & polite, except when someone does something stupid that coulda’ hurt my kid… then I get royally pissed…..)

    and I drive a saturn ;P (squares the mercury.)

  6. hey, I have a Neptunian Mercury 🙂

    What does an unaspected planet tell in a chart? My Mercury doesn’t aspect any other planets, just hangs out all by itself.

  7. i am not the best person to ask, diana. many of the folks here are a lot more knowledable than me. but i would guess it would be at least part of it, since mercury rules how you think.

  8. Like Lunalie I’ve got Mercury in the 11th h in Pisces. Conjunct sun and mars, square uranus, sextile ascendant.

    I have one brother, 4 years younger than me, and although I often find him annoying, I still consider us to be close. It’s totally intuitive, too. Even when we don’t talk much I still feel close to him. I’ve never been able to understand people who see their siblings almost as strangers.

    Driving… I used to have a Prius and whenever I am able to afford another car it will definitely be a Prius again! It’s the perfect car for me. Small, yet roomy. reliable. Plus I really loved the whole 45 mpg. I tend to daydream when I drive or I get all fidgety and drive fast (square with uranus?)

    I wouldn’t even be able to begin explaining how I think, but I guess maybe because it IS intuitively. I do think fast, though. (the conjunction with aqua sun and square uranus?)

    My hands are very feminine, yet strong. Kind of small but not small and stubby. Like Lunalie, long fingers here too.

  9. My mercury is in the 12th house conjunct uranus and square my 9th house saturn.

    I think intuitively and I have tended to keep alot of that to myself. I have one younger sibling that I have a very strong bond with and it is totally unacknowledged. We dont have constant contact because we don’t need to. Every now and again we see each other or speak and there is no getting used to each other time – our bond is just eternal. The other sibling is older and way too conventional for me. We see each other regularly and support each other but the bond requires effort because we are so different. This sibling complains about the other, how little she is in contact etc but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest because I am always in contact with her but on a level that my older sibling doesn’t travel on.

  10. Mercury in Taurus/5th House. T square with Uranus (which is conjunct my midheaven) and Saturn in the 8th. Mercury is also conjunct Chiron.

    My hands are healing hands. I’ve done energy work, and hope one day to integrate my love for art (I’m attending an art college full-time, working towards BFA) with that kind of work.
    I am highly intuitive and pick up on a lot of things through physical contact with other people. It takes discipline and faith which I don’t always have.
    I go to school with a bunch of Pluto in Scorpio gals who are a fair bit younger than me and are always asking me for hugs. I love those gals. I’m a great hugger (though not some creep who goes around offering them, ew).

    Siblings…well with that T-square there’s no surprise my 3 sisters and I have a lot of problems over the years. We’re not the Waltons.

    Car…don’t drive (don’t know how…this year I hope), but I ride a bicycle daily.

    I’m queen of the long bus journey. I taken zillions of them. India to Kathmandu, 30 hours and 22 military checkpoints, what a trip that was. I loved every second.

  11. Mercury in Cancer, 9th house, opposed Saturn in Capricorn. Have no idea how that affects my driving, but I barf my brains out on any form of water transportation, even a big-ass cruise ship, lol. Also can get motion-sickness very easily if I am not driving, no way can I read in the car (get the barf-bag if I do, lol).

  12. Mercury (and moon) in Libra trine Saturn.
    NO MINI VAN.Car can be unassuming but must be fun and zippy. I can actually say I have nice hands. I frown when friends have bad hands. I want my friends to look nice, somewhat fashionable and groomed, its important. I can definitely argue a point but that might not be my mercury, I’m not sure.

  13. I’m another Mercury in Aquarius.

    I drive, frankly, like a man. I’m all about the carefully controlled speed, prefer to drive a standard over an automatic, like performance; all that jazz.

    As for family? My family is dysfunctional, and I prefer not to deal with my immediate family on my father’s side (including him).

    My mother had very little family, and she passed away about 8 years ago, so I don’t have any contact with her side.

    I’m mostly an island unto myself, these days, family-wise.

  14. My mercury is conjunct Mars in Cap and back in the old days, before computers, I was a graphic artist on the drawing board using pens and pencils and rulers for 10 years. I figure this work required skilled hand-eye co-ordination as a high level motor skill and of course very practical producing tangible results by putting ideas into form.

  15. mercury in aquarius, 5th house… sextile venus,trine mars…. opposition uranus and opposition pluto…and one more, conjunct chiron..a little too much to think abt at once!…a look at the last piece..mercury in 5th conjunct chiron in pisces in 6th..i do reiki, that seems to fit there
    …as for driving…i only owned one car, an unsual vw bug model that was a very funky semi-automatic…shifting gears without a clutch, i called her Emy…was very fond of that car although it broke down all the time…aquarian mercury trine mars in cancer?
    also drove a suzuki suzy motor bike for one year in the dom. republic…could be mars kicking in there also?

