Men’s Fashion: Taurus

Men dress with their charts as well as women. Men have their particular style but often wear “uniforms” because it is safe and men don’t have the choices women have when it comes to clothing. Men, like women, dress for their Venus, Mars, Rising or Sun but most of the time the rising has a say in how they present because they tend to live their lives with their rising in mind.

A Taurus man can tell if his clothing is quality fabric and knows how each piece feels against his skin. Going for quality fabric in cotton, wool and a bit of silk is great for Taurus because they appreciate the quality. A Taurus man is loathe to spend too much on his clothing if he does not find the reason for the expense so it’s important for them to be introduced to better fabrics so they see the reality of wearing nice things.

A Taurus man is a classic dresser and is not likely to step too far out of the box when it comes to style. A classic wardrobe that is made of real fabric is best for Taurus men with an eye on T.’s that are soft and get softer with wear. Shirts for Taurus men look best when in the natural colors that ground them even if they look nice in loud colors. A Taurus man is calm in neutral colors and sees quality in the matching of browns, blues, tans and maybe a touch of green if it is a natural green found in nature.

A Taurus man keeps his clothing forever and often has a collection of T. shirts that he has had since high school! The idea is not to wear these items that have long gone out of style unless they fit and have something on them that is interesting and that people can relate to. If a Taurus spends money on their clothing they are even more likely to keep the item forever so classic is important for their wardrobe! Gift a Taurus man with a button-down shirt in soft cotton in a color found in nature and he will love it for the rest of his life!

Leaving the shirt out is the style now and Taurus should work that style because he loves to comfy. Sweaters are also something for Taurus males to collect because they also get softer with time and a Taurus male will love them even more as time goes by. Sweaters in quality wool are great for Taurus and leave the itchy wool behind because they cannot abide something that feels awful. Clothing should fit a bit loosely on Taurus because again, they do not like to be uncomfortable!

Taurus men like shoes that have a solid sole that help them feel like they have a grip on the earth when they walk. Taurus men should try a heavier sole on shoes or one that is just a touch oversized. To feel right the shoe should be wide enough for his feet so his toes can stretch out, so wider looks work well for him. Keeping shoes brown and black is right for Taurus men because they feel best in natural colors and they look right when the shoe matches the look. Shoes that fit are important to Taurus who loves comfort so they should take the time to shop shoes and look for comfort first. Grounding them in a wider sole and brown or black shoes with cotton socks is best for Taurus males but wool socks are fine in the winter. Boots for Taurus should be well broken in for them to love them and leather boots can be found that are made of leather that is soft or broken in if they can pull that style for their work. Dressing for work is what Taurus men care about because their living is what matters to them and dressing in whatever they can find is often their style when they are not working.

Haircuts for Taurus men often include longer hair. A Taurus male loves the feel of his hair just as Taurus women do, so they often keep their hair long as long as they can. They like “normal” cuts that are longer in style and a Taurus man is not one to shy away from his natural curls as well.

Taurus men should have a routine for their skin because they care that their skin feels good so finding products that offer quality and care are good for them! A gift of a good shaving crème always makes a Taurus man happy even if he is less likely to spend the money himself! Often a Taurus man will pamper his skin more than some men and they are aware of dry skin and dry lips so they benefit from shopping product even if they have to be led to them!

Hair conditioner is important for Taurus men because they like to feel their hair soft, so looking for one or two that they like is worth the effort. If they have the money a Taurus man should use a hairdresser to find the look they prefer because they often keep their hair a bit longer and like those styles that are longer. A Taurus man might surprise you by what he is willing to do to help his skin and hair feel better given that they are very careful with their money. Often having someone else turn them on to products they might like is what it takes to get them started. Proving to them that something is worth the effort is useful when dealing with a Taurus man because they often only spend money when they know for sure that something is worth the expense!

Men you know show some of these habits when it comes to dressing. You can also help by showing your best friend, S.O. or anybody who is needing some help in the style department by suggesting something that may appeal to them!


Men’s Fashion: Taurus — 10 Comments

  1. Annalisa- Thanks so much for these posts on men’s fashion. I’m sure I’m not the only woman that buys 90% of her man’s clothing (and grooming products), so this is extremely helpful.

    I had a good chuckle when I read hair conditioner is important to Taurus… My Taurus husband had never bothered with conditioner (didn’t even know what it was for) before we got together. Now, we go through twice as much conditioner as we do shampoo and I’m always teasing him that he uses it all over his body!!

    I’ve secretly been thinking about playing a practical joke on him and buying him a RED shirt (I can almost predict the look on his face) hehehe!

  2. My Taurus professor friend is always excited for Easter to come so he can wear his old linen suit again! I mean, it is a BIG DEAL for him.

  3. my husband is a taurus moon (you don’t mention the moon for dressing) but i swear i see it in his choices – dead on with the thing about fabrics, and keeping stuff forever. my mom bought him a sweater for christmas about 5 years ago. he still wears it often and says it’s the most comfortable sweater ever. luckily it also still looks good πŸ˜‰ he grew up in a developing country so he only got introduced to the panorama of choice we have here in college. but he definitely has an eye for quality and i often rely on his urging to ‘just buy it’ when i’m cheaping out. i have virgo, i need the push sometimes. but anyway, he’s a cappy sun so maybe that’s an influence too. venus in aqu. and mars in virgo don’t seem to explain the hedonism that sometimes comes out of nowhere =D

  4. When I was dating Mr. Taurus, he had the softest pair of plaid pajama pants. I’d never felt anything so soft, and I’m a Leo/Cappy/Libra type who revels in that kind of touchy-feely 500-thread-count stuff. I loved to sleep in them.

    When I moved away, he gave them to me.
    With $200 in the pocket which I found later, and a note.

    “This is for you to stop in a hotel and take a shower,” it said. “I know you like to take showers.”



  5. I have Taurus Ascendant and the part where you said that the “feel” of the fabric is important? My gawd!!! Right on the money.

    I don’t like to spend too much money though on clothes but a happy to buy expensive outfits for work/career related pursuits.

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