Mercury Direct: May 3, 2017 – Unusual Time – Virgo & Gemini

Typically, I’m champing on the bit when Mercury is retrograde. I want to get the show on the road! Not so, this time. This is because Mercury will be so well aspected over the next three weeks.  

The planet will be in Aries, conjunct Uranus. Both planets will be tightly trined by Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a great time for almost any mental experimentation.

For example, I love the new writers on the blog. It’s fresh. It’s exciting. It’s creating opportunities, not just for the writers but for the readers who are treated to a fresh perspective.

This is a supremely good time to change your mind or to shake off old mindsets that retard your progress.  Virgo and Gemini are particularly energized.

If you feel your mind wanting to open…go with it. Try it! Think new thoughts and while you’re at it, make them BIG!

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Mercury Direct: May 3, 2017 – Unusual Time – Virgo & Gemini — 6 Comments

  1. I’m really excited for this energy.I’ve have had a somewhat narrow perspective regarding my ability to interpret tarot cards and I’ll be going to a tarot conference soon which will definitely help challenge my old way of thinking!

  2. It’s been happening this week, Elsa! All kinds of new ideas popping up in my mind, and being implemented…Now I have an idea why…..

  3. This mercury retrograde is exhausting my work place…we Are currently 3 or more weeks into with NO working computers, so all has to be written on paper and Archived for later, everyone is freaking out

  4. Cool:) I’m thinking really big! And the cool thing is that these thoughts are manifesting super fast. I feel like something I’ve been unconsciously working on my whole life has finally sprouted. And I’m dreaming of the possibility of it becoming an oak. It’s like my channel is super clear right now. I’m daring myself to think even bigger, faster, and more outrageaously beautiful than the thought from the moment before.

  5. I have Mars in Gemini in the first house so I am really feeling it!! It’s weird, I got a flat tire on Sunday, then my sink started leaking, but I don’t feel frustrated. I am rolling with the punches!! When life gives you lemons…use them!!

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