  16. Mercury in Capricorn, Fifth house. I drive what I’ve been given to drive! It started out with a brand new VW when I turned 16, then when I got my first speeding ticket a year later, my parents took it away and gave me an old Buick. Then my significant other for three years gave me a rotation or old VW’s depending on what he had available for me to drive at any given moment. After we broke up, I requested to keep one of his cars, then after the next break up with another boyfriend, he gave me a run-down car, and now my parents have given me their old Volvo…

    I expect my husband or his parents will probably provide me with a newer car after I graduate. I don’t expect it, it’s just how it goes with me. If I don’t have a car, I don’t drive, and before you know it, SOMEONE feels like they have to make sure I have a car.

    Sure, I don’t mind that.

  17. Mercury and Sun in Scorpio, 10th house. I move fast while I’m thinking about a lot of deep stuff. So … sometimes it’s spooky especially when I’m in driving somewhere new. “LOST” happens, and then I find my way back in ways most people would never think about.

    I drive a practical Forrester because I never know when my car will be my home. Is there TURTLE in the astro signs?

    My hands are small, tapered and do a lot of my talking.

  18. Mercury in Virgo conjunct Venus/Pluto. Long and graceful fingers (I’ve been told), but I don’t do polish because it’s not practical enough for this Virgo! Gets in the way of cooking all that healthy food. 😉

  19. Mercury at 28 degrees in my 12th house Taurus.

    I normally don’t drive – I take the bus or walk – but when I get a car I want fast roads and open highways and I wanna motorvate. (Thank you Chuck Berry – that’s a great Gemini word!) I don’t think I drive like a Taurus, but normally I want to travel in comfort and style, and lounge on the bus like it’s my private green room. I have music, a book or two, snacks, and possibly a friend quietly on the phone to keep me company. This for a 15 minute bus ride. *grin*

    I have a picture of my hands, too –

    with any luck that is clicky

  20. mars conjunct mercury in Leo. I drive showy cars with style, they are older classic cars, and this combo suits the fourth/fifth straddle of the conjunction. Plus, I like a stick shift.

    Mercury sextiles uranus, saturn and venus which is just right for my unusual flashy cars, driven fast and carefully(It’s an art)The mars trines neptune. I’m ALWAYS blasting music in the car.

    Along with eyes, hands are among a mans most attractive features as far as I am concerned.

    I have very promenent hands, long fingers, I gesture constantly and red nails.

  21. Mercury conjunct Sun in Cancer, 3rd house. Trine Uranus. Square Pluto. Sextile Saturn.

    I’m a very private person, got big hands for a girl, think and act very quickly, and if I drove, I would drive a muscle car painted bright blue, cruise down a highway with the windows down and the music loud!

  22. er, sorry, different sign but similar house placement. what degrees are yours at? my chiron is a 2 degrees and my mercury at 6.

  23. i have mercury on the cusp of 11/12 house in scorpio, and it conjuncts pluto, squares mars, trine jupiter and sextile neptune.

    i have big hands, but quite feminine, and long fingers. i can reach more than 8 keys on the piano, but i dont play (such a shame haha) i did play the cello. I have very good hand-eye coordination and like to make things with my hands. When i’m on the phone, or sitting down and talking to someone, my hands are always doing something (doodling, making things with scrap paper etc).

    i like learning, or the idea of learning. having mercury on the cusp of the 12th house makes my thinking process murky, but deep. I’m very private (pluto) with my thoughts. i’m always more interested in what others have to say instead of sharing my own thoughts just because most of the time i really cant put my thoughts into words. This is a major issue i have to work on.

    my nails grow really fast.

  24. kashmiri, hi…was just reading back on the reiki connection…my mercury is at 28 in aq and chiron is at 3 in pisces…also, i’m going to comment on your other blog now (abt pluto transiting asc.)

  25. Mercury is pretty prominent in my chart – conjunct my asc., trined by Uranus, trining my 4th house moon in Aries, but squared by 9th house Pluto. Prefer small, fast cars (but not a red sports car, something more subtle and surprising)but I have no trouble managing big ones, even trucks. I am “handy” – mechanical, ms. fixit – hands sort of big, sort of long, always have been thin but not too delicate. Hard to keep them still under all circumstances.

  26. I have Mercury conjunct Venus and Uranus in Cancer in the 9th, square my ascendant and also square Neptune in the 12th. Not sure what that all means so I’m going to look it up.

    I am close with most of my 6 sibs, but there’s a couple of sisters who’ve chosen to keep their distance from the family so decided to leave them alone for a while. We were raised mostly by our mostly single mother, who passed away a couple of years ago, so I think we may be milling about a bit (no compass, see) and will re-form again, at least that’s my hope.

