Men’s Fashion And Astrology: Sagittarius

sagitarius horse davinciThe Sagittarius man is no stranger to casual dress but he also cleans up nicely and usually knows how to clean up well! Sagittarius-dressing men are sophisticated in their choices and often up to date on their wardrobes. They look rockin’ in the new plaid shirts that are a bit fitted on the body and that work well with fitted jeans.

Since the Sagittarius man is active he needs jeans and the new jeans are thin cut but not “skinny” as those are for another type of man! Sagittarius has a bit of the international about his style and likes to be prepared to go anywhere he has to go and have the clothing to do it! Because of this he often has a couple wardrobes, one for casual dressing and one for being a bit dressed. He also goes for unique pieces that he can find at thrift shops or men’s boutiques!

Sagittarius men are somewhat clothes horses at times and will not be cheap about their wardrobe if they truly like the item no matter what its cost! He also has a casual wardrobe that is perfect right down to the hoodie that fits him completely! A Sag is often a fan of wearing a shirt from his university or a university sports team he likes, so he has a wardrobe that includes sweatshirts and T.’s that have names and places on them or if he doesn’t, he should! Many Sagittarius men don’t dress unless they have to because they are so active they stay in clothes that they can get dirty in or be athletic. The idea here is to find the style of the Sagittarius man who has to dress for work or dresses because he likes to.

The Sagittarius man keeps up with trends enough to look nice and does not fall behind the wheel of fashion too far. He often wears shirts that button but leaves them out to be more comfortable which is very in right now and looks great.

Having a few good jackets is important for Sagittarius dressers because they give a boost to their look and add a richness they enjoy. A Sag does not like to look cheap no matter what they wear so adding a few blazers is a “must” when building a wardrobe for them! Having a blazer in khaki, blue, black and brown would be best and rotating them with pants in those colors without matching them would be best. Never wear a navy blazer with navy pants and mix up your colors when it comes to pants and blazers. Buying pants in the above colors with flat fronts and thin to boot cut legs works best for Sag. Sagittarius has enough T.’s to last him his life so building a wardrobe with T.’s is not a good idea. If you are going to get dressed do so in shirts and leave the T. shirts for those casual times you often find yourself in.

Shirts that are made of cotton or cotton/poly blend are best for Sag because they wash well and can be dried or hung on hangers to dry. The idea is to take your shirts out of the dryer when hot so they don’t wrinkle and you shouldn’t have to iron them. A wardrobe has to wash easily for Sag because they are too busy to iron their shirts or pants and dry cleaning takes too much time for them because they want their clothes back in a hurry! Having a press set in the pants is best so check the finish when you buy pants to make sure they are machine washable and can be air dried or put in the dryer. The idea is not to wash your clothing too much because you break down fibers, so change into that vast casual wardrobe you have when you are at home and hanging around.

Sagittarius likes to look good wherever they go so having this wardrobe in shirts and pants looks best but add a couple pairs of jeans for changes that are better jeans and not those that hang off you because you always have older jeans in your closet! Buy some jeans that are fitted better and that are cut to the body in a dark wash for the times you are dressing to go out. A dark wash looks nicest when paired with shirts and is in when it comes to pants. You can make a light wash work but it tends to look too casual for events and places where others will be dressed well. You can throw one of your blazers over your jeans and a shirt and be ready in a minute so you will stay with your idea of dressing fast and making it work!

If you dress for Sagittarius bold colors are great for you when it comes to shirts. You sport color well and understand it so prints that are bold are great and colors like red, bold blues, bold green and even gold look fantastic on you. You don’t mind the attention and colors draw people to you so keeping yourself in color will pay off. If you choose patterned shirts try to find those with smaller patterns but in bolder colors. Bright colored patterns in blue and black are great, for example. You don’t want to wear color blocked shirts but you do want to find smaller prints that have a punch to them. Don’t be afraid to add color if you are not wearing it now because you will find you are happier in color that has a punch to it and you will also find that people are more likely to talk to you which you love!

