Men’s Fashion: Scorpio

scorpiopaintDoes a man who dresses for Scorpio like black? You bet he does, even if he does not wear it! Scorpio-dressing men love to wear black and red just like Scorpio women, and they will wear those colors along with other dark colors if they can get away with it! A Scorpio man will dress to seduce, above all! Whether he is seducing his business associates or looking for a partner and dressing to seduce, he is well aware of what he is wearing, how it looks on him and how he presents! A Scorpio man is often one who will wear all dark clothing if he is working at a job that will allow it and he will dress in darker colors if he cannot wear black! It all depends on what he does for a living and who he is looking to meld with when we look at a man who dresses for Scorpio.

A Scorpio man will also have something to say about how his partner dresses because he sees them as part of himself! If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio man sooner or later he’s going to have something to say about your wardrobe! A Scorpio man likes to present as a unit with his partner, a unit that broadcasts that they are smartly dressed, hip and ready for any action!

Scorpio men dress to show their bodies in the best way. No matter what type of body the man has he has thought out how he can best present his body to get the attention he wants and seduce those that see him. He does best in dark clothes because his eyes are so intense and dark clothing tends to fade and allow for the features to take center stage. He is also aware of energy and dark clothing allows him to control his own energy and while he does he can work with the energy of others. Control is possible with dark clothes so dark clothes in black, deep red, olive green and navy are colors that look right on a Scorpio man. If he has not tried dressing in these colors he should try them because he will find himself happier by having the control that dark colors allow!

Scorpio-dressing men like to show their body in the best way so jersey T.’s that are upper line look good as do shirts that button but are made of jersey material. Showing the line of the upper body is good for Scorpio men so finding fabric that drapes is a good idea and even cotton that is distressed will have this effect.

A Scorpio man can rock boots well and often has a few pair if he can use them where he works. If he cannot work in boots he should have a couple pair for his off days so he feels well when he is out and about! Biker boots, police boots and even cowboy boots in black work well for him. Having the top of the boot hug the leg is important for Scorpio men so their leg line is uninterrupted

Pants that are skinny but not overly skinny look great on a man who loves Scorpio, and fitted jeans that are cut to show the body work as well. Even if a Scorpio man is carrying weight he will still dress close to the body line for effect and stand proud in his clothing! I recommend skinny pants that are without extra fabric at the hips and waist and jeans that are cut for one’s body type unless you are going for a certain look that requires pockets on the pants to get the look across.

Finding fitted shirts is easy today in the marketplace so having shirts that are cut to the body is a good idea for Scorpio men. Look for shirts that have a waist that shows when you look at the cut.

Often Scorpio will dress in biker wear or rocker wear on his off time or all the time if he can pull if off in his work. He loves the mystery when he is around people and so creates this by wearing clothing that moves people back whether it is “Goth,” “Biker” or another sub-group that he is involved with or idolizes. These sub-group looks are often found on a Scorpio man because it allows him space and he is one who is looking to have the energy under his control. A Scorpio man is often the one at a party that stands off from others so he can watch the dynamics and size people up so he should wear clothing that is a bit dark to keep his space. People are less likely to approach a man who is dressed in black, blood red and colors that are very dark and this pleases the Scorpio man who would prefer to do the approaching himself!

A Scorpio man can make use of dark scarves that work with is clothing and black belts as accessories. Scorpio dressing men love leather so they should invest in a leather jacket that is a type that works with all his clothes and has a common style with his wardrobe. The best color for him is a very dark brown that can be worn with both black and other dark colors because black should be reserved for a Scorpio man who dresses only in black. Very dark leather jackets can be square cut for the man who wears slacks and shirts or more daring cuts for men who dress in more flamboyant looks. Whatever sub-group he may dress for, there is a leather jacket that will work for him. Long leather coats look great on a Scorpio and Pluto men look good in long coats as well. Long coats made of wool that are car length, just at the thigh or longer look great on Scorpio men so they should consider the length of their coat. If the Scorpio man is playing up his face and eyes he should consider a coat the has a collar that stands out to bring the eye where he wants it to be. Again, the Scorpio man loves to seduce and control so he will love to control the way he presents by wearing a coat that accents his best features. If he is a man with a body that works out a coat with a small waist is a great idea.