    As to what I drive, that’s a weird history in itself. In the last 8 years I could have joined the Car-of-The-Month Club, I went through so many vehicles, but right now I’m driving a ’98 Honda with a stoved-in passenger door, but I’m nothing but grateful for it ‘coz for a while there I was on the hoof (no car). I live in a rural state so it’s hard w/ no car, there’s no public transportation. As to how I drive, I used to tailgate and be impatient, but my driving’s mellowed out some as I got older, though I still drive faster than the speed limit.

    As to hands, mine are strong and brown and balanced-looking I guess, with long fingers. They’ve worked hard and fed and provided for my children and I appreciate them very much. I like hands though, and I like mine too even though my thumbs say I’m too bossy.

    It is so amazing what astrology can tell you, about so many things – big and small! And even though I have Neptune squared my Mercury I’m starting to understand it – wow!

    Great post, Elsa P. Thanks!

  27. Mercury in the 4th house (Pisces), conjuncting Mars (chart ruler)- sharp mind, sharp tongue. Opposition Pluto. And boy howdy- check these trines… Trine Moon (Scorpio), Trine AC (Scorpio), & Trine Neptune. Elsa, I’ve got to schedule some time soon- this is looking pretty interesting to me…

    Car? Love classic muscle cars, but could care less what I drive myself.- Although, I think I drive fine, everyone that rides with me comments on how bad I am behind the wheel. Siblings/Family? I get along great with my Sis, she’s one of my BEST friends! My brother and I have had some hard times, but it’s only because we can both be very intense. Hey, considering that I grew up in a housefull of Aries (Me, Dad, Sister & Brother) with my poor Mom (Capricorn) having to keep some sort of control, it’s amazing we didn’t burn eachother up! Hands? I bite my nails ’til they bleed, so they’re not pretty- but they work very well and I’ve always considered them my ‘secret weapon’… I can usually defuse anger with a light touch.

  28. Very interresting topic indeed…did not know how to write about it at first…had to read everybody first…Have a grand kite in my chart, with uranus in leo at the top,and mercury in aquarius at the bottom…mercury sextile venus and the moon, conjuct chiron, in the sixth…sometimes I feel that if that kite wasn’t grounded with saturn conjuctjupiter squaring my venus in aries, I would fly away…lol…my mercury in aquarius is very volatile…always 3 thoughts ahead of evrybody…which is very disconcerting when you are trying to have a conversation…It is also in my 6 house, conjuct chiron, which means for me that if I don’t harness it properly, I get sick…always felt like a stranger in a strange land growing up (Iwas born in France)…it wasn’t until I came in the US that I started taping in the right kind of energy (this country has moon in Aquarius)…I always say to people that my heart is french, but my mind is american…lol…for the last several years, I have been dealing with Neptune conjuct my mercury…it has been exhausting!!!But it has also allowed me to free my mind of all the garbage accumulated subconsciously all my life (Neptune in scorpio in the third…only planet in the first quadrant of my chart!!!) I have ad some tremendous breaktrough(some of them very painful) and I am beginning to be the person I was ment to be…and it feels good…scary but good…I have rebuild my relationships with my siblings and my mother…not easy(they like the old me who never said anything better lol)
    as for the car…toyota corolla, almost 12 years old, five hundred miles shy of 200,000…it is a tool…I feel like a turtel also…have to have evrything handy just in case!!!

  29. cna’t believe this!!! just erased eveything I wrot down..typical lol!!! I have a grand kyte in my chart, mercury in Aq in the sixth conjunct chiron,sextile venus and the moon and opposite uranus in leo in the fifth…Uranus also inconjuct my sun in pisces and my saturn in capricorn…always say I am a pisces with an attitude (very uranien indeed lol…)which made me feel like an outsider my intire life un til I came to the States (born and raised in France)…this country has moon in Aquarius, and for the first time in my life I was able to tap into the positive side of Aquarius which finally allowed me to become the person I was supposed to be…it hasn’t been easy…I have been dealing with Neptune conjunct my mercury for a while and it has been exhausting…but it has also allowed me to clean up the garbage accumulated growing up(neptune in the third, only planet in the first quadrant…)I am finally learning to express my feelings for the first time…it is great and at the same time scary…this blog is also a new experience for me…putting into wrds what I am feeling is also new…thank you for the opportunity to talk to people who understand what I am talking about lol…as for my hands, they are long and skinny, my cars is a garbage can on wheels(toyota corrolla, almost 12 years old, 500 miles shy of 200.000….I need the radio on to drive (music or talk) not to be distracted when I am driving…thank you for listening…fellow travelers…

  30. mars conjunct mercury in taurus, conjunct jupiter, opposing neptune.

    Hands – very small, real venuslike, no edges, no bone sticking out, soft, fleshy, highly sensitive. No hands to really work with…”a princess´s hand” my mother used to say.

