Mercury and Uranus Conjunct in Aries

Last night I thought my Sagittarius was dead. I hadn’t heard from him for an hour. Doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? But he always tells me where he is, where he’s going, what he’s doing, when he’ll be out of touch. But suddenly he was gone, and I had a panic attack. Another half hour passed. Surely he’d had a heart attack or knocked his head on the counter while trying to light his 20th cigarette of the day. I felt dizzy and cold.

I consulted with my quadruple-Taurus roommate who was all ears and assured me there was some reasonable explanation. She said to me, “It’s that fear of people dying that you have.” I have a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, 1st House. Both my parents died, suddenly, separately, when I was in my 20s. Each time, the news arrived by phone. It’s nothing you ever get used to. One day you have a mother, and the next day everyone has one but you.

My Sagittarius wasn’t dead. He was busy having a fight with his internet provider. Mercury and Uranus together (conjunct in our current sky) can make for some communication weirdness: fast, sudden, intense. And in Aries? It can blow your mind.

How will YOU welcome the Aries springtime stellium?

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Mercury and Uranus Conjunct in Aries — 8 Comments

  1. In week or so one of my friends is going to take me out into nature and we are going to do a big burn: diaries, letters, anything and everything that we can think of. It will likely be a beach campfire.

    My bf just had his entire apartment renovated (paint, carpets, etc) which is fortuitous timing because he quit smoking. Last night he said “I’ve always wanted a fresh new apartment for spring time, now I have it). So cool. He has Aries 6th House.

  2. Jeez h, are you sure? I burned all my diaries etc when I did myself in in my late 20s. I bitterly regret that although I survived, my diaries didn’t. And I’ve had most of my love letters, letters from friends etc from way back either stolen, or trashed over the years in my many moves – I bitterly regret that too.

    When I sit here now and think of all the stuff I’ve got rid of over the years in ‘mental spring clean’ mode, it makes me mad at myself! – it now seems ‘self-destructive’ not in a good way

    MP :-0
    I can’t imagine worrying about someone I hadn’t heard from for an hour – a month maybe… You must have some serious ‘separation anxiety’ (as they say of dogs lol). I hope you can conquer it somewhat for your own peace of mind

  3. @ h. What house is Uranus in your chart? I’m 7 and 8 and have been wishing for the past few weeks there was somewhere I could go outside and burn the little that’s left of my papers too.
    Yesterday is ashes. Tomorrow is green wood. Only today does the fire burn brightly.
    – Eskimo Saying

    @ mp I’m going to have all kinds of squares and oppositions going on so I am going to welcome the Aries springtime stellium politely (TR Saturn cj Natal Mercury) and follow this advice –
    Listen or your tongue will keep you deaf.
    ~Native American Proverb~

    I was feeling VERY anxious this morning – after being really together yesterday so I think you and I need to chill out, baby 😉 Uranus IS still teetering on the brink, after all.

  4. i am welcoming Uranus in Aries with the celebration of my home, I will be moving to a new place that is smaller, less work, and alot more financial freedom!!! yeah!!

  5. @luna yeah I was pretty wound up. It makes me really happy though to write about taboo/embarrassing emotional states. It’s what I do. Wish I could comment more now – back to work for me!

  6. BP yeah, I’m ready. I have so much writing, and this stuff in particular can go. I revisited it all a while back. And have come to the conclusion that it is poison.

    1. I was mentally unwell. Delusional would be the politest word.
    2. I was behaving in a way that I now feel is abhorrent and I would have enormous shame if someone would find it/read it
    3. It isn’t what I’m really interested in, when I look back on my writing. I just plain don’t like who I was at that moment in time.
    4. It brings me pain.
    5. I need new energy in my home. There are ghosts here. There is bad energy—I need a burn. NEED IT! My friend needs it too. We need new juice!

    Luna Uranus is in my 11th House. My friend is an Aquarius with a 7th House Moon in Cancer, he’s a clinger (I am a clinger of old, dead energy, lol)

  7. This Uranus transit through Aires is going to strike my Venus, my Chiron, and my 9th house. As it moved thru my 8th house, which contains my sun, it started a feeling of rumbling from the inside out. I have not erupted like the islands of Japan, but my plates are definitely shifting and I have no idea what to expect…

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