There are some Sagittarius men who go a bit too fashion forward with their look and turn out trendy. I put this warning here because too trendy clothes can look like a fashion accident and classic with color is the best look for you. If you stay in the classic family and play with color and prints you will fare better in the long run and not regret wearing anything in any era. Steer clear of anything that is too off the wall and if you go for something unique try to go for things from other eras such as long car coats or the like! A Sag can get away with dressing in vintage shirts as long as the style is classic and can shop thrift if they look for clothing that was classic in its time. Often a Sag man will look for these conversation pieces to put in their wardrobe because they start people talking which they love so go ahead and shop the stranger stores to your hearts content if that is the way you lean.

Accessories like scarves look fantastic on the very adventurous Sag so think about a small wardrobe of scarves to wear with your blazers and shirts. You look very international in scarves and they can add a pop of color and again, start conversations, so stock up on them even if you shop in vintage stores for some very different looking scarves. You also look great carrying a “man bag” or an over the shoulder bag for your computer and can pull the bag off very well so consider buying one or at least trying one on for size!

You can rock a trench coat very well since it is also international in it’s look so see if you can find a trench in a very common color to wear in the right season which is almost all the seasons! You can layer a coat over a trench or wear a sweater under a trench and it looks fab so think about buying one! Sweaters over your shirts with collars is the last thing I’d like to touch upon because the “student” look is right for you! The “professor” look also looks great on you so think about tweed blazers and the like. Wearing sweaters in solid colors over your shirts with your pants looks great on Sagittarius dressers and they can pull this look off all their lives. Looking the “student” works well and later you can class this look up and go for the “professor” style.

Sagittarius men make great shopping partners and can also have something to say when it comes to their partner’s dressing so take one along with you if you know a Sag man or a man who dresses for Sag!

Sag shoes run the gamut and a Sagittarius can sport just about any shoe they like. The Sagittarius dresser is choosy about his footwear because he is on the move so often so he should shop for a few styles to change it up now and again. The Sagittarius needs a tennis shoe for his sporting days without question so he should buy a quality pair that will last a long time and buy a cleaner for them so he can keep them looking great. It is important that he has the tennies for his fast moving days and when he is lounging.

A Sag looks great in a boot of any kind but buying boots is a tricky thing and he does not want to buy a boot that does not work with all his clothing. A brown boot that is dark enough to wear with black is great because it works with just about every color so think about dark brown when it comes to boots. A Sagittarius man moves fast so his boots should not have a lot of embellishment that can get caught on his pants as he walks. Sag men tend to take long strides and move well so his shoes should fit well and give him room to spread his toes for balance! Buying boots that are not too heavy at the sole is important so he can keep moving fast so think about boots with thinner soles to give you lighter feet.

Shoes for Sagittarius-dressing men can be espadrilles or loafers all the way to boat shoes! A pair of shoes that slip on is important for them because they look sporty and are speedy to put on! Slip on walking shoes in leather with very little decoration are great because the Sag does not like to be defined by his clothing. Loafers that are preppy cut or boat shoes work great for Sag because they work with their look and go about anywhere, anytime. Staying away from too much color in your shoes is the way to go and if you do buy color try brown with a touch of navy, for example, because it works with everything and looks classy.

A Sagittarius man will spend the money on the clothing that suits his lifestyle. He is not cheap when it comes to the goods for his sport or his job if that is his sport. If a man dresses for Sagittarius he needs a certain budget to keep his wardrobe up to date and will like shopping for new things from time to time. It all depends on where a Sagittarius man does his socializing when it comes to where he will put his money. If he loves his job and must dress for it he will make his wardrobe perfect for it. If he is a student he will appear in the perfect student wear. A Sagittarius man is not one that likes to be defined by what he wears so he will make sure that he not only appears to fit in but also is not exactly like the others so he will present a bit more international than everyone else. Again, a Sag man can be a bit of a clothes horse when it comes to what he loves to do unless he is a computer geek because in that case he will dress that part as well!