Draped fabrics for shirts are best for Pluto men while staying away from crisp cotton which does not show your shape. Pants should be made of fabric that drapes as well whether is is a cotton/poly blend or silk/cotton. Choose pants that have a flat front and taper down the leg a bit and avoid wide legged pants that have no body hugging features. Keeping your color family closely guarded will pay off in you feeling comfortable as a Scorpio man so remember that dark is best when you want to feel pulled together in a crowd.

Vampire looks are fun for Scorpio man and that can be pulled off by wearing a collar that shows on your shirts or on your jackets! It is a good idea if you are a man dressing for Scorpio to have a spring and summer jacket as well as winter wear. A Scorpio feels safe in a jacket and a bit “spooky” so why not have a light leather jacket for spring that is dark and will keep you in the right mode year round? Dressier pullover type shirts are great for the Scorpio man and he usually will love them. If they are made of a wool mix or a jersey fabric and have a simple T. shirt collar they look great. Dark colors are important for pullover knit shirts and they should have long sleeves. A Scorpio man looks best in long sleeves because they keep the mystery happening so in the spring he might try a fabric that breathes for his shirts and pullovers and stay with long sleeves year round. If he is a man who works out he might be one who loves to wear the tight T.’s that are out there for athletes because they can be seductive in their own right. If he is a sporting man he should stock up on well fitting clothes for his sport in dark colors, again, thinking in terms of the dark family of reds, blues and other colors.

Most of the time a Scorpio man likes to be well dressed unless he is committed to a sub-group that likes grunge! Even if he favors grunge he will want his clothing to make the statement that his body is under his clothes. Flattering the body is what it is all about for the Scorpio man and dressing dark colors that keep his energy under his own control!

Scorpio dressing men like their shoes to be dark and fitted to their feet. They often love boots and the best boots for them are boots that fit the leg even if they go with boots that lace up to get close to the leg. Boots should fit well underneath pants and to achieve this and wear body hugging clothes one often has to go with lace up boots. Dark boots in black or black/brown are best to work with all his clothes while many a Scorpio man has a signature pair of boots or shoes that he wears most of the time. If he has a favorite shoe that he feels is perfect on his feet and fit them well he should buy more than one pair in case he can’t find them again when he needs new shoes! Scorpios feel at home in shoes that lace and are of good leather even if they are a modified oxford! Shopping for shoes should be something the Scorpio man takes seriously and he should try on many pairs of shoes to find the best fit for his feet. Shoes that come to a subtle point at the toe look wickedly good on Scorpio men’s feet so think about having a slim cut leg on the pant with a subtle pointed shoe in a dark color with them! Rounded toed shoes are often not the Scorpio style and have a sporting look that they do not relate to. If you are a Scorpio type male and have not tried a shoe that has a sort of a point instead of a rounded toe try a different style and see what you think of the subtle pointed shoe! The shoe should not have too much embellishment to fit the Scorpio mold and should be on color with, perhaps, a few exceptions. Very few Scorpio men like tennis shoes and if they do they often have the type that matches the sport they are involved in. A Scorpio dresses the part and having the right shoe is important. A bit of shine is great for Scorpio if the shoe is black or darkly colored.

Scorpio men look best in hair that is off the face and that shows the eyes clearly. Their eyes are where it’s at for them and the intensity is best shown in hairstyles that lift the hair up and off the face. Often the Scorpio man looks great when their hair is lifted up and back so that their eyes can be seen clearly. Scorpio dressing men are very likely to shave their hair, have their hair very short or even be balding young! It’s very common for a man with strong Scorpio in their chart to be balding and work with it by cutting their hair short to cover it. They look the best in almost no hair or no hair at all and it does nothing to make them look less sexy to lose their hair! If you dress for Scorpio and are balding don’t be afraid to shave your head or have your hair cut very, very short to accent your face and eyes where all the action is for you! Many women know Scorpio men who are very attractive but are bald or almost bald and some Scorpio men do away with their hair to show off their body if they work on it a lot.

