Mercury Aspecting The Sun And Moon: My Possibly Sentient Wireless Router

wireless routerMy wireless router has been behaving abominably. I ordered a new one last week and it just came in today’s mail. I haven’t been able to get online for more than five consecutive minutes without restarting the router and even then it’s been slow. There’s a brand new shiny router in the house now, not hooked up, and what do you think is happening? The old router is operating at peak levels unseen in months. Its like it KNOWS its replacement is on deck and it’s performing its little heart out.

Clearly I have no idea why this would be, but what is interesting to me is my own tendency to ascribe to it human motivations and emotions, even an ego. I have Pisces (universal) sun (life, ego) conjunct Mercury (communications devices) in the 7th house (projection) aspecting the moon (feelings) and Uranus (technology). I tend to do this with things in general anyway. When I was a kid I didn’t want to throw anything away in an empty trash can as it might be lonely. I’d wait till I had two things so they had company. I hope you’re not as crazy as I am.

Do you anthropomorphize non-human entities? Can you pinpoint the astrology? I ask because my cat is curious.

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Mercury Aspecting The Sun And Moon: My Possibly Sentient Wireless Router — 26 Comments

  1. That is so funny, Satori. My teenage daughter is a Pisces Sun and Mercury and she does this all the time. And yes, she even speaks up on behalf of her cat too. LOL.

    I anthromorphize vacuum cleaners. Don’t ask.


    Heh, just kidding. My cat is one of my dead grannies. They even share a name, and I didn’t give it to him! (He was a jailbird). So….if I do this it’s because I have to. He doesn’t appreciate if I don’t recognize him.

    Uranus/Moon…need I say more?

  3. Your router’s behaviour reminded me of Meteora when she found out there was a new toy for Christmas. This is when SHE was the new toy –

  4. Just thinking of Woody watching Andy drive away off to college makes my eyes overflow. I loved my toys and stuffed animals and totally believed they came to life.

    That’s why everyone loves Pixar! A lot of what they’ve done is exactly what you’re talking about. I seriously believe they are divinely inspired.
    Hmm, maybe it’s my Pisces moon and my Scorp Merc and Neptune conjunct in the 3rd. Sort of fairytale-ish.

  5. I still have my stuffed dog, Brownie, on my nightstand shelf. I promised him (when I was little) that if there was ever a fire I would save him. kids and pets first, but also Brownie if at all possible. I’d leave my computer and personal items, even my purse, before Brownie.

  6. When I was a kid, I would set up all my stuffed animals on my bed each with a book so they would not be bored while I was at school. I just packed them all up recently in a plastic bag and took them to the attic and am still dealing with the guilt that its dark and cold up there and they probably cant breathe in that bag.

  7. !!!YaY Satori YaY!!!
    Stoked you got your new router! Life is about to get easier again, for a while =)
    I have had the same syndrom happen with almost all my mobile phones… & my hair. Whenever I decide to get a new phone because the old one is playing up too much… it works like a charm all of a sudden. When I decide I need a haircut cause my hair is driving me batty- won’t do a THING… I’m guaranteed 3 great hair days, after I’ve made an appointment.
    It’s really quite marked… go figure!

  8. Haha.. Pisces Sun and Mercury trine Uranus and trine Mars. Jeez, Satori, I’ve thought this was “normal behaviour” ; ) ..

    Back to Uranus now, and my Mars says this is called synchronicity. Your problem was to be resolved that day. It happened regardless of the path you took..spooky..destiny.. or maybe the router picked up your intention telepathically indeed, and wants to perform that Swansong of utter brilliance for just a few days more.

    Knowing how easily Pisceans can confuse everyone with such rambles, I shall now shuffle off feeling I have satisfactorily addressed this fascinating topic with utter clarity, which of course I haven’t, but the other thing about Pisces is we love illusion…even a drop of delusion now and then does it for me.

    Happy days..Satori, thanks for a fun it!

  9. Satori,

    Wondering if you can use both? Technically speaking, I know you can’t. How ’bout put it side by side and let the old and the new compete with each other just for the fun of it…LOL!!!

  10. Definitely Pisces – my son does this.

    I remember staring at people like you when I was a child thinking ‘Why are they talking to that doll/stuffed animal/teapot like they are a person?’

    Mind you, I always thought I’d come off a spaceship because other people were so strange….

  11. @all, any suggestions regarding the squirrel will be appreciated… I got the best response when I tried to telepathically tell the squirrel that mom will poison him unless he LEAVES THE HOUSE!

    btw, Snowflake and I will be going to town today if anyone needs a ride.

    [Snowflake is my latest car]

  12. Uh, yeah. I have a similar configuration as you in my chart with Pisces Mercury in the 7th, moon opposing, square Uranus. When I was little, I had this book called “Mr. Small”. It was about a very small little round, red man in a blue bowler hat who wanted to go out and get a job but couldn’t because he was too small to do anything (something I suppose appeals to my Gemini Chiron conj. the Midheaven in the 10th). One day he goes to visit his normal man-sized friend to ask for help but he can’t reach the doorbell to his house. Mr. Small climbed a low wall to try and get to the doorbell but fell and hit his head.

    Let me tell you, when that happened I lost my shit. I was so upset about it my panicked mother drew a face on a pencil eraser (Mr. Small looked like a pencil eraser) and I took care of it for two weeks. I made him a bed out of Kleenexes and gave him pop capfuls of water to go with his frozen pea dinner.

    And as embarrassing as it is, when I do the dishes I pretend that they are all a big dishes family who can’t wait to get back on the shelf together, clean and dry and safe and I have to hurry and do them fast or they will drown/freeze.

    Hmm…maybe I should anthropomorphize a therapist.

  13. car’s name is Petey. And Opal..I have a pisces moon, good

    CJ, realize the squirrel has a has been warned. You have done your job, now any consequences that befall him are his choice..

    lol..oh geez

  14. Satori, I just LOVE this thread! And yep, the car has a name, I talk to the television (when it stopped working, and then it started again) – it’s just my life. LOL

    As for squirrel – ask him what message he has for YOU! Maybe when he’s delivered it, he will go away. Really.

  15. Yes, I’d forgotten, when I was a kid a log rolled out of the fireplace and the floor was smouldering – everyone asleep. When I was awoken and told to skedaddle, I grabbed Teddy under one arm and my (real) dachshund under the other and that was that. No question.

  16. thanks for the tips on the squirrels, I definitely wonder what he’s here for b/c he’s the SECOND squirrel to get caught inside. The first one (last year) chewed everything up and we tried to live trap him and my bro-in-law ended up having to come over and shoot it 🙁 but that one was a rambunctious black one. This one is gray and has been here at least 3 weeks and since he finally started to show himself and cavort with me two nights ago, I realized he’s been here all this time and not doing the chewing!? that’s when we had the little mind chat about the poison!

    snowflake and I had a great time in town, snowf’s got a full tank of gas and now the deer are here for their telepathic input.

    be back later.

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