Mercury Direct: March 28, 2019 – Benefit Of The Doubt

Mercury clock ansoniaThis Mercury retrograde period has been particularly stressful for a lot of people.   I hate to say it, but it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

The day that Mercury turns direct is usually a relief. In this case, Mercury will turn direct in Pisces, conjunct Neptune. This is exactly what we don’t want, if we want to think or communicate, clearly.

I’ve seen people swept away during this retrograde period.  They’re just out to sea, somewhere. In a number of cases, “the sea” has been a Pisces-ruled, hospital!

This happened to me. I was working and then I was in the hospital – oops!

It also happened to my accountant.  She was about to file my taxes when her  adult daughter fell on a treadmill, went to the emergency room, where they found a brain tumor!  The tumor was removed the next day and she’s okay.  My point is, Mercury is closing in on Neptune at this time.

If you are trying to reach someone and you can’t, you’d be well advised to give them the benefit of the doubt. The person is likely caught up in something that they have no control over.

This foggy, delayed, evasive, confusing, disappearing freaky time will be sustained through the first week of April.

If you have clue-one how to go with the flow, now is the time!

How are you faring with Mercury retrograde in Pisces?



Mercury Direct: March 28, 2019 – Benefit Of The Doubt — 53 Comments

  1. Wow. That’s my stepdaughter’s due date. But we know how that goes, right lol? Doesn’t mean a whole lot because the baby is going to come out when she’s ready.

    • No it does not mean that. Like most wordpress blogs, I use Askimet to filter spam. It is that plugin that placed you in moderation.
      Thanks for the NOT benefit of the doubt, lol!

      Most likely, your ip is on spam lists (used by Askimet). Perhaps it’s your snottiness that gets you put on them, lol.

      But you are welcome here. If you comments are moderated (by the filter), I will put them through, manually.

      • @harfbuzz, I was reminded of a saying this week–“don’t assume malice where ignorance would suffice.” Certainly lightened me up!

        @Elsa, (and other users), I noticed that when I’m loggged into the forum side, my comments on the blog side go right through. When I’m not logged in, my comments to the blog are delayed. Not sure if you were aware of this pattern, or if it is just me. I visit places online, but I don’t use social media or comment anywhere else, or even like/dislike stuff online. I’m not a tech saavy person, but when I noticed that pattern, I figured it was just a matter of recognition. No biggie!

        • No one has ever reported that before. I don’t know if it is chronic over time or if it’s just started.

          I do know the forum is throwing errors at the moment. I’ve tried to get three different entities to look at it. No luck yet. It’s much not very interesting. 🙂

          • It’s no problem for me at all, not a problem that needs any correction or attention in my mind. I was just offering it as a possible explanation for those who feel weird about the moderation thing. 🙂

        • @harfbuzz, I was reminded of a saying this week–“don’t assume malice where ignorance would suffice.” Certainly lightened me up!

          That could be taken anyway; its down to interpretation, but to myself it looks like a nearly clever way of insulting someone on the sly, trouble is, who?

      • “…Perhaps it’s your snottiness that gets you put on them, lol.”

        And there the Mercury/Mars rears its ugly head!!

        Weldone – have you though that you might have done this before, that is made comments like that in the past toward myself, which might be the reason why I make them back at you – is it called karma? What ever you put out, comes back …

  2. I am born with Mercury in Virgo in house 12. Scorpio is on the cusp
    of house 3, Pluto also in house 12. Happy days! I am used to this. Gemini on Midheaven, this with the current Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn is in Scorpio.
    I think this all makes me a strong person. And I told before: Mercury in hous 12 can show you things that other persons cannot see
    so easy. It brought me a lot of mistique. : – ) : -)

  3. Third house. Its manifesting as me, going over my thought patterns and rewiring some stuff in my mind. I guess we could throw the subconscious in there too.

    No technology or communication issues.

  4. Earlier in the month another emergency room visit for my husband due to a choking incident.
    In my 4th house , my home has become a prison and my torture is watching my husband slowly being eroded away.
    The VA has not been able to find me help. Hospice only comes in long enough to bathe him. I need relief.

    • I’m so sorry, Opalina. I can relate somewhat. My husband just finished chemo and I have an 11 month old baby, a 13 and 10 year old as well. I barely leave the house. I’ve had nights where I would get up to breastfeed and clean my husbands puke bucket. I’ve developed tennis elbow from doing everything one handed while holding my daughter. It’s hard for me to have social interaction. This retrograde is happening in my fourth or fifth house depending on which house system you use. My husband just found house he is going to have to have bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. His neuropathy is bad. I feel overwhelmed.

      • Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I don’t mean to come on here and spill so much but I can relate to Elsa’s Blog post and it kind of triggered.

    • If the VA is not providing you with an in-home aide, you could request a volunteer from hospice. At least to sit with him so you can get out of the house for a while. I hope you get some relief soon and I am so sorry you have to see your husband go through this.