The eyes on a Scorpio man are piercing and it looks very intense and seductive to see those eyes wide open because they have a sort of hooded effect when you look at them! If you have hair and are a Scorpio man you should consider having your hair cut in a short style and pushing up the top using a product that holds. If you have a lot of hair you might consider combing it back in a way that lifts it off your face and shows your forehead. Curly, curly hair looks best kept short of Scorpio men or men who dress for Scorpio and they can show off their short hair by wearing turtle neck shirts or collars that are up on their jackets. Product that gives shine looks great on these men so a shine product will go a long way to helping them look their best as long as they don’t use too much. The idea is to give your hair a bit of a sheen but avoid a greasy look so use only a drop of oil on short hair and work it in to make the hair healthy and attractive.

If you have your hair very, very short or if you shave your head it is great to take care of the skin on your scalp and avoid flaking so use products for skin or that are made for a scalp to keep it smooth and keep the skin looking perfect. The trendy hair style for men that has the bangs pushed up is perfect for Scorpio-dressing men because it shows off the face and highlights the eyes! The idea is to accent your facial features and not your hair if you are dressing for Scorpio and if you have a lot of hair keep it trimmed regularly to keep it looking it’s best and very neat. The word “neat” is very important as for as the look of hair on a Scorpio so think about that when choosing a hair style! Trying new things that keep your hair out of your face is a good thing to do if you are dressing for Scorpio and combing up and back is a great look for you. Remember to get to know product because it really brings hairstyles together now and most men are aware of product these days.

Skin products are not strange to a Scorpio dresser and many of them have routines in the morning to keep their skin looking great and healthy. If you dress for Scorpio do some research about facial products and take great care of your skin so it has a bit of a sheen to it that looks natural and is not shiny. You want your skin to reflect light and not look greasy so find a product that you can moisturize with that will not leave a greasy look and that is absorbed by the skin. Most Scorpio types do know what their skin is doing most of the time and could use a routine so if you know a Scorpio man go ahead and introduce him to facial products that can help him look his best. Not one for facial hair unless he has a reason, a Scorpio man likes to look his best and again, it’s about seduction for him. Seduction in a good way incudes skin that is in great shape so they are not adverse to product that helps them look better. Shaving crèmes that are made to add moisture are great for Scorpio males and if he is a Scorpio type that likes to “hide” behind beards they could use a great trimmer so they can trim their beards in the best way. Many Scorpio men like facial hair because they feel it’s sensual so if you are a Scorpio man who has facial hair think about having it styled once professionally so you can learn to get the best results when you do it yourself. You can buy trimmers that will keep your beard and facial hair trimmed perfectly so remember to shop for one that is quality if you are sporting facial hair! Keep your beard or mustache looking best by conditioning the hair there too like you would your hair on your head! Combing facial hair is important and eyebrows on a Scorpio man are key to his eyes looking as intense as they can! Have your eyebrows groomed to learn how to do it yourself. Accent your eyes which are so attractive!

Over all, the man who dresses for Scorpio should go for a chic look that is sophisticated enough to match him. He tends to mix his energy with others when he choses so he will have something to say about how his partner dresses and he will also take cues from his partner on how he dresses. If he belongs to a group that dresses a certain way he will change himself to show himself part of that group as a way of becoming what he wants to be. A Scorpio can transform himself and will depending on what and who he merges his energy with. Take cues from who is around you and what you do to help you get ideas about dressing because you are highly sensitive to energy!


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  1. Haha my Scorpio loves to dress me, always brags about his piercing stare and knows how to wear his colors to reflect his energy. Great read, thanks Annalisa!

  2. LOL… you have described my ex to a T. The clothes, shoes and beauty routine. And his eyes and hair are his favourite features (Leo Mars).

    And the suggestions on what I should wear, OMG, so true.

  3. Very strange, at first I did not like that he wanted to “control” what I was wearing, but then it occurred to me he has great style, so I even ask him to help me pick out clothes now. Best shopping buddy ever. 🙂

  4. Wow I like this! My favorite color is absolutely black(also blue) and I like seeing people in all back. All my scorpio friends love back and all colors of red. My hubby likes the deeper wine colors.

