Mercury Direct: July 31, 2019: While You Were Sleeping…

Mercury old cardMercury will turn direct near midnight on July 31st. There may be some drama with this, considering the shift occurs less than one hour after the brilliant new moon In Leo.  Most of us will sleep through this, but when you wake up on the morning of August 1st, look for it to be a “special” new day.

It’s notable that Mercury turns direct at 23 degrees, Cancer.  It’s a sensitive point because Saturn and Pluto will crush this degree in 2020.

I don’t say that to scare you. Just pay attention if you have planets that will be affected because there’s a good chance you’ll get a clue around what’s coming up. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be blindsided if I can help it!

I realize this is post is pretty heavy for a Mercury retrograde piece, but hey!  The planet is turning direct in tight opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.  This is the way this has to read!

On the upside, Mercury will clear Cancer on August 11th, to join the stellium in Leo. This will be fun!

It will be particularly relieving for Mercury-ruled, Gemini and Virgo and people with planets in the late degree of Cancer. These people have been weighed down by Pluto in Capricorn which can be seen from at least one angle, as intractable crap!



Mercury Direct: July 31, 2019: While You Were Sleeping… — 10 Comments

  1. Dang, that is good to know. My Sun/Venus/Jupiter stellium are all at 20/21 degrees Scorpio.

    My health has been taking a beating this summer, as all the cancer planets are having a party in my 6th house. Can’t wait for this to be over. So tired of being tired/laid down! Just today I went out for a whole hour in the afternoonaand I am still tired. Christ!

  2. With a 25deg Cancer ASC, and Venus @17deg and Mercury @29deg, both in Capricorn, life has been challenging.
    My 1st/12th along with 6th/7th houses have been in play.
    Relationships have really evolved, or dropped altogether.

    People have shown me their many faces.
    Jobs are hard to find, money is scarce.
    I should add Uranus is super conjunct my Moon.

    I will have to pay close attention to what’s to come. I’m in a riff with the mother of my child. She’s gone off the deep end. Really needs help but refuses to seek it. Remains in her comfortable misery. Hard to watch.
    This has been a rigorous few years and the culmination is approaching. I’m doing my part. Responsibility and honesty is my approach.
    Seems everyone must make the hard choices, the one’s staring them in the face.

  3. With my ASC at 21, Mercury at 26 and Mars at 28 cancer, I have not enjoyed the weight Pluto has been putting on these placements. That being said, I have been working to alleviate the weight (deal with it) in the best way possible. “intractable crap” LOL!! Ha, good one :).

  4. This Merc Rx has been exhausting. I’ll just be glad when it’s over.

    I don’t feel any heavier but I am aware of how heavy I am. I am giving myself permission to be that way. Just like those in flight with their feet off the ground have permission to do their airy fairy. They just can’t expect me to feign airiness in return.

  5. You can feel the weight of the standing still now as motion in communication is stalled well the heat dosent help and opposing pluto creates heat adding this is a United State’s Forth of July 1776 sign and very close degrees and opposing a Pluto return from 1776 in Capricorn.

  6. Gone through a really rough time for just over 5 years now. My 3rd House is 24 Deg Cancer, 9th House is 24 Deg Capricorn, My 7th House is in Scorpio at 23 Deg, My 8th House is in Sagittarius at 22 Deg. (Military Degree) I am like a Sergeant Major. (Lol!) My 2nd House is in Gemini at 22 Deg. Does it count if it is one percent out? I also have Gemma in Leo at 23Deg in House 3. Not sure what is happening but I know change is coming. I was told tomorrow 1st August 2019. So we will see.

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