Men’s Fashion: Virgo

Virgo men or men who dress for Virgo are the original “uniform” dressers! If they could get away with seven pants and seven shirts all the same style in different colors or rotating colors they would because their life is about a “working” wardrobe. A Virgo dresser is all about what he does and if he can do his thing without worrying about his wardrobe he will certainly do it! A Virgo man can be found wearing the same style jean they always wore years later and the same style shirt they have worn for years because if it worked then they feel it works now. The update is important for a Virgo man as is the color change. A working uniform can easily consist of jeans and shirts but the kind of jean and shirt is what is important!

Keeping it simple is the idea for Virgo men and the first thing they should do is update the style of jeans they are wearing if they wear them for work or play. Jeans for men have come a long way and are more flattering and less baggy but still comfy and perfect for the casual job. The idea is to find a style the suits the Virgo man, and that means a style with room to move about and that is not too tight as to make them uncomfortable. A Virgo man is not one to want to flaunt his figure to the people but he wants to look professional on the job and off. Jeans that fit in the butt and the leg are important and they might cost a bit more than the Virgo man is used to paying. If you show a Virgo man the reason the cost is okay he will invest but it had better be worth the money! Jeans for men are more fitted now so Virgo men must buy them again and think about different washes for different days. If they can find a couple styles they like they can buy a few of them and trade washes depending on the day. Light washes, medium washes and dark washes work for jeans so he can have a choice and still have his uniform.

Pants may be what he has to wear to work and he may not wear jeans so khaki comes in different colors if he is addicted to khakis. Buy a few colors of khaki pants thinking of light green, brown and dark green. He could finish this look with navy and have enough colors to work with but remember that no loud colors are going to make the Virgo man happy! He likes his work to be what stands out and would rather explain who he is so he does not like to show people who he is by his clothing. Still he will be happy if clothing works together and is of different colors. Having all his shirts work with all his colors of pants is his dream come true so he can just rotate them and if you can set him up with this he will be a happy camper!

Shirts may run from polos to buttoned shirts but Virgo hates a button down unless he has to wear one for an event. Comfortable working clothes, remember, are his dream so leaving his shirttail out is fine for him and explaining this to him would be important. Buying shirts and polos in solid colors and maybe a few simple stripes are best for him to match with no effort. The colors he likes are the tried and true colors like navy, white, beige, brown, burnt reds and blues. He is fine with solid colors that are on the bright side if they match his pants but usually his favorite pants are of muted colors so his shirts should be muted too. He is all about looking efficient so getting a working wardrobe he can mix and match to his hearts content is important for his to be a happy man.

Simple differences like having pants that are cuffed and not cuffed are good for Virgo because it changes up his look without his concentration being involved! Having polos that are striped and solid are good for him because it takes away the uniform look that they tend to fall into. Striped shirts should be muted colors and have only two colors involved to keep things simple for him. Things like parachute pants are not for him because the style is something that has to be pulled off and he is not about any sort of costuming at all.

Buying soft yellow and classic beige cotton shirts that can be laundered very easily is a good idea because Virgo hates to bother with dry cleaning. Looking at care labels is something the Virgo male dresser should learn to do so he can wash and dry his clothing. Learning to take his shirts out before they wrinkle is important for him because he likes to do his laundry all at once and separating colors is not for him! Separate lights and darks and that should be all he needs to worry about.

A Virgo man should stick to natural fabric because natural fabrics feel best against his skin and he can tell if the fabric breathes of not. A Virgo man will often not know why he prefers one shirt to another and it can be something so simple as it feels better on him or the shirt matches all his pants!

Changing the color of the pant is important because he will look as if he is wearing the same clothes day after day if he doesn’t switch it up! These days flat-front pants are best and again, leaving the shirt out is best unless he works in a formal office. If the Virgo works in a formal office having a few different types of suits is important so he looks as if he is changing clothes. Changing jackets is great for Virgo to show he has a working wardrobe so I suggest he buy two to three jackets that he can switch around in. Having three different cuts or colors that match most his pants is a great idea for him so a blazer, a “pea coat” and other cuts should be explored. Keeping in mind not to get too wild in color choices is a good idea except for a red shirt which he can sport with just about any color of pant or jean. Keeping it simple while showing some difference is the key to dressing for a man who dresses for Virgo and explaining this to a Virgo man you love is a gift you can give him. Virgo sometimes is dressing as his mother taught him to dress and a change is most likely in order!

Virgo hair has to be simple and easy to style. A Virgo man may be able to handle one product to style his hair but it is best if a barber or hairdresser shows him how to style his hair so he knows what he is doing. A Virgo dresser may be wearing a haircut from his teens that badly needs an update so showing him some styles that are fairly new but are conservative is a great idea. Shorter cuts usually appeal to him if he is dressing for Virgo because they are simple to keep up but he should be shown how to style shorter hair to keep it looking new and in style.

