Mercury Can’t Go Direct Soon Enough!

This Mercury retrograde period has been a mess!  In the end, I have had to buy a new computer and a new phone.  I’ve had to get T-mobile to send me not one, but two new solutions to life in a rural area. I’m talking about a Personal Cell Spot(s) and some other amplifier thing that did not work.

I’ve got a broken mower out there. It’s an old one, with the moving deck removed to it has a higher clearance. We use it to pull a tiller behind – been dead in the water for this entire period. I am pretty sure I will have to buy upgrades for all my astrology software as well.

I also changed insurance companies – it took hours, but by God, we got our taxes in on time!

There are countless other smaller items and things that are up in the air but this is has been the most costly Mercury Rx period I can remember, offhand.  I only hope this settles things for awhile. Ugh!

If  I’ve been scarce, now you know why.


Mercury Can’t Go Direct Soon Enough! — 18 Comments

  1. Amen to this!! Our transmission bit the dust and had to find another vehicle; screw purchasing during Mercury retro because this was an essential. Not to mention all kinds of personal relationship shenanigans with children (young adults, supposedly). So time to enter survival mode!

  2. Vintage faucet on the tub broke, none in stock, replacement took a week and cost $300, then installer had doc’s appointment when it arrived…The battery died on my work car so had to shove my easel into back of the sedan and bungee the door shut to transport it to the studio…Went out to door-knock this morning for my candidate for US House and it rained.

  3. (((Elsa,)))
    Kinda thought so – as long as you’re not sick – that’s the important thing and something to be so grateful for. It’s almost over….sending warm fire 🔥energy your way!
    Aries Rising

  4. One of the worse ones I can remember in years! Literally everyday, it’s the computer, A/C, car, mail problems, TV, work schedule, banking…
    It’s truly been crazy.

  5. I agree. I have been mentally tormented by decisions this retrograde. I have important decisions to make, and time is of the essence, but have been unable to make up my mind or think straight!

    • I could understand this w/ Mercury’s square to Saturn (and to Mars earlier), too! After the 24th it should be better (I hope for all of us!)

  6. same here; two cars, alarms, key fobs, two mobile phones, (1 died), central vac, Lawnmower, power, storms, torrential rain, sick husband,and feuding neighbours, misunderstandings galore, many lost small things, knotted lines/leashes/and knottable “things”. . . . . on and on. . . . . and on. . .

    A very trying time, very lucky to have the knowledge & wisdom which astrology (and provides in order to show patience and knowing.


  7. (((Elsa)))
    Back on Weds., you brought up “The Ice Storm” movie but us northerners up in southern Ontario are currently experiencing what weather forecasters are calling “an historic ice storm” with massive power outages, hundreds of car pile-ups, and heavy wind gusts (due to a ‘Colorado low’). Not like we’re completely surprised, though,being that this is pretty much par for the course in our area around this time of year. So, another thing to add to Mercury’s list! I’ll definitely be breathing a huge sigh of relief but only after we’ve made it through its post shadow period, lol. (Please, please don’t let our power go out tonight as it’s currently 21º F. here …… with the Bruins’ game just having started with the Sharks’ game to follow!)

  8. Elsa, what planets/angles did this mecury touch in your chart?

    Its been eventless for me material things wise. I’m virgo asc. I just get affected when Mercury is in virgo retro or mutual signs.

    Maybe it had a finger in it when I last week decided to bring up something that bothered me so much about something my 2 male friends had did, how they had dissmessed my attemts to hang out outside school. I thought, mercury retro would do good when communicating things I had held in since December haha!

    The result? I got out what I had to say. They were really uncaring and just shrugged it off…. They were like “You should have been more direct, we did not get you wanted to hang out!”

    I did not get any emotional support from them, they thought it was my fault, and that “Women” always talks in codes, and their simple minds can not get it. Breaks my heart…

    Dunno if they will come around when Mercury goes direct again… I hope so.

    • btw way, when I asked for them to hang out to the movies last december, (and I was very open and direct when I asked them! I was on Aries mood!)

      Mercury was in retrograd back then aswell! I mean, what the fudge? Is that why they did not get me?

      And was it wrong of me to bring this up again, when Mercury, again was in retrograde? Or did I close the cirkle now? I hope so!

    • “Elsa, what planets/angles did this mecury touch in your chart?”

      Natal Mercury.
      It also hit my husband’s, Mars, Mercury, Saturn T-square.

    • Yes and no. Change is effective in May. It was cumbersome to do, though. But I’m glad it was done.

      This whole thing has been Saturn-flavored. I’ve simply had to plow on!

  9. I tried to plow on. The plow broke. Laptop has given up,, 2k to get a new one, probably after hard drive I’ve ordered bound not to work. No software downloads, crashing, weeks of work lost, poor rats being poisoned in the garden, forgot estranged dads birthday. Personal work lost by tutor, health worries, bleeding money on new website that remains invisible and depressed as hell. Want to literally ram my head against the wall! This feels like it’s going to keep going I don’t feel the direct there’s too much happening with Aries. Should print off Satoris advice this week in case I totally lose it. It won’t be pretty. Feeling Cheated By Life. They say dont sweat the small stuff but crashed computers and losing stuff makes me go completely nuts.

  10. Ok here goes. Laptop given up the ghost, 2k to get a new one, probably after hard drive I’ve ordered bound not to work. No software downloads, crashing, hours of work probably lost, had to poison poor rats in the garden, cant go outside, weeks of rain, forgot estranged Aries dads birthday. Personal work lost by tutor, health worries, age worries, bleeding money on new website that stubbornly remains invisible. Feeling slab-like Saturn sitting on my ribcage with Pluto in the 3rd. Today I was tempted to literally ram my head against the wall! This feels like it’s going to keep going I don’t feel the direct there’s too much happening with Aries stuff, tightening like a ratchet while quite fascinated by the insidious reverse power of it. I mean just what is the point of it? Yin and yang? Clockwise and anti-clockwise gravitational pull? Crashed computers and losing stuff just makes me go completely nuts. Maybe it literally affects brain fluid too. I feel sorry (afterwards) for people when I have to vent. I am just one mad Mars hare.

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