Mercury Direct: June 22, 2021 – Expect Trouble Into July

drip drip dripMercury will turn direct in Gemini on June 22nd.  I usually take these periods in stride but this has been a particularly difficult interval.  This is because it’s kept the planet in hard aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

Who hasn’t flaked out or been flaked out on, over the last couple weeks? I’m guessing, no one.

We have a week to go.

  • Maybe one of two roofers I have contacted with actually show up to fix my roof.
  • I’m sorry, I bought the wrong plane tickets for my daughter and grandson.
  • My husband’s car is in the shop.
  • Bring your marriage certificate to the driver’s license place to get your Real-ID.
  • The event was on Friday night not Saturday night which is when we showed up.

It’s all been really draining and it’s going take a while to “dry up”.  This is because Mercury will turn direct at 16 degrees. Neptune is at 23 degrees so it’s got to close that square.

That won’t happen until  July 7th.

I know, I know.

Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip.

At least you’d been warned.




Mercury Direct: June 22, 2021 – Expect Trouble Into July — 30 Comments

  1. This Mercury retrograde has been one of the most pressurised I have ever experience. Even against those that involved long term bullying by groups of people.

    I am at home today rather than at work because I lost it and started kicking the machines.

    I have made a lot of insights into my own blind spots. I had dismissed some of the warnings into individuals because the people talking about them were not that good at conveying the information imo. This period is both tension and setting up habits, changing unexamined habits, that will probably last indefinitely in my life.

    • I agree it’s been horrific. And all the info that is leaking out and sneaking up on people… veils are dropping – trauma will follow.

      • Well, I am in the UK and have almost disowned conspiracy completely, in that, I used to have some faith that there were good guys and I had thought once that Boris was. Then I saw his eyes changing shape on a video and I have written it all off. I pay no attention to it at all. There are good guys and bad guys doing all that but it is beyond me to figure it all out. I think what you mean is this information.

        But in the UK, in the thoroughly left wing town I live. People are not aware of it all AT ALL. It’s not like the left are worried about an audit. They just are unaware of it. They Whatsapped each other in a panic at the election that Trump might get back in. Then forgot about it. The Guardian said that all claims of election fraud were disproven.

        So yeah, if Reiner Fuellmich or various audits in America come out then this will cause shock. I have had family members be extraordinarily passive aggressive, them being pro left, to the point where continued contact is unlikely. They are committed to the mainstream view. They have all had their vaccines. Members of my family have volunteered to give them!

        If this all comes out, I can’t even imagine seriously. I prefer not to. When I was into conspiracy it would be a moment of triumph but no more. I am more emotionally connected now.

        My channeling mentioned this this morning actually. Although I could not follow most of it I recall something like this.

          • Well, on the domestic level. Management at my workplace are in denial about two things: A) If they try to deny me holiday I will take them to court, I think the guy stopping that is getting upset he has to give holiday. He prefers to try and stop almost everyone having it.

            B) The immigration is stopping and the rules have massively changed. They cannot expect the best of the best for the lousiest pay and conditions.

            It’s not what I would call “traumatic” though. Perhaps it is in their world, and it is an undermining of existing belief systems. But nothing on the level I just described.

        • I think some were originally Good Guys but Something Was done to turn them. I watched a local rebellious professional flip to the official narrative after being sidelined briefly. Sad.

    • Dear Elsa,
      Thank you so very much for this Post.
      My Sun is at 3 degrees of Capricorn
      I am ever so thankful to you for
      all the goodness you bring to each us.
      Without a doubt you are a *Shinning Star*
      I appreciate the good news.
      God Bless you in everyway.

  2. I really hope the truth comes out as a result of this rx. All around me, people are lying through their teeth, lying in court, lying to themselves… maybe this will be rectified when Merc passes 23 degrees?

  3. The wave of truth will be to big to bear for most. Many have made their choice (rx) and pushed their family members (children) in that same direction. This truth wave is unstoppable and will cause people to absolutely loose it as they realize the blood on their hands and what they have just done to their bodies and what they have accepted. People won’t be able to hide behind blaming gov’t or pharmaceutical or media, personal responsibility will be forced to be reckoned with it as they start to fight for their lives (health).