  5. yep.. though i have to say i’m not big on black or red. they are almost too much for me.. they only come out for special occasions. but navy and dark olive make up most of my wardrobe. slim cut jeans, always.. button down shirts with the top 2-3 buttons undone to give just a little peak at the chest lol and even if it’s just me in my old ratty clothes out in the garden, i still match, ALWAYS!

    my curly hair looks best short, with glossing product… and i use moisturizing cream around my eyes every night. gotta keep the eyes fresh and bright (even with the occasional touch of eyeliner, deep eggplant on the inside of the lashes).. been plucking the brows forever.. and the beard gets trimmed pretty often (to keep the jaw line prominent)

    wow i sound vain.. lol i just always want to look my best!

  6. Funny, my ex was a double Scorpio (sun and moon in Scorp) and he never wore black. He had Venus and Mars in Sag and never cared how he looked…all he ever wore were t shirts and shorts or jeans, or whatever he could exercise in. He never ever dressed up if he could help it. Which worked really well for me, as I’m an Aries and hate to dress up as well.

  7. Dear Annalisa,
    I’d like to read the article, but my poor cancer sun, asc, merc or mars (or maybe all four) can’t get past all the intesity in that picture, :o) LOL!
    Faithfully in Fashion

    Seriously though, it took me at least three times of coming back to be able to pay any attention to reading. It’s totally embarassing my cappy moon,

  8. Ummm…. that guy has an intense stare / glare?? Harrumph!! I’ll show him a proper glare!!

    Gotta admitt…. I love dark colors. Blue’s , Reds , Greens…. but Yellows , Purples , Oranges can stay away (something about them just screams “puke”). But… I’ve absolutely so fashion sense hencese keeping my wardrobe simple.

    I’d say I dress more for my Virgo Ascendant but in my Scorpio colors. I do hang on to my clothes beyond thtatteredered remains begging for replacement…. must be my Pisces Moon. It’ll be interesting whacomingming up about that!!

  9. My apology , Annalisa…. but when someone above wrote about his stare , and 1st thing that popped into my mind was: “that’s a stare?”

    But… I do wish I had his abs (only if I didn’t have to maintain the daily exercise routine to keep them.

  10. This amuses me. Waaaay back when I was about 17 I asked a Scorpio guy to accompany me to a work social event. He asked me what I was going to be wearing and, when I told him a red shirt with a black skirt, he turned up in a red shirt with black pants.

  11. You’ve hit my husband pretty much spot on Annalisa. He doesn’t try to tell me what to wear though, or even make suggestions. I think I’ve got that covered though being a Libra and all. So maybe for him he can see that I am more than capable of doing it myself. Plus, I tend to dress for my Scorpio as well. If someone came in and threw out all of the black from closet I would nearly have to go naked! So I am sure my norm of dark skinny jeans with some sort of cleavage revealing black top, silver studded belt and biker boots combo satifies my Scorpio just fine! 😉

  12. OMG Annalisa… Soooo right… Soo riiiight. My partner doesn’t dress gothy/rockish but he wears a lot of slim-fitting, black clothes. Black, red and white is his colour scheme and he likes to show his bod.


    I love my Scorpio. 🙂

  13. Spot on! Mine absolutely loves black and red. He will always choose the red one for me when I ask for his opinion. And he trims his beard to show off his jaw line too! I still remember the first time when I met him, he was in his black shirt, pointed leather shoes, that intense stare, and how my jokes managed to catch his attention. Sometimes I think he spends too much time in the morning and care too much about how his hair looks! But I absolutely love that he takes care of himself. And @daisynymph, really glad to know that the Scorpio and Libra match worked out. I hope mine will too.

  14. hello . most of your words are true; i love black color and the red yes and i like every mystery thing, and i don’t wear like what the another people wear i like to wear on my way and i don’t like to see some one wear same thing as i do in my zone, and i love leather as much as u imagine because i can show my body and let the girls comments and compliments me, i like to know what the opinions of the others about leather . i would like to look at ladies and who have nice bodies wearing tight leather , i like to wear classy leather even i wear leather jeans but i can’t so i wear them in private “because my environment and my society looks different for men in leather jeans(.leather only is feminine look or for gay “for my self and ask my friends (girls) how i look in them in cam. ? i got lot of positive comments wow they are sexy on you

  15. This is so true, am a born scopio wit the sag cusp ,i love black alot i feel secure in black, blue, red too, i feel shy wearing bright colours, unfortunately i dont like wearing shoes

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