Mercury Direct: September 15, 2023: Leaving Virgo With Honors

Mercury cometMercury will turn direct at 8 degrees Virgo on September 15th.  Smart! It was about to pick up an opposition to Saturn in Pisces, but no!  We’ve had sufficient!

Rather than enter the GASLIGHTING pressure zone, Mercury is turning direct, opting to enjoy support from Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto on it’s way out of Virgo.  Gemini, Virgo and others who like crisp information will benefit.

This will also help with any delay you’ve been dealing with, though we’ll still have five planets retrograde.

Just note that all things Mercury-ruled will be supported. Just as important, the planet will not be challenged or interfered with until it gets to the later degrees near the end of the month. At that point, it will have to make it by Neptune in Pisces before it ingresses into Libra and lightens up! People may actually start talking socially again. I live in hope!

How to feel about this upcoming change?


Mercury Direct: September 15, 2023: Leaving Virgo With Honors — 9 Comments

  1. I feel like everything is pending…so many things dropped, shelved, or waiting for A to happen so B can move forward.
    Research has been done–but not completed which is fine. Other issues (not mine to solve) might be ticking a long nicely without my input…l hope so.
    Dates on the calendar ‘penciled’ in only.
    I am held back by a giant unseen hand
    l am told: No not yet. Wait. But l dont know what l am waiting for…too tired to push.

  2. Mercury has been remarkably well behaved in my life, during this retrograde actually.

    But, it has been trampling around in my 8th house (after I started using the whole signs method, Virgo and not Libra was suddenly in my 8th house).
    So I have certainly gotten a good dose of the skeletons I need to start working on.

    But Mercury is also in sextile to my Scorpio planets, so I have been buying, sorting, giving away and buying a lot of old and new crystals these days for some reason. I guess it’s the healing thing, plus Virgo is an earth sign after all.. My psychic powers has also been a lot stronger lately.

    I am not 100% looking forward to meeting merury in my 9th/now Libra House, as it doesn’t like my Scorpio planets that much, and both Mercury and Venus is in Scorpio in my natal chart.

    Still, I have been more critical of my partner, so I think that is at least a nice thing to let go of….

  3. Can anyone expand on what happens if you have a sudden relationship break up during a Mercury retrograde? Is it true they come crawling back from under the turd they were hiding in, once Mercury is direct? (despite a strict no-contact rule)

  4. This station direct will happen on my natal Uranus in Virgo in the midst of my Sun-Uranus-Mercury Rx-Pluto in Virgo stellium. Things are slow with a major community organizing project but I am using the time behind the scenes to do a lot of grant writing for it and planning a film festival for it. I am also scheduling interviews for part-time positions that will fund my future goals. I am simply using it as a planning period. Things FEEL a bit foggy right now and I notice people not understanding what people are saying or meaning. It feels a bit “stuffy” but I feel like I can exhale in a week or so.

  5. Great picture of that Mercury Comet!!! Interestingly enough, the Mercury automobile launched in 1938–to signify speed and progress in Fordland–produced until the early 2000s.

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