    • We are talking about different things as well.

      All points are valid. It goes to show you the scope of this. I am working on how to frame this. Incubating ideas.

      • Im torn cause I dont know how Ill react to the vax. I already had Covid in December. I heard from several people that if you already had Covid and have natural anti bodies, getting a vax would be overkill literally and would affect your immune system badly. I feel so pressured. I have a inner strong feeling that Ill react badly to it. A teenage boy in Utah related to Mitt Romney was told thats why he was hospitalized to the vax with blood clots, was because he already had Covid. Im stressed to say the least.

          • Thank you Elsa. I am even holding my breath writing this here.

            I cannot take vaccines. I am allergic to them, starting with childhood. (Polio, etc.) The Flu shot, the Pneumonia shot, that was enough for me. I will not take the Shingles shot (see last paragraph).

            A couple people on another forum lit into me and actually challenged whether I got sick from the vaccines. It was ugly.

            This leads me to a whole other issue:
            If I am masked because I can’t produce a vaccine certificate when requested am I going to be accosted, given the evil eye, told I’m an anti-vaxxer (I am not), etc.? If I choose to wear a mask does that mean I’m an anti-vaxxer or that I belong to any particular political party?? NO.

            I had shingles 37 years ago before the meds were invented. I wanted to die from the pain. I use natural methods to combat it, and they work well for me. Antivirals such as Red Marine Algae (Gigartina), Super Lysine and also BHT. They shut down any shingles twinges as soon as they start. It works.

            • PS “Gigartina” is a natural anti-viral so I use it for the flu as well – even though I’ve only had the flu once in my life (the “Boat People Flu” in San Francisco back in 1981).

    • I dunno. There is also a liberation aspect of all this and a lot of people will be liberated from poverty, bad relationships, illness and/ or oppressive workplaces.

      Also, the people around who are truth tellers or healers or whatever, are still going to be around in that capacity mostly. And even if they can’t stand the left/ msm now they will have a natural human empathy if and when people go into breakdown.

      I think it will be fine, after a fashion. Of course there would be new dangers in a new world such as this but, I think that is a good baseline.

  4. One computer problem after another! I just want my tabs where i want them! Also my not-yet-two-years-old mattress has developed a divot that gets closer and closer to swallowing me up whole every night! Grr.

  5. The host of a webinar I took yesterday kept having audio issues and then when that seemed to be fixed, her video was lagging intermittently.

    I had an interview set up through a recruiter who is on the west coast – she kept confusing the times of the interview between me and her client, thinking in terms of PST and not EST which is where the client and I both live. Today, the client became so frustrated with the scheduling that they canceled the interview.

    It’s been confusing and combined with other challenging energy of late, makes even the tiny things feel like it’s all piling on and a bigger issue than it really is.

  6. I understand one of our potential roofers can’t come to the phone because he’s in jail (Neptune!).
    I called the other and asked if they knew when they might make it out. They had no clue.

    I called another who referred me to the metal roof supplier because they did not do them. I was give four names and numbers… called two of them. One is coming tomorrow. The other is just coming! 🙂

    I am pretty sure this is progress.

  7. Yeah, this Mercury Rx is really aggravating. Internet is hit or miss. Computers freezing, Unable to get messages out or get them straight. Car is causing us worry. Come on July, you can’t get here fast enough.

  8. I feel like I’ve noticed this Mercury retrograde more than any other. The first day of it a drunk driver backed into my neighbor’s parked truck. I called the police (after he drove off, of course) to tell them to be on the lookout for the vehicle. 20 minutes after the first hit and 5 minutes after I got off the phone with the police he was going the wrong way up my street and hit an oncoming vehicle.

    My phone and internet have been squirrely. One of my best friends since age 14 and I have not been speaking since before the retrograde started. The guy checking me out at Petco the other day said his boyfriend and his roommate are not speaking.

    My AC had an issue last week, the AC repair people came. I thought they were going to tell my landlord what was wrong. Over the weekend, landlord texted me asking what they said. I called AC people today to ask them if they’ve talked to my landlord, no call back yet.