Sagittarius hair is usually casual and very easy to do. A Sag man does not like to sit in front of a mirror every morning getting his hair right so he will have his hair cut in a style that is kept up so it works every day exactly as he likes it. He may want it longer to show that he is easygoing and in that case he will have a long cut that is designed to show that he is casual. The Sag dressing man will have a few baseball caps sometimes to cover his hair when it is not behaving because it’s a great trick when one does not want to deal with their hair! The longer and curlier styles look good on Sag men if they have the hair for it and if not they should look for cuts that can be washed and worn with very little effort and product applied. They can stand to use a bit of paste or wax on their hair if it’s fast and looks good but that’s about the extent they are willing to go.

A Sagittarius man likes to look pulled together for events or dates so he will have a way to do his hair that is nice if he needs to “clean up.” Having a shorter cut with the front doing something is about his style if he has short hair or a cut that lifts in the middle. Sagittarius likes to be in the style in a way that is “now” so he will know how hair is cut these days and try to stay in the style that is modern. The idea is the fastest way out of the door is the bet way for him to wear his hair! Swiping the front of your hair up in the morning is a fast way to go or having your curly hair cut in a style that will fall as you want it to after you shower works too. If you have curly hair think about using a product on all your hair that will keep it in place all day like a paste, for example.

Rubbing product on your hands and then pulling it through your wet hair will work to keep your hair looking nice if the product is a conditioning product as well as a holding product. Investigate hair product to find the fastest way to go and talk to your hairdresser or barber about styling so you have it in your mind how to style fast and perfect! Sag men care about their hair although they don’t like to admit it but are so active that they have to have a way to wear their hair when they don’t have time to do it. This hurried way of living is why they often have a collection of baseball caps or have a short haircut. Whatever way you wear your hair if you are a Sagittarius dresser, go for speed and do yourself a favor!

The Sagittarius man is so active that taking care of his skin is very important. He is often sporty and has time outside so he needs a skin care regimen that is fast and that will protect his skin. Wearing an SPF product is very important if he spends time outside, so if you know a Sag-dressing man who needs this make sure you gift him a product to protect his skin! Finding a product with an SPF of at least 30 when outdoors is very important even if it is over cast outside! The sun can still do damage if you live in a place where it rains a lot and remember that cold weather can dry the skin and make it blotchy. Many Sag men have skin that looks like it’s seen better days and that has the wear and tear of the outdoors on it. The best way to go if you are a Sagittarius man is to use a product on your face to protect it even when you are young to avoid the tell tale blotchy skin that a Sag can have! A moisturizer is important so you need an SPF moisturizer first and foremost. If you are at the beach a lot or a swimmer remember to apply the product again after getting out of the water! I can’t tell you how often I can identify a Sag man by his worn skin so this it is very important to focus on skin care. If you already have some damage from the elements on your face go ahead and research products that will repair that damage and remember to see a dermatologist if you have any problems with your skin you can’t solve. If your skin is red and blotchy there are lotions that will help with the problem so don’t give up on your skin! If you are a Sag that shaves your head for speed getting dressed remember to protect the skin on your head as much as the skin on your face! Skin everywhere needs care on the Sag man so if you know one who is not taking care of it help him out and turn him on to product!

The Sag man has two looks and one is very casual while the other is very pulled together and a bit worldly. The idea is to organize these two looks and know what goes where! Have your wardrobe divided into groups to help you get dressed at the speed you love and make sure when buying clothing you know what you will wear with what! You may end up with pieces you can’t match if you buy on a whim which is something you do from time to time so think before you buy and even put the item on hold at the store for an hour or so while you think about what you will do with it! You often like to help your partner dress so remember to let your partner show themselves in their clothing and not your style so they feel good in their clothing. The Sagittarius man is one of the most generous of the signs so often their partners are dressed well from gifts given to them by the Sagittarius dresser!


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  1. Thank You Annalisa !!!

    I show your Grat post to a Sag Friend we laugh because most of it is True for him !!!

    Blessings !!!

  2. Am sag 26 yrs old…i like to dressed in sharp and crisp clothes. No matter its casual or formal. And about the shoes you are right loafers and boat shoes those are my favourite.

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