Mercury Direct: April 15, 2018 – Mind The Brick Wall In Your Path

Mercury will turn direct by midday on April 15th. This is good news, but don’t expect miracles. Mercury may be direct @ four degrees, Aries, but the planet will be closing a square with Saturn in Capricorn. 

You can rush if you like. Considering there is a new moon in Aries, less than 24 hours later, most of us are going to want to act impulsively.   That’s fine, but be aware there’s a brick wall in your path. The pressure from the Mercury Saturn square will increase until it peaks on April 25th.

You might avoid breaking your nose against that wall, if you take the time to plan (Saturn). Think about moving ahead in a methodical fashion. This is a situation where a shortcut might cost you in the long run and hey!  The “long run” in this case is ten days.  Think in terms of slowly gaining speed and momentum. Avoid a shin splint!



Mercury Direct: April 15, 2018 – Mind The Brick Wall In Your Path — 7 Comments

  1. The great thing about this particular Mercury retrograde is that it’s in my 7th house. I’m tying up loose ends in my analysis of some past relationships! It’s like a great ending to some things.

  2. Thank you for the heads up! Makes a lot of sense for me personally. I have something planned on the 14th and I can already forsee how I could act impulsively and how it will bite me in the ass. Definitely going to give this some thought.

  3. oh boy I have an important exam to write on April 21.

    Mercury is the ruler of my sun transiting in 5th house square Saturn in my 2nd house while opposing/squaring my natal venus @ 8 degree cancer 8th house.

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