    Car – none. But if, it would be one to live in, not spacewise, but, you know – “eat and drink while driving” – comfortable. I like to bumble along, but due to neptune´s influence i fell into trances quite easily, so driving is kind of dangerous for me nowadays. I prefer going by bus or train, if i have to, they are made for trance-trippers like me.

    Siblings – two younger brothers. The older one (pisces) passed away in 2001. The younger one is a taurus with sun right on top of my mars-mercury-conjunction. Any guesses? We can get along well every once in a while, but then get into a fight and don´t talk to each other for years. But then we meet accidentialy and – get along fine. Until..

    What else? Oh, the older i get, the more outspoken i become. “The truth will set you free”.
    I used to be much more romantic and dreamy – and polite – when i was younger, but then i had people step all over me, so i had to chance that gradually. I need my sharp wit to come out and play, it´s just one of my most basic needs, and that´s where my speed and drive are really at. Mindwise… in all other aspects i´m rather lazy.

    Oh, gemini sun, by the way, all curiosity ;-), but easily distracted.

    Greetings, mercurians!

  31. mercury conjunct jupiter in leo (7th). i always gesture while talking! apparently use my eyes a lot too but i’m not sure what that comes from.

    my hands are meh, nothing remarkable. solid fast moving hands.

    i have a very un-leonine car – an old hyundai i inherited from my grandma. but, i live in a city so i don’t drive everyday. lots of people living hear me don’t even have cars but i NEED my car…otherwise i feel trapped! i get lost a lot too (merc-jup trine moon-nep in sag)

  32. mercury conjunct sun both in sag in the 5th house.

    I drive a small Mazda but the souped up version. Gotta have speed! And it has to be a stick shift, gives better control of the car. I only drive European or Japanese cars because they get good engineering.

    My hands are strong and large for a woman – solid, somewhat artistic hands.

  33. Mercury in libra on 10/11 house cusp. Virgo Sun in 10th. Always did well in school because I grasped things quickly, was respectful of authority and got along with my classmates. I have lots of fun with my siblings! I could never play favorites with them, and vice versa, we have a good time but love nagging and making fun of each other.

    I’m also very soft-spoken, I have to consciously speak up so people can hear me. I like my hands, they are smooth, long palm, long fingers, a bit big for my petite frame but not noticeably so. I play guitar, love drawing and writing (always get compliments on my penmanship). I think of everything in relation to each other; I can be indecisive because my instinct is sensitive to imbalanced information.

    I only drove a car in high school, it was a mid-sized, simple sedan, not extravagant but also not shabby. I kept it clean with a few, spare accessories (oh but an awesome system for listening to music 🙂 there was a lot of making out in that car haha!

  34. Mercury at 0 degrees Aries conjunct MC, opposite saturn/jupiter, trine uranus.

    My mode of transport is a road bike from 1987. I ride fast but cautiously, always with lights and bright clothing. I spend about 1 1/2- 2 hours a day on the road and it is a great time to think and breathe. I’m a nervous type so I need the exertion to unwind.

    Despite being rather tall and muscular in build, my hands are very small with long spidery fingers and thumbs. I also have a gemini moon so I do a lot with my hands (piano, art, writing). When I was a kid I broke my wrists frequently and have to take care not to overdo it.

    • Erin! I have Merc in 8 Aries. Althouth its conj venus rx in the 12th (with sextiles and squares, which i wont go into detail), i can say my masculine mountain bike i got around age 10 was the best friend i could possibly have! And i would love to havd a dodge challenger and do some drifting in it! (not happening, i guess, im european). I just posted on fb today a picture of Ayrton Senna’s Lotus 97T of the day he first won a F1 Grand Prix (Portugal 1985)! Now guess where Senna had his sun: Aries 0 degrees! Later in the 80s he said ” I race to win” 🥳

      • Elsa, I just realized, as I wrote Erin this, the transiting moon is crossing the Aries point, Senna’s sun and Erin’s mercury. I love astrology, but “Postumous” astrology (is that a thing?) amazes me. I recall you wrote done on this perhaps a couple of years ago? Loved reading those 😁🤌

  35. Virgo Mercury, 1st or 2nd house depending on house system (I personally prefer Placidus), trining Moon, MC (actually forming a Grand Trine, but I know some people won’t . I also have Virgo rising, so Mercury is my chart ruler, and three planets and a node in 3rd house, also ruled by Virgo.

    All I can tell is that I’m fast, fast and fast. I move fast, I talk fast, I eat fast… I also read and write fast, and am generally speaking good with abstract concepts, which makes me a quick learner.

    Siblings: I have a halfbrother (same father, different mother) and a stepbrother (from my stepmother’s previous marriage) who grew up with us. I also was very close to my cousins when we were children. I was the eldest, and took the role quite seriously, especially with Gemini little brother who is almost 13 years younger than me.

