Mercury Direct In Virgo: October 2, 2022 – Rough Couple Of Weeks!

mercury manMercury is currently slowed down, ready to turn direct in Virgo at 24 degrees, early in the morning on October 2nd.  It’s interesting  because the planet is involved in Grand Trine in Earth and a Mutable T-Square. Is it any wonder you don’t know what to think?

Granted, the Grand Trine in Earth is good, but Mars in Gemini squaring Mercury and Neptune in Pisces clouding the issue and is causing all kinds of problems as people irk each other.

You can transcend this though. Make an effort to help people rather than hurt them. The problem is, what you think constitutes “help” may be viewed differently by the other person or persons. Odds of this are quite high.

A lot of people are avoiding (Neptune) communication (Gemini & Virgo). I can understand this and it may be the best choice if you can’t keep the knives from flying out your mouth.

What do you see out there?


Mercury Direct In Virgo: October 2, 2022 – Rough Couple Of Weeks! — 10 Comments

  1. I just saw a road rage clip on the news last night. One car tried to run the other car off the Highway on to the shoulder. Once they got them there, the person got out of the offending car with a knife and started stabbing at the car, probably hoping to get the defending driver. The person stabbing was acting very strange jumping about as if in a martial arts dance, squatting with legs close and diagonal to the ground then sprinting up again! Talk about knives out! Keep hearing about more stabbing than shootings too in general, which is unusual!

  2. Starting therapy groups on Monday for people getting ready to transition from long-term care to the community. I guess the first thing I should do is ask the group members to talk about what they feel they need the most help with instead of going in with an agenda. I have a feeling these first group sessions will be a little out of sorts/confusing at first. Interesting.

  3. I’ve been feeling this coming.
    People have been driving erratic. They also are 2 ways. Erratic like that guy or just dead numb from all the bad news and being overworked. I’ve gotten jumped by about 5 things. I know when they are dealt with I’ll be lighter and life simpler.
    Right now my head is humming from the onslaught of twists and turns my life has taken over the course of a few months.

  4. So feel it ! My mother had a black belt in verbal karate (mercury/pluto) I have this also, and have learned to control and moderate – yet it’s so hard right now! Don’t feel like raging at the world, just certain individuals who have tried to control and intrude.

  5. Wow you are always spot on Elsa…I am heavily ruled by mercury (gem sun & mercury, Virgo rising) my dad is a gem moon and my brother is Virgo sun. I had to be the mediator for them today when my dad just blew up on my brother and started freaking out about all these things he had been holding in. Both of them of course thought they were in the right and were saying things to hurt each other. I was like hey guys you’re both doing the same thing to each other and not communicating right, plus it’s mercury retrograde so calm down. My libra moon hates conflict.

  6. I see EXACTLY what you are saying in the world, in my work place, and those closest to me.

    The undertone of intense projection upon others when they are not around is rampant, verbally too, or otherwise.

    I am annoyed by it all. I can get caught up in the drama as well, wanting to play sides. Took time to myself to stand back and ask myself a few questions and realize I was almost willing to be a fool.

  7. did you see the news on Indonesia football (soccer) match whilst merc turning direct in virgo with this t-square?

    “Football fans “died in the arms” of players during a crush at Indonesia’s Kanjuruhan stadium”, bbc oct 3

    body count 125, of which 32 children

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