    I have the 22nd circled on my calendar!

  9. Reveille ,yep a loud wake up for sure
    I feel like I could retch but trying to keep the beat ,as mad and sad
    Give an ugly outside look
    And my feelings have nothing to do with the new info ,in thru the nose out thru the mouth

  10. This Mercury retrograde has caused lots of friction in at least two of my relationships. It’s in my 7th house where my Moon is opposite Saturn so I’m taking everything personal and OMG, it hurts. For instance, someone in my Bible study attacked me verbally, but she’s popular with the group, so it’s ok even though she lied. A week later my mother tried to attack me verbally. Oh the pain. I’ll be glad when it’s over. I’m tired of being hurt and angry but I also realize the ways I need to grow through it. My mother has dementia and I’ve been in denial about it. I think the Church lady was jealous over what was posted in Facebook but now she can’t see my posts.

    • Agreed! Mine is also happening in the 7th house. I’m sorry about your Bible study issue, ladies in Bible study shouldn’t be acting like that, should they!? My main relationship issue is not speaking to my “best friend” since 9th grade, but that started around my birthday at the beginning of April, so not sure what’s driving that. But it’s been 2.5 months now so clearly we can do without each other. I’ve been meaning to send her a letter. She stopped writing back to emails first, then she won’t talk on the phone, she only communicates over text which annoys me…hard to have a more in-depth friendship only over text. So, I’m going to snail mail her a letter then let the chips fall where they may.

      I hope your stuff gets better soon!

      • Oh my, you too! I didn’t expect Mercury retrograde to cause so much anguish. BTW, the 7th house is also the house of “open enemies.” So maybe that’s why they’re acting out. “Don’t throw your pearls before swine,” as the saying goes. Hmmm…?

        • Ah, I’d never heard of the open enemies thing with 7th house! I love that saying. Hopefully the church lady who lied will be outed! The open enemies thing is so interesting. I have one at the bar I go to. She told someone she didn’t like me for reason X when I know it’s for reason Y, but admitting it’s reason Y would just make her look bad, so she says it’s for something else. I ignore her when we’re both in the bar. I think part of her issue is jealousy. I’m well liked in the bar, and we’re the same age but I look a lot younger.

          Anyway, you do you and focus on the good and positive and don’t give energy to that jealous woman in Bible study. Let’s compare notes after Mercury goes direct, see if things improve!

          • Yes, the church lady is a couple of years younger but I’m young-looking and I lost a few pounds too. But OMG, I know now not to give her any more of my energy. I found out she gets jealous easily and can just as easy become a frenemy!! 😱

  11. At begin of Merc rx I saw old friends (diff ones each time)for couple of weeks now near the end I’m having a/c(replaced) dishwasher and refrigerator repaired tomorrow. Fingers crossed I’ve hit my ‘things come in 3’s’ total

  12. I just got off a call and it VERY much illustrates the mercury/neptune/fog/confusion I think we’re all feeling, and I feel compelled to update.

    So a few weeks ago, began literally a day or two before mercury went retro, I got a funny vibe from a recruiter that I was working with on a job search, after my interview with the company she submitted me to took place. The interview didn’t go well, (long story short, a super picky person who is looking for a unicorn that does not exist, and she’s also much younger and less experienced than I am – the position still remains open), but the feeling was mutual.

    That wasn’t the confusion.

    I was super duper confused about what this interview did to my relationship with the recruiter. As other opportunities from different recruiters at the same firm came my way, I was getting ghosted and felt like they were icing me out.

    Cut to just a few minutes ago, and another recruiter from the same agency contacted me about a different role – saying that recruiter I mentioned above spoke super highly of me and recommended me for this new role.

    Talk about fog, paranoia and making something out of nothing.

    I hope and pray that when we get out of this aspect, we all realize that we allowed our minds to play tricks on us. Even if veils are being lifted for some of us, I still don’t think we’re seeing the full picture, and there may be a wall of veils obscured by the fog that haven’t even made our way to us yet. Who knows, what if the veils being lifted were designed to deceive?

    What a crazy time this is!

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