    Transportation: I hate driving vechiles myself, but love being a passanger. I think that’s related to happy childhood memories, being on the road with my dad.

    Work: When I was a teenager, I used to consider most Mercurian jobs – except maybe journalism – quite unglamorous and never dreamed about them. However, I’ve found myself working mostly in commercial field, and actually enjoying what I’ve been doing. For instance, I never realized how much good communication skills matter in some secreterial jobs before taking one.

    Hands: One thing about strong Mercury is that I tend to pay attention to people’s hands in general, and have even studied some palm reading. My own hands are quite small, conical, thin and relatively long fingered. They’ve been called “artistic” by numerous people. In any case, they would be hard to ignore, since I use them a lot to gesticulate when talking.

  36. Darn, I posted a comment earlier but it never appeared. I won’t go in to mine again, but was curious if anyone out there has experience with people having Sun and Mercury conjunct in Libra?

  37. Mercury in Taurus, early 4th house, trine Uranus in Virgo and my Ascendant in Capricorn. My hands like to cook and I love textures (velvet!) of fabrics (cashmere, too!). I drive a CRV, silver (Uranus?), practical (Capricorn) in case of hurricane so I can pack up the dogs and my notebooks (lots of writing done here at home, of course, with Mercury in the 4th!) and get the hell outta Dodge. I’ve always worn one really good ring (silver, there’s that Uranus thing again) on my right hand–Taurus likes quality (as does Cap) I’m supposing.

  38. Bhahah, von, you sound exactly like me. Right down to the capitalized ‘LOL’

    Mercury in Aquarius, square mars and pluto. I have to laugh at that, because when it comes to a secret, hot damn do I ever want to know. Not for gossip, or really for any negative OR positive reason, just to KNOW. I like that feeling. And people find me easy to open up to.

    For instance, a friend of a friend has been going through a lot of shit lately and in his past. He’s a pretty private guy, he doesn’t like people knowing his shit. Anyways, he ended up telling me some pretty disturbing and personal details of his drug/alcohol problem to me a few weeks ago. He even stopped in the middle of his story to say “… I really don’t even know why I’m telling you this.” and then continued on.

    As for my hands and driving… hahah, small pale hands that are ALWAYS, ALWAYS cold. It’s a great weapon vs. tickles and the like. I wear two or three rings at any given time, and like to keep the same combos for as long as it feels right. 🙂

    And I’m a notorious texter/driver too. Hah! I sometimes space out and forget how to pay attention while I’m driving, but I’m not a risk-taker at all. Still sometimes takes me way too long to left-turn across traffic LOL

  39. HAHA, von, your car is so Leonine.

    mermaid649, what’s different about the US? What do you mean you have a French heart?

    I have Moon/Mercury so if I had a car, I would paint it on the outside, my car would be my home, I would scatter cds all over it. I knew a guy that had these random children paint his car, or something, they painted a sun and a landscape. I like to ride in people’s cars because it tells so much about them.

    I have pudgy, soft little children’s hands, (I either have the 5th or 6th Moon/Mercury in Cancer). They get dry during the winter. I used to like to crochet and do little tasks.

  40. My mercury:
    -conjuncts my sun in the 6th house,
    -squares saturn
    -sextiles neptune
    -trines pluto.
    -virgo (mercury) ascendant

    My hands are craftmans-like. Anverage all around. I use my hands alot, I am a sculptor, I pain my nails, I love hands on men in general, basically I USE my hands.

    I love to drive, i drive my car soo much. It’s where i process my life and decisions the easiest, I need movement to think sometimes. I like small compact cars. LOL

  41. wow this IS interesting =)
    I have mercury in Pisces in the 9th house… My hands are small, and look kind of old for my age =) I bite my fingernails and crack my knuckles! And give a great massage.. deep tissue, knows all your spots!
    Drive a pick up truck.. and a motorcycle. Prefer the motorcycle, or hiking =)
    I drive on the fast side, but people say I’m a good driver, except my husband… but he’s the only one that says I’m not! Boo! =) I’m intuitive about driving and anticipate others movements well and am calm.
    Hmm what were those other quirky things you can tell about this mercury!?

  42. I have Merc in Taurus in the 8th house.

    Needless to say, I drive a minivan that was passed down to me from my mom, haha. AND I have severe road rage!

  43. LOLOL!!! Oh you just ain’t joking! Mars conjunct Mercury causes hand injuries all the time. I am always having to make makeshift bandaids with tape and paper towels! I have odd fingers that are just like my mother’s and I have never seen another person with them. The middle and third fingers are crooked and the third fits snugly with the middle fingers. But I have good dexterity and I can get knots out of strings pretty easily. My mother loves windchimes and I recall one set kept getting all tangled up and I would sit and carefully unravel the plastic lines to it. My Mercury & Mars are right there in Virgo in my 7th house. I can get pretty mouthy with other folks when they piss me off.