Hair is about product now for men as well as women so Virgo men should master the use of one product even if it is a gel or wax! Long hairstyles can be aging and the new long looks require some primping which the Virgo male detests so it’s best if he thinks about cutting his hair if he has long hair. If he prefers long hair it is best to have it long on top and shorter on the sides to aid styling and to look pulled together, so he should shop looks to find the easiest way to keep his hair looking right. A haircut every six weeks is important to keep hair looking neat for a man if it is on the short side so it’s best if he finds a “home” where he can get a trim easily and quickly because taking time off work for a haircut is a nightmare for the Virgo male! The Virgo man is quite demure when it comes to showing off and again, he is about looking efficient and will not like looking like a peacock! He should keep his hair simple and easy to care for and wash it every other day or even every third day if possible to keep it in healthy shape!

Virgo shoes anchor him to the ground and his ego is not wrapped up in is foot covers! He needs a wide sole to grip the earth and make him feel grounded and a good walking shoe is best for fast moving, hardworking Virgo men. Finding a well made shoe that will last him for a long time is best because he often hates shopping for something new so walking shoes in black and brown are best for him. He should shop upper line leather for comfort on his feet because he does move fast and does work a lot. Learning about how important a good shoe is is something a Virgo man needs to do to keep himself comfortable and well dressed. Nothing embellished is good for Virgo-dressing men so keep it simple and keep it real. Fabric shoes get dirty and are easily ripped and tennis shoes are too casual and get dirty as well so leather is the best.

Often a Virgo man will try to wear one shoe with everything he owns and this is not a good idea if he wears brown shoes with black pants. The best idea is to buy a shoe that is brown and has a black sole, for example if he is a one shoe man! Dark brown shoes often work with black pants these days and brown is a softer color for Virgo and appeals to them.

Having toe room so there are no feet complications is important because Virgo is interested in health and feet can easily develop bunions and other problems by wearing inexpensive shoes or shoes that don’t fit properly. A Virgo man should go to a shop that will measure his foot both length and width and recommend shoes that will be best for him. If he is a one or two show man like most Virgo man are he should learn that investing in quality will result in shoes that last, keep their shape and don’t scuff so easily and so do not look worn so quickly. The shoes and hair make the man often so he has to learn to invest in both in a very real and efficient way. Learn taking care of shoes as well by treating the leather to keep them looking professional and their very best. Having your shoes re-soled is a great idea if you love them and they are still in style so a Virgo male should know a cobbler. Virgo wants to get wear out of their clothing and shoes to make them worth the money so he needs to learn to care for his wardrobe!

Since the Virgo male spends so little time thinking about his clothing he should enlist the help of someone who knows about such things and take their advice when it makes sense to him. He does not like to spend money when quality is not up to par but a Virgo man is not cheap if he finds the reason that the item or service is useful to him. A Virgo is not one for facial hair but facial hair is so trendy that he may be sporting some at this time. If the Virgo male dresser has facial hair he should have it trimmed professionally once so he learns technique and then purchase the equipment to keep his facial hair looking neat and well groomed as that matters to him. The Virgo male likes to look neat and well groomed even if he does not think about his wardrobe so lets all get out and aid that Virgo man in bringing himself into the style that fits him and keeps things as simple as he loves them!


Men’s Fashion: Virgo — 11 Comments

  1. You just described the content of my exes wardrobe! He was a double virgo who’d work 6 or 7 days a week. He’d always wear smart black trousers with a dark brown shoe, and had a good range of shirts admittedly in similar style.

    He was renowned as always being smartly dressed despite a fairly relaxed industry dress standard.

    When not working, he’d swap the trousers for jeans and a polo shirt.

  2. Oh hahahahaha!!! You just described both ex-husbands, my father, and my son. (My sister fits, too. Though with a feminine twist.) Sheesh. (*Note to self: Enough Virgos!!)

  3. maybe :p… ive got Pallas conjunct AC… idk what sign Pallas represents the most… virgo?

    Got Sun, Uranus, Neptune, also aspecting my AC… w8ing for Leo, Aquarius and Pisces so i see if there is any relation with my fashion style.

  4. Wow! This is my ex to a T. And a friend I have who is also a Virgo male, ownes everything in black, white, (mostly), grey, and navy. I think he has one brown suit. He said he wanted to get his wardrobe so he has six white shirts, six black shirts and six pairs of black trousers so that is all that will be in his closet.

    I have always thought having multiple of one favorite item (cardigans) and blouses for work would be ideal, in basic colors. I rarely am attracted to bright colors. (Moon/PLuto conj. 10th house).

  5. ThankYou Annalisa !!!

    I am a Leo Ascendant but in my Progressed Chart i am a Virgo Ascendant and it makes alot of sense with Your Post !!!

    Blessings !!!

  6. Virgo Ascendant here….

    Loooove my 4-pair shirts & pants. Don’t need any more , besides: might need to pack up and go! **vroom**

    Now if only I can find a new pillow that’s not too soft / hard. Grrr!!

  7. So true…Libra/scorpio female here who is trying to help a virgo revamp his wardrobe…never had to help dress a man before. This is all so dead spot on. He wears a uniform to work…and the other days he isn’t working, also has a uniform that hasn’t changed to fit the changes in his professional life! I think I’ve got to work the “this is for work” angle. Thanks for this post. spot on.

  8. This is the most helpful thing I’ve read about a Virgo males insight on dressing. I understand my boyfriend so much better in this aspect now! Thank you!

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