    • Prayers to you and your family. I hope you get the help and care you need. I know it’s hard. My heart is with you.

  5. Jesus. it’s not that scary. This retrograde has been nothing short of amazing for me. Not one bad thing has happened but some extremely good things have happened. k bye.

    • It may work with your chart. I know a lot of Mercurial types, flat out suffering.

      But I don’t think anyone is scared. Maybe your cognition is off, lololol.

  6. I was born with Mercury in Pisces, trine Neptune. It’s business as usual! The trick is to see what is going on behind the scenes, or to sense it. In such events, I try to put myself in the other person’s shoes.

  7. My granddaughter had a bug bite on her ankle. My daughter and I took the child to the pediatrician. That doctor sent her to the university emergency department for an ultrasound to ensure there was no joint involvement. The local doctor said the local hospital could scan it, but couldn’t treat it. We were in the university emergency department for nearly 5 hours. No scan was performed, but antibiotics were given. I told this to a doctor friend over lunch today. She rolled her eyes saying the local hospital could have done the scan and decided whether to send her to the university. — Hey, not my kid, not my decision.

  8. I will pray for those struggling with sickness in their homes.

    It’s in my 10th house I have to put up with similar condescending comments at work as is made on the blog on a regular basis.

  9. Next week the doctor will call me to schedule a colonoscopy. I just hope that and the bloodwork clarify things instead of bringing no answers and more confusion like last time. Mercury Rx and Neptune does NOT sound like a good combo.

  10. I have Mercury in Scorpio, actually he is trine the current situation with Neptune now, so my words, communication, art and so on really has a happy these days. More so than ever, I think.

    Still, Neptune and Pisces can also be a victimization, which I have been certainly feeling since my BF broke up, shortly after Mercury went into Pisces. He said some REALLY insensitive things, things that literally obliterated me on some deep gut level. But I know it’s not about me, more about him having a Venus-Neptune-Mars opposition which makes it so much harder and aggrevating to realize your partner is just … gasp – HUMAN!!! Wirth – gasp – FLAWS!!! And not – OMG – perfect!!!


    Those Neptune-Venus-Mars rose colored glasses. I am sorry to rip them off, honey, but you need to get your ape ass together and see the world and people for what it is. Now get yourself out of my life before I throw another fit!

  11. It’s been awful! In my 12 th. Feels like trying to think and function w your head under water plus all rx problems to deal with. Rain in the US never stops, too!

  12. I’m astounded with the number of health related issues that have come up – I have had a case of shingles and I’m trying to understand the Saturn connection.

  13. This is the worst period of my life, period. I have 0 orb Mercury conjunct Neptune natally, my husband passed away and I’m going crazy thinking who’s gaslighting me or is it all in my head – I’m so lonely, too much time to think and some of my friends are indeed borderline shitty gaslighters so I reckon there isn’t a conclusive answer. I’d move the f away from this town but I have stuff to finish, I have no real plans and I have zero energy to pack and move, so… I don’t even know what to do. Like how can this even get worse.

  14. Hi Elsa, thanks for a great post. Waiting for Mercury to go direct and dreading the next week when he continues to hover over Neptune.

    I’m trying to sell a house and after a good start in Feb the buyer has been evasive all through March, I’ve finally given him a deadline of 1 April to legally commit to the sale.

    My semi detached partner has been elusive, saying he wants a sort of break, seeing me on his terms while he’s also busy doing building work, which has had delays in March.

    I’ve never really noticed a Mercury retrograde before but this one’s a stonker. Any comments gratefully received.

    • That’s a perceptive reply Dolores! Yep, all at sea says is a good description, that’s just what it feels like.

      I’ve decided to go with the flow re my partner, think this the best way, especially as I am a Cancerian, watery,like mercury retrograde in Pisces.

      Interestingly, the buyer of my house submitted the paperwork necessary for the house sale to move forward – he sent it an hour after Mercury stationed. I’m prepared for maybe some more delays until shadow is over mid April but I found that timing amazing!

  15. My retired husband left the back gate open (?!) and promptly went downstairs to play with his man toys. My splendid beast of a Siberian Husky got out and was killed on a busy through street. Absolute love of a dog, didn’t ask for much, but needed walking or running or dog park because he was young and robust. People would stop, comment, want to touch him, yell after me, “I love your dog!” He was truly splendid.

    So, my husband leaves the carcass in my car for 24 hours until I finally ask him what his plans are. “I don’t know. I was waiting for you to tell me. Do you want me to throw him on the dump or do you want his ashes?”

    “I’m not throwing my dog on the dump.”

    I’ve always known he was a little eccentric. Now I’m seeing out of character. May ask his MD to start doing cognitive decline checks. Or…maybe Mercury R/Neptune swept him away. How do I make it permanent?

    • (((((Carly!))))) That is so sad!

      Yes, Neptune can make people behave out of character, like neglect basic self-care etc. Hope you find a way out.

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