  44. What do you think and feel about some astrologers saying Chiron is the true ruler of the sign Virgo?

    To me it makes a lot of sense! My asc is Virgo. My mercury is in taurus 9th house very well aspected by a pluto oppo and uranus neptune trine.

    My chiron is in Gemini conj Mc, mars and moon. I think my hands for ex is very gemini like. They are small feminine, very slender and I get so many compliments about my hands! My wrist circumference is 5,5 inches! (14 cm) And yes I constanstly cut my hands. Paper cuts, slamming my hands on something and getting a small cut etc. Burns not that much thankfully.

    I drive a sporty sedan car and my driving style is not typical girly style. I’m very impatient, and I like driving fast. I do obey the traffic rules though, Afterall, I’m born and raised in Sweden, a country with virgo rising, And known for obeying the rules.

    And to me for ex not using the blink signals, especially on the highways is a HUGE OFFENCE! I get soo angry with people not blinking! A wanna smack them really hard on the head! lol

  45. Mercury in Libra 12’th house. Hands,often getting hurt, too large, too knotty, for waif-like structure, but always served me, faithfully to do labour work, (until lately;repetitive motion injuries) and went through a trend of breaking /damaging objects at last Saturn return (Scorpio). Would really prefer to have a lot of information before deciding a position, however will advocate for, even if the position is weak, or not enough supporting evidence for sake of urgent – or social injustice. Car was a gift, (like most nice things I have), square honda – doubles up as fairly comfy place to sleep for road trips! No siblings (that I know of). Lots of family stuff kept secret, until maturity. Have driven professionally, learned from road trips with my Dad – still really enjoy it. Drove intuitively, most of life, not any more – lost that confidence. In my youth I would have loved calligraphy, and writing ‘script’, even (suspected) experience of ‘walk-in’, via writing…but today its not even legible…

  46. Never saw so many replies!!

    Merc/Cancer in10. Slow, thorough learner, eternal student, long expressive fingers, big loopy expressive handwriting (artist), drive shiny teal classic volvo 240 fairly fast with music or NPR – til unfamiliar territory; then totally turned-around and lost. First of four, seldom see sibs anymore.

  47. Merc in gemini in the 5th. I drive faster than the speed limit usually, but am safe and strategic, pay attention to variables like traffic, weather & road conditions. I like to make videos of the road as i drive, jamming out to loud music and pacing the speed/music to the road. I like to drive for fun and adventure. I cried when i got my first minivan but having downsized to a sedan again i miss the versatility i had with the van.

    I talk fast and get along better with kids most of the time. I also can get tangled up speaking or skip words bc the thoughts are so fast.

  48. Mercury conjunct Sun & Moon in 12th house cap square Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter in 9th house…school age trauma, earth hands, lead foot, masculine vehicle…until Saturn returned…very cautious later in life, good relationship with oldest sibling and we respect each others need for space, neighbors always have lacked boundaries. Progressed Mercury just turned Rx conjunct Mars in Pisces in 2nd house. Much more deep and thoughtful approach to all forms of communication, BS around personal value bubbling to surface, no more hiding.

  49. Mercury in Virgo in the 5th, conjunct Chiron and opposing Saturn. I definitely have a fear of my ideas being rejected. And I’m always beating myself up when I remember stuff I’ve said.
    My relationship with my biological sister is weird, she’s mean and says hurtful things (Mars in Gemini). I have stepsiblings.

    I should have gotten my driver’s license four years ago. I am afraid of the kind of driver I’d be (absent-minded and impulsive). The car… I’ve always wanted to live in a walkable city so that I’d have no need of a car. But if I had to have one, medium-sized, not too flashy, comfortable, with good A/C and no three-door nonsense.

    Oh… and I have small hands with short fingers. Some say they’re kinda chubby. I always keep my nails short. I like them because I’d hate to have claw-like hands.

  50. My retrograde Mercury is conjunct Neptune. And now Elsa knows already how I think, how I get along with neighbors and with siblings, how I drive, and how my hands look like? Sorry, but already that I would think that the way of thinking wouldn’t be important isn’t true! (There’s more about my Mercury than being conjunct Neptune, but conjunct Neptune should tell as much as the similarly simple ‘conjunct Mars’, and yes the term ‘thinking’ is a rather confuse concept to me because it reminds me at phrases like ‘follow my words, not my example’.)

  51. Mercury in Gemini in the 12 house. Mercury Sextiles Venus and Trines Uranus. I’m still learning astrology. I guess I could interpret those aspects as, flash inspiration, maybe? I love my mind, so maybe that’s Mercury sextile Venus?

    I have small hands. I love my sisters dearly. My car is small and economical.

  52. Along with how well one’s ability to manipulate the immediate environment, is what I feel can be found with Mercury. Gemini is related to the magician. Scorpio as well. And both Mercury and Pluto are very dense.

  53. Wow!!! What an interesting thread ?

    Let’s see.. Mercury in Cancer in 12th. It is conjunct my Part of Fortune, in mutual reception to my Moon in Gemini, and is in “easy” aspect to Mars and Uranus and “hard” aspect to Pluto.

    Education?? I had an unusual childhood in which early family trauma and a fearful immigrant mother who told me to never talk about it. So I didn’t. Or anything else for that matter. Not for nearly 7 years. The schools thought I was learning disabled and held me back another year in kindergarten.

    It turns out that I was firmly affixed in my 12th house world, living in daydreams and fantasy worlds and music that shielded me from the pain of that time. Later when I moved with my father and into a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle, I made a dramatic turnaround, excelling in everything from art to academics to sports, and the schools deemed me gifted almost overnight. I won a ton of awards and accolades throughout the rest of my education.

    It turns out that my 12th house Mercury needed encouragement and a positive environment to leave its happy little mental cocoon. ?

    Relationships with siblings?? Ugh. I have Pluto in the 3rd square Mercury. I don’t have a bad relationship with my brother per se but I haven’t seen him in over two decades either. He’s been difficult to pin down due to being very troubled with drugs and is now in jail so I feel like he’s the literally the negative manifestation of my 12th Mercury. The other brother I wasn’t even informed was born until many years later so we have no relationship. Not to mention he’s younger than some of my kids! ? Pluto in this house usually denotes either a deep relationship or complete estrangement with siblings or neighbors. I’m in the latter. ? Neighbors –I’m either full on or full off. Extremely close or barely at all. Thankfully, I love mine ?

    Automobile? In true Cancer mama fashion, I drive a newish baby-wagon (ie minivan) and I love it. IDGAF how people perceive it. It’s luxurious and comfortable and I have a terrific sound system. My kids are all old enough to enjoy my playlists with me. Being in my van alone without kids gives me that much needed solitude, especially when I can lose myself in music and go into my happy 12th house place where I can dream and retreat for a bit. Pretend I’m 17 again without responsibilities. Also, after numerous accidents, I drive like a Grandma. ??

    Hands? Short, thin fingers, delicate, naturally long nails, crepey skin with visible sunspots and weathering. Ambidexterous. With those aspects to Mars and mutual reception with Moon, I’m ultra-expressive with my hands. I communicate with them. I prefer body language and the subtle unstated and telepathy over the spoken word. I adore watching sign language and pantomimes and old silent films and people dancing. I love the feeling of kneading bread or being in the process of cooking and chopping and stirring. The feeling of digging in the dirt. So much tactile pleasure to be had. I relish it.

    Struggles? I’ve been told to write professionally over and over again but with Mercury in the 12th, I lack confidence. It’s never been good enough for my standards. I also sometimes feel like I write better than I talk. I get tongue-twisted easily and say things backwards when I get nervous. With Mercury in trine to Uranus, I have loads of ideas but they’re too futuristic to be taken seriously. I was thinking inventions up 30 years ago that exists now. Also, I’m an unwitting medium. 12th house Mercury imparts one with too many dreams and a lot of them prophetic, haunting, or downright disturbing. ?

    But overall, I wouldn’t trade. I like me too much ?

  54. Like Tonya, my hands are like my mother’s, but it’s the 1st and 2nd fingers which are crooked…( quite small, as well). Relationship with siblings – almost estranged from my sister; was close to my brother, but he died several years ago – I was geographically distant from them at the time. I don’t drive myself, but feel very at home in my eldest son’s fast, sporty red car……Mercury in Sag., in 3rd, aspecting Mars, Jupiter and Pluto….

  55. I have Mercury in Capricorn in the 5H. It is conjunct Venus, trine Uranus. I am aware that I can come off stoic, matter-of-fact, sometimes sounding like a buzz kill when I present facts. But with Venus there I can be charming (genuinely). With Uranus trine Mercury, it is absolutely true that you will, in no way, win me over but telling me what and how to think. I might even hate you for a minute. I can be proud, but super cool proud (5H Cap). I do have a dry sense of humor and it can be quirky.

    I love my siblings and there is nothing they can do that would ever cause a rivalry among us. We may not talk every week but I just love them to death.

    I love to drive and often treat it as a competition. Driving feels like flying sometimes.

    My hands? They are just woman’s hands, slender but always with callouses. My pinkie fingers are especially short and curved in slightly (it’s a genetic thing).

    • Oh yes, Mercury trine Uranus definitely gives flashes of information, sometimes psychic. When that happens, I take note and look for further signs or just be ultra aware.

  56. My scorpio mercury is 2 degrees from Moon Mars conjunct on one side, and 2 degrees from Neptune on the other side. In the 3rd. I love to drive. I am a woman and I love cars. I have almost always owned 2 cars at a time, just for me. Almost all of my work has involved using my car extensively. I have passed my father in law on the freeway. I have family who will not drive with me, but I have friends that will admit I am the best driver they have even met.
    I love to talk and it is almost impossible for me to keep secrets. Extremely psychic.

  57. Mercury in Virgo in 11th, sextile Uranus.
    I get along with my neighbors (as far as I can tell). With siblings I only had one brother and it seems I wasn’t very close to him – not by intent, but more by circumstances – he lived far away.
    Never owned a car in my life & hate to drive.
    My hands have served me well, good at producing precise and intricate things for my work (with a perfectionist tendency).
    They are “small” (I’m 5’1), slightly square, with very short nails, no varnish etc. (No girly stuff, but I love rings.)
    I guess they’re no-nonsense!

  58. “If you don’t think that understanding how a person thinks is important, you’ve probably got Neptune involved with Mercury.”

    What’s up with that last statement? I have Mercury (Rx) conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, and understanding how a person thinks is extremely important to me!

  59. Mercury in taurus 4th. Trine moon, uranus, neptune, ascendant, conjunct venus, square saturn, opposite pluto. I’m biased but at least I know it. First instinct is to withold sources, not necessarily information. Intrusive thoughts. I always edit my thoughts. You get a curated version of my inner blabber that would still have mistakes. Roll with the magic of mercury square saturn. Used to write poems. I’m an only child but I have loads of cousins. We keep in touch. My neighbors stuff me with home made sweets and baked goodies. Don’t have a car.
    A doctor once complimented my hands. I often get compliments on my nails. I don’t use colored nail polish just the transparent one maybe once a year and your ocasional hand cream, when I remember. But I’m a gemini sun so that clicks the astro.

  60. I have Capricorn Mercury in the 4th House in an almost exact conjunction to Chiron, squaring Mars and Jupiter. Strangely, people come to me for advice and ideas. Knowing they count on me I worry excessively about what I’ve said to them.

  61. 12 house mercury in Capricorn

    I raced cars for awhile. Road racing. Not oval track. Took high performance driving school, all that.
    I’m driving a Kia Sportage turbo. Fast, tight suspension. Corners pretty good for an SUV. Used to go to snowy British Columbia twice a month to see daughter. Till Covid. Have no need for the 4wd now. Wish I had a sporty little sedan. Turbo. (Moon 0 degrees Leo?)
    Mars 0 degrees capricorn. 12 house

    Mans hands. With arthritis knuckles (capricorn?) Size xtra large medical gloves. Perfect for my career as a midwife. (12house?)

  62. Merc in Gemini, 7th house. No car. Afraid of driving. Writing reading talking thinking i like it all. And do a lot of it. Am friendly to neighbours but always keep a distance. Hands. Got two of these. Lean flat hands with rather long fingers, not masculine but certainly not small. What does the 7th house do here.

  63. This explains a lot. Thank you for reposting from 2009, Elsa.

    My natal Mercury, Ascendant Lord, is at 20 Capricorn, retrograde, succèdent, burnt by the Sun, and tightly sextile Mars, which landed precisely at 22 Pisces conjunct the powerful and toxic fixed star, Markab, promising “trouble in Mercurial matters”.

    Due to the death of my mother in childhood and the impact of an abusive and evil stepmother, and a neglectful and disloyal father, I have no adult relationship with any of my siblings save one brother, who ignores me to stay on their good side. I am not in the will, and have struggled with actual homelessness, while the witch’s son lives in a half million dollar home they paid for even though he’s never legally made more than 15.00 an hour.

    I was never able to type faster than 50 wpm (the hands are slow). I drive a 21 year old car with a broken headlight, a cracked windshield, and no air conditioning, one that apparently keeps running as long as it has on voodoo (Mercury trine Pluto). I have adult-onset asthma. I was the only person I knew who had a serious reaction to the COVID vaccine – I developed a lung infection four days post vaccine that persisted for six weeks, necessitating daily painkillers to be able to breathe. Since Mercury is my Ascendant as well as my MidHeaven Lord, I have often wondered why I am even still here (my “time twin”, born in the same hospital around the same hour, died in a car crash several years ago, leaving three little children behind).

    One of the reasons I began studying astrology is so that I could step back from my chart (and my life) the way I have stepped back from my parents. I realize that no one could play such a shifty hand with any kind of decent result, and I therefore don’t take the awful result as any karma belonging to me. I used to read charts for free for people in the homeless shelter who were simply poor and not criminal or “mentally ill” or drug abusers, and I often saw the impact of toxic fixed stars on a highly relevant personal planet. I was able to tell them, “It isn’t you; it’s your shitty chart, but you are not your chart.”

    • Wow Monica, I’m so sorry…Your chart is extremely similar to mine, but my Mars is conjunct Mercury, and they are direct..that seems